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Yearbook 2007-2008 



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Table of Contefits 


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ouncils J 








How to put a year into a nutshell? It cannot be done, which is 
why a yearbook does such an important job. The briefest and 
most useful tactic to convey the defining character and spirit 
of the school year is simply to issue an invitation: for teachers, 
students and parents within the school, an invitation to keep 
their eyes and ears open, and try to drink in the unrelenting 
cascade of activities and energy that bursts from our walls; for 
those outside the school visitors and friends an invitation to 
come and see what is happening, and not to be satisfied with a 
few paragraphs that are going to distil a years events. 

Our Junior School has thrived in all the ways we would hope. 
Students buzz around the place, barely contained in their 
enthusiasm. They are busy with sports, with occasions like the 
Partnership Walk, and with the overwhelmingly impressive 
rendition of The Magic Flute. At the Middle School, staff and 
students are continually consumed in their projects, their 
Journeys, dances and concerts. On the Senior campus, life is as 
full as it can get, with the usual dedicated academic work, 
which then gets heavily embroidered with a life of Keep the 
Beat concerts, Amnesty International Days, and terrific school 
spirit. In particular this year our Senior sports teams, from 
Grade 9 to 12, excelled. We opened the next phase of the 
Monkman Athletic Complex an occasion greeted all round 
with gratitude and anticipation. 

By the time everyone reads this, we will all be into a new 
school year, and this new school year will be soaking up its 
deserved attention. We are fortunate that the students and 
staff who put together this volume have devoted the time and 
effort they did, so that we can have a suitable memory of the 
year an outstanding year, in which every student did take his 
or her chance to pursue opportunities. 


Bob Snowden, 



Tl^is year'5 Yearbool^ tl^eme is Time, T(oe 
YearbDOf^ Team ci^ose t^is idea collectively to 
represent t^e metamorpioosis 5/\AM5 ^as grown 
\ko\Aq(h oyer its long l^istoriy) - once a small all- 
boys military academy, lyiniting 5t, Mic(naels 
5c(^ool and Mniversity School, becoming a co-ed 
Institute, \^e camp\A5 p(^ysicaliy growing, av\d 
m\AC^ mote. All t(^is is displayed oy\ \(f\e fantastic 
co\}ef CTea\ed tl^is ^ear by Megan Parket, As 
yoM flip ti^rowgl^ t(^e pages of ti^is year's 
Yearbool^, I (^ope yow see t^e stages 5MM5 ^as 

. ... !..J — ._ .^-. ,-^.n '.+-1^ 11^^ ^tnA (n\c:\-7\\r\ A 


II is£\m 

■ Cfm (AssistciKit Editor), 5amm\f\a lee {EdWor-m-Cmf) 




honqiAQSts of S^jfee^^^eams To fit mteffieir_aJlotgd 
textboxes and fieldilHBP'^ reqi/iests to c^Wf^rp^^fre 
L after pages ^ONe long been siAbmitted, I can now 

Miracles of i^iracles, we ihoNe ended \^e scfeol \^eaf - 
wit(i OMr yearbook status as "Dn Tii^e", Wl^ile 
somefew, ow members am mcapab\e of coKiopieting 
a singie dowbie page spread over 7 months, once 
N\auj (nits, ihmdreds of pages swddenli^ are 
completed near\^ overn\g(h\. Apparently), we only 
worl^ well \Ander pressure, /.////(? Kmwy\ Fact of 
yearbook 5\ Despite all of t^e boo^ being 
comtriActed tfirougfi computer graphics programs, 
mm of IAS are really tec^-sawi^. It was not wnMswal 
for ouir \Nedne5da\^ meetings to be punctwated wit(i 
■y/3/.rr|e5 of "I (^ate t^is computer!" or "I will burn 
Im alivel", Dne of t^e reasons was t(iat we 
lost our regular program Adobe In-Design and 
broiAg^t in instead an online program wi^ic^ could 
be called a little less tf\an user-friend 1 1^. T^e ot(^er 
reason would be tfet we're Just not (knowledgeable 
of grapf\\c5 programs. Despite tl^is, we valiantlij 
stove to mal^e ti^e best of t(ne situation and a 
j^arbook emerged from ow blood, sweat, 
and tear. 

evcr-s(nrinf?ing Yearboof? Team behind t^e construction 
of eac^ annml antfelogy of memories, 

Little Known Fact of Yearbook 1 1 Yearbook Team (las a 
frlgfitenlngli^ ^Ig^ drop o\At rate. I (honesty doubt tt^at 
another gro\Ap exists on camp\AS wit^ an overage 8D%+ 
drop out rate \N\tim^^^^montk So to tihose wfe 
mmdme^^mi^^^^mm staging \n t<he comp\Ater 
-jb ealHBBBI^fter scfeol, ijou all (nave mi) 
..Kidijing gratitude; Brenda, Calvin, Celine, Emili^, 
Harmon, Bessie, Matt, Megan, 5iob(ian, Stacie, Tonij, 
Vic(?i), You all wor(?ed p(ienomenalli^ ^ard and amiabli) 
put \Ap wit(i mij c<heerf\A ti/jranni); t<han<k ^o\a so, so 
m\Ack Be it stepping in to worl^ on pages ^o\a were 
never assigned to spending ^ours creating grapHcs 
\v\d\or uploading ptnotos, I sincereli^ t<hank everi^ single 
— ^ .... ^.. gij^oMr contributions to t^e Yearbook, 
a greoT pleasure wording wit(i Ms, 
AmirdUii, ow new Teacher Advisor, Little Known Fac'^ 
Yearbook? 2: Everi^ single member of t^e Yearbook Tl... . 
Is a chronic procrastlnator. 

^0 ir an I) or ujam^ading tnis aimless Editor's Note 

and are not a parl^ig Yearbook Team, Join next- 

i^ear! If not, please be^^ to t(ie little people w(io 

wort? so ^ard to finisfn t^is boo^; ta^e lots of pfetos, 

submit t(nem to t(ie Yearbook, write i)Our write-ups 

and ^and t^em in before t^e deadlines, and maybe. 

Just maybe, we'll one da\^ (lave a stress-free 


^ Samavitm lee 

Yearbook Editorln-C(^ief 





Middle School Cat^tds 



A fteWSr cannot 

b\O^Om without 

Sat^ShilTS nor a 

gardeT) without love. 

- CHinsjs Proverb 



Scsnior School Candids 





-TT io. 

moonlight is sculpture. 



-J. 1 1 1 ^^H 

-s ^^^Hft^^^^^V 



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_.v^. ,_,.H:x-r.^^j.-,^fc .".■.:>J? 





^■^^^ ^^r ^^B^^^l 

^^^V^* ~ ' 1 ■! 




^w kihick of filing- is baniuhj Iww to throw poiirselj at 
the cpoiiUii cm J miss. \ ^ 

TxzQ.'p breath in- 
each Cha-pcl T©aM M©Mb©r 
inQ©5t©d th©ir dailu) r©coMM©nd©d 
iOta.K© of carrots, ch©'oJ5 and 
alqond tarts ©*j©ru) TuGsdau) at 
f1©x and ^©riodicallu) d©corat©d 


tr©©5, ascGodGd tb© bol«J) 
Catb©dral -pul-pit, l©arr)©cl froM 
MooKs and ©Idcrs, dr©V)j tb© circl© 
ujid© and Q©n©rallu) bod an ©pic 
tiM©; -ps. got soul? 

... and out. 

Tb© Cba-p©! T©aM 















» 'W js- 












/'•/-, /^ 

> «i 


-^ //> 


•^y, / 


V ^ 




-**"» -Wfc 

i ■...■■# 


Good Ni^ht Desdemona, 

Good Morning Juliette 

3l^ud3itV Thasfbra 








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d!?^ ^ 
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- -uwr 



'A. '"^^-^Bl^^^^ ^ ,^H 


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P*^ f' 




'» o 

(Ae}Atlv\/^^^ Vi 







^ U 








4 Ceiling iVlounted Projectors {Jr. School) - 

2 iVlimio Interactive ^jX^jyre (Mid. School) - SI, 

Mimio Board (Sr. Scli8!^^1 ,000.00 

Ceiling Mounted Projector (Sr. School)- $1 ,300. 

Rework Projection System (Sr. School) - $500. 


Portable Lighting System (Mid./Sr. School) - $4,225.16 

Derby St. Mural (Sr. School/Outdoor Ed.) - 


Electronic Basketball Shot Clocks (Mid./Sr. School) - $3,556.00 

37" Flatscreen LCD TV & Brackett (Mid./Sr. School) - $1 ,288.0C 


Outdoor Volleyball Net - $420.00 

Ceiling Mounted Projector (Barnacle/Winslow) - $1 ,904.00 

rra Cflf^^lar/Clubs: 
3 X NK Speed Coach (Mid./Sr. School 
Cox-Box & NK Gear Bag (Mid./Sr. School) - $820.00 
6 X Chesepeake Boat Slings (Mid./Sr. School)- $1 ,175. 
Body Bars (Sr. School) - $455.40 
Kestrel 300 Po^keUA/iocLM 

Outdoor Education: 

Kayak Trailer w/locking bins (Mid./Sr^chool' 

I^JglBlgigg^ Remote set IRespond (Sr. Sch oo l) - $ 2,290.00 

'**'^nl89rCDmmunity: ^^ 

Ice Machine & 1 Fridge (Infirmary) - $1,063.00 
Ceiling Mounted Projector (Sr. School) - $1,250.00 
Latex Inflatable Balloons (Grad Committee) - $1 ,363.00 


Portable Lighting System (Mid./Sr. School) - $1,641.71 

One of the main goals of the Parents' Auxiliary is to sponsor events throughout the year to 
build and strengthen our school community. Reflecting on those events, the Auxiliary would 
like to thank all the parents, students and staff for their support throughout the year. We are 
very fortunate to have so many parents working together to support excellence in education. 

Beginning in September, the Auxiliary hosted the annual Welcome Coffee Party. Held at both 
the Junior and Senior School campuses, this gathering continues to be a wonderful 
opportunity to meet the new families and reacquaint with friends as the students head back 

nto the classroom. 

the Used Uniform Shop relocated this year to the SMUS building at Derby. Parent volunteers 
participated in regular work bees and monthly sales that proved to be very profitable for the 
Auxiliary. All the money raised is directed back to the school through the Allocations process. 

The response from our day parents to participate in the November 3rd Boarders without 
Borders Dinner was encouraging! The number of host families increased significantly, 
I enabling 56 boarding students to enjoy a home-cooked meal and meet families outside the 
boarding community. 

"^■le traditional Christmas Evening Celebration was held on December 1st. This annual dinner 
open to all SMUS families and this year over 300 tickets were sold. It was a festive evening 
luding dinner and dancing. This year we successfully introduced invite a boarder, whereby 

.oiinilies were encouraged to invite boarding students to join them at the Christmas dinner. 

The Auxiliary was proud to support the Canadian Association of Independent Schools 
(C.A.I.S.) Student Leadership Conference held on April 9th through the 12th. The Auxiliary 
was responsible for billeting 120 students from across Canada and we were pleased to 
I engage over 50 families to host the students. 

The annual Staff Appreciation Luncheons were held in June. This event is our opportunity to 
thank the SMUS teachers and staff for their tremendous dedication and commitment 
throughout the year. With the support of our parents, the luncheon was, as usual, outstanding! 

Throughout the year, the PA also offered the following services: Piece of Home Gift Packages 
and Cake Service for boarding students. Pizza Days for all three schools, the publication of 
Student Directories, bi-monthly PA Newsletters and Parent Grade Socials. 

The Auxiliary is pleased to report that we have approved over $36,000 of funding requests 
from the SMUS teachers and staff through the Parents' Auxiliary Allocations Process. The 
; Allocations Process occurs annually in order to fund requests made by staff out of monies 
i raised by the Auxiliary through membership dues and other fundraising activities. 


Angelina Agathoklis 
Gordon Chan 
Kathleen Cook 
Nina Duffus 

Duncan Frater 
Alison Galloway 
John-Michael Gareau 
Stephanie Geehan 

iron Goodman 
jndon Hawes 
nko Hayashi 
faraaret Lincoln 


Jolanta Lisiewicz 
Doreen Metcalfe 
Diana Nason 
Nicky Newsome 

teacher affects eternity; 
he can never tell where hi 


- Henry Adam 

lua Baker 
y Bartlett 
Charlotte Campbell 
Meghan Chestnut 






eung Kyun Ch( 

^amarra Dokkei, 


Julian Fitzgibbo 

Bemice Hon 

**^ «s 

'-«> .#<. 


Paris Iversi 
Graeme Leggi 
Margo Leggai 
Makayla L' 





Georgia Haydock 
Sofia Jeliazkov 
Abbey Johnson 





' '*', 













Isabella Leong 
Olivia Lupin 
Marcus Miller 

^ Mateo Murr 
yTasha Norris 
Vlatt Owen-Flood 

Meredith Selwood 
Thomas Siletto 
Alastair Stuart 


Grade 2 

Grade Z 



Jamie Bruynzeel 
Chloe Fitzgibbon 
Rachel Grohovac 

Lindsay Hannah 
Triumph Kerins 
Aidan Kerr 

Nicolas Kyle 
Elise Lincoln 
Olivia Meadows 

Adam Moulden 
Imaan Nathoo*^ 
Nicholas Papaloukas' 

Sara Perelmuter 
Amrit Saini 
Karmen Tse 

Rhys Williams 
Madison Woodhead 


Matthew Berntsen 
Jasper Bosley 
Riley Clare 





■'¥«'v\';:^-;" ^- %<5vWi*"Siriits-daG 

Nicholas Considio^ 
Ricky Fabris ^K^ \ 
Erin Forbes 



^B ^- 


,. ..:i 



'^^^^ ^ 

Grace Hart i 
Bryn Haydoc 
Noah High i 




Jayne Leggatt 

Joshua Litton 
Maggie Manson-Blair 
Jessalyn McElderry 



Anna Mollenhauer 
Jamison Schulz-Fra 
Jonathan Sudul 

Laura Williams 
Benjamin Wingert 
Zachary Zwicky 


Kennedy Aragon-Scriven 

Brennan Bellavance 

Sun-Eui Choi 

Charlotte Colby 

John Cook 

Sean Currie 

Olivia Donald 

Luke Erasmus 

Connor Fenton 

Robert Fisher 

Emma Frankenberger 

Laura Grohovac 

Simon Hassel 

Hari Ikonomou 

Anika Johnson 

Joseph Johnson 

Jasper Johnston 

Alec Keech 



Jordan Kerr 
Aidan Kyle 
Maithew Lane 
Alexander Mabberley 
Trent Norris 
Ethan Otto 

Sara Owen-Flood 
Samuel Perelmuter 
Olivia Roberts 
Jonas Robinson 
Emilia Siletto 
Daphne Walford 

Julianna Wong 
Michael Wong-Hs 



-' Joseph A\ io 

Rachael Benjamin 

, Timothy !^rntsen 

'^ AmyBodine 


Edward Bunyan 

Loren Cai 

tander Caton 

by COpeland 

jd Cunningham 

Mike Edwards 

Sage Friswell 

Kira Gili-Maher 

James Hayashi 

Liam Hayden 

Nathen High 

Byron Huang 

Graeme Hyde-Lay 
Athena Kerins 
David Lee 
Alex Lupin 
Ann Makosinski 
Flora Manson-Blair 

Matty McColl 
Grant Nicholson 
Douglas Peerless 
Douglas Peerless 
Max Pollen 
Sophia Samson 









B c; ' 1 

j^^V^ j '^ lln 


Jason Scully 
Jennifer Shan 
Jack Sherrod 
Christina Sipos 
Trevor Smith 
Michelle Sons 











BI^I^F* U' 











la Stolle 
Jwai Sudul 
Justin Tse 
Austin Vaza 
Isabel Williams 

Jake Wilmott 





On June 5th, 50 Junior School students 
arrived at school in their school uniforms as 
if it were another regular school day. Five 
hours later, these 50 students were in full 
costume, full make-up, and singing the 
many beautiful songs of Mozart's "The 
Magic Flute" on stage at the McPherson 
Theatre. Accompanied by a 13-piece 
orchestra the Grade 5 Class dazzled the 
audience with their skills, talents and 
humour. The children had memorized many 
lines and had practiced many songs and 
not a single flaw interfered with either of 
their two performances. Although the 
students were the ones on stage, much 
credit has to go to the Junior School 
teachers and Junior School parents who 
built sets, patiently worked with 
microphones, applied make-up, made 
costumes, and helped put on the show. 
"The Magic Flute" was a huge success and 
proved, once again, that opera isn't just for 

Duncan Frater 












Benjamin Bartlett 

Hayley Bums 

Adam Chan 

Jeremy Chan 

Christine Chiu 

Paul Choi 

Samantha Colby 

Jessie Cram 

Nicolas Cunningham 

Jenna Dhillon 

Jill Ding 

Celine Doehring 

Emma Donald 

Bryce Fenton 

Catriona Gordon- 


Isabella Gudgeon 

Sena Hamidi 

Caitlin Hastings 

Jennifer Hawes 

Kevin Holmes 

Jack Janus 

Jacky Joe 

Luke Jones 

Liam Keeler- Young 

Katrina Kelly 

Amal Khan 

Abral Kharaghani 

Vivian Lam 

Jordan Lane 

Cimmarron Langlois 

Michael Rossi 
Marco Sanati 
Cecilia Shang 
Alexander Simson 
Shinai Sorensen 
Olivia Sorley 

Levi Supowitz 
Sophie Walford 
Melton Wan 
Kevin Welsford 
Clair Williams 
Jacob Wilson-Potter 


Shayla Baumeler 

Chris Bjola 

Alex Campbell 

Russell Carlton 

Lindon Carter 

Natasha Caton 

Jason Chiu 

Theresa Cho 

Kate Cluley 

Richard Cunningham 

Sophia Ducharme 

Taylor Ellison 

Leanne Farmer 

Christopher Fenje 

Shanna Pong 

Montgomery Fraser- 


Luke Friswell 

Charles Gannon 

Austen Goodman 

Sydney Green 

Leah Hall 

Ella Hayashi 

Erin Hope 

Ashley Hoydal-Payne 

Liam Hyatt 

Georgios Ikonomou 

Candice Ip 

Lisa Kinoshita 

Ethan Lee 




Brian Yam 
Jocelyne Yan 
Mark Yorath 
Tina Yu 

Mason Loewen 
Keenan Manhas 
Adam Marsh 
Hannah McElderry 
Julia Milden 
Arden Mollenhauer 

Rintaro Moriyasu 
Abbey Piazza 
Archana Pillay 
David Pollen 
Samuel Reid 
Pamela Schaefer 

Trenton Schulz- 

Matthew Sedgwick 
Christian Sharp 
You-Jin Shon 
Rachel Sibbald 
Colton Stockus 

Keiler Totz 
Shamina Varma 
Adam Weech 
Graeme Wheeler 
Steven Whillans 
Marita Wyatt 

Silas Doore 

• * 

Dhana Andison 

Isaac Barss : ... / 
Sarah Bodine $- 
Tiffany Britton 
Daniel Cameron i 

Nicole Chan 

Frank Chang 

Jason Chiu 

Yun Seoun Choi ^ 

Christina Chwyl ^ 

Jonty Considine 

Michael Crabbe 

Mitchell Cram 

Blake Croxford 

Alex Davies 

Baldeep Dulku 

Jacob Duvenage 

Joseph Erlic 

Cortney Ewonus-Reqd 

Eamon Flanagart 

Peter Harrison 
Alexandra Hastings 
Colin Hawes 
Jack Hayes 
Benjamin Holmes 


Austin Huang 
Johnny Huang 
Derek Hyde-Lay 
\^alerie Irvine- 

amuel Jackson 
jabrielle Jeliazkov 
sailah Johnson- 

.'uichi Kashiwagi 
ames Keech 

»umn Kliman 
phraim Lam 
tephen Lam 
,auren Laprise 
William Lee 

• * 




Angel Liao 

Adrian Liu 

Lewis Liu 

Ashton Louie 

David Lunn f 
Len Luo 

Liam Maclure ,,^ . 

Michael Muirhead .^ 

Bairavi '^ ' 

Gwendolen O'connor 

Sun- Woo Oh 

Ali Pollen 

Muriel Protzer 

EUzabeth Qin 

Cassandra Quan ^H 

Julia Rego ^^ 


Aaron Samson '^ 


Marcel Sana^ ' ' 


L. ^H 


Laura Shaw 
Johnathon Sipos 
Lindsay Solmer 
Ariel Sorley 
Ariel Sorley 

Shade Souc 
Victor Stolle 
Troy Swindell 
Sara Taylor 
Robbie Thomas 

Sean Thornber 
Boris Trinajstic 
Cole Turner 
Karan Vats 

'aige Wergeland 
Cillian Widdis 
Michelle Wood 
!harles Yang 
4elody Zheng 



■^ ," 



If motJoing ever cf\aY\ged t^ere'd be w 
butterflies. -AMor Mn^nown 


6 II 





Vhd (5rado 3 fall ru^ tdam car\e]0ted of 1 9 bravo boye, 4 of whom were new to the game. Not taking 
nythfrig away from the team effort throu^iout the eeaeon, md wttrfiout wtehSig to fooue on hdMdmsle, eom& 
Ijkyerd do deeen/e &p&o\d mention. In the forwards, two of the front row and cxKJaptalne Jacob Duvena^ 
rJ Kjillan Widdte, bck/flanker Peter Harrteon, and the baokrow of Maroel BangitI, Truan Foreythe and QiM\ 
.ilman deserve credit. In the backs, the scrumhalf to flyhalf link betwewi co-c^ptaJne Aiax Pavies and Perek 
iyde-Lay was tnvaluabb, niillst tnslde centre Joe Erllc, wfrig Johnathon Qipoe and fuffl?ack Jonl^ Conskfeie 
9re the top performers. Many others also had their moments. The coaches Mr. ^ruce KiMlndd exA Mr. 
srome Foenander would like to thank the boys for their willingness and commitment throu^iout the seasoru 
.Iso thanks to the parents for their greatly appreciated support. 

^rade 6 and 7 spring rugby saw 35 players Including 5 girls with one Grade 6 team, one Grade 7 team 
ikfrig the field for numerous games. Many commented that the playing levels and parity amongst the Grade 
g^schools was some of the highest seen In many years. Special meniaon must be made of Grade team 
■Bnber Abrahlm Kharaghanl who assisted on the day of the Lower Island 3-asIde competition jamborees with 
^ arm In a plaster cast, helping to run the tournament, hand out notices to teams, colleot team fees and 
ores throu^iout the day. His help was greatly appreciated by the coaches. 

ne overall development of both the 6 and 7 s teams has been very much on the future, with ball handling, 
jpport play and basic defensive skills being the focus. Many coaches commented once again on the positive 
ay both sides played the game using their ^lls to keep the ball alive. In both the grade 6 and 7 teams it 
as the development of team play that was stressed, some Individuals do need epGdlsi mention. For the grade 
'> 0, 0otn5 of the top performers throu^iout the season were Jeremy Chan, Bryce Fenton, Llam Keller-Young, 
-jcob Wilson-Potter and Paul QioL For the grade 7 s, forwards Pave Pollen and Llam Hyatt both played with 
ijch tou^iness and determination, whilst In the backs the dlmlnuttve scrumhalf/fl^ialf combination of Qirls 
V-nje and Sam Reld c^ulckly got the ball back Into play and defended heroically, with centre and occasional 
trward Monty FVaser-Drown always ensured some stral^t ahead running. 

. Veryone learnt a great deal about rugby, about team, and about themselves. The coadilng staff of Mr. 
(?enander, Ms. Payne, Mr. &yan and Mr. Kiidlnskl would like to thank players and parents alike for their 
nt, effort, support, and enthusiasm that everyone has shown throu^iout the season. 

^(>^€> ^oooey- 

T * 

1^ f 

i;u.- •;';!! ' — = — 

This was a banner year for the Middle School Boys U- 
13 soccer team. Unfortunately this was our year to si 
put of the CAI6 National Tournament at 
fet.Georges/Collingwood. The team composition was 
the strongest in years and the majority of the boys r 
"«««« returning from an outstanding, Ridley Cup victory 

iontreal the previous season. Our season long |r 
record ended up at 10 wins with 2 close defeats, jl 
Perhaps the most satisfying victory came against^ 
visiting team from Ridley College, a school that later 
performed admirably In the championship rounds in 
Vancouver, where our team won 5-* 


i Wi5 ^oooey 

Boys* Basketball 

This Ki^ob Q great group of 

b0U)5 to COdCb- Tb© tGQM 

'plau)©d if) tb© LII^SAA 

Icagu© and coi^'p©t©d in 

tb©~Futur© Stars tourr)- 

ai^GOt as <oj©ll. All tb© bou)5 

i^ad© Qr©at proorGss »oJitb "particular t4©ntior) 

to Cbris'Bjola, Cbarii© Gannon and Tau)lor "Ellison- 

I bcp© tbat all of tb© bou)5 continu© to d©M©lo'p 

tb©ir ba5K©tball skills and tru) out for tb© Grad© 

?, t©aM lat© n©xt fall. 



The Grade 7 Girls Basketball team comp- 
leted an outstanding, 14 wins and 1 loss, 
season with a convincing victory in a chall- 
enge game with Vancouver champions West 
Point Grey Academy. Throughout the season the girls 
practised and honed their skills with both the Middle 
School team and their Night League counterparts. Of 
particular note were their well-earned championships in the 
Middle School Jamboree and the Future Stars 
Tournament. Special congratulations must go to Kate 
Cluely, Sophia Ducharme, and Abbey Piazza who were 
chosen to extend their seasons as members of the South 
Vancouver Island representative team. Well done girls! 
-Don Pollock, Coach 








The volleyball^am comprised a delightful group of girls 
with greaL^rit, and a wonderful sense of fun! Whether 
j^^^fon or lost, the team played their best and their skill 
level improved in every match. Congratulations on a 
fine season, ladies! You were excellent ambassadors for 
the Middle School in your conduct and sportsmanship! 







1 fabulous 

liddle School Tr, 

■Id participants, wl 

naraderie, Coa 

i - corny jokes ( 


jghter), candy 

nsumption, an 

iportunities to 

' -- '-elf, both p 





e'season culminated 
'. of our athletes compe 
le Middle School fina 
:k & field meet on June 
many in multiple even 
many exciting 




4 J 







g^JOT"7^'# ■ ■ ^^ 


IT& H M lit C4^ 

1 i 


1 i 


e s rm 



•ii ^i a 


will n 



The string ensembles al 

Middle School studied t ■ \ -^ 

repertoire during the year that . 

included music written by several 

masters of composition such as Bach, 

Vivaldi, Mendelssohn, Respighi, Beethov< 

and Wagner. The students also enjoyed p 

and performing fiddle tune arrangeiTients, 5^__ 

of popular music and a variety of recently compoied 

pieces that had a folk tune flavour. Each ensembfe maa 

a visit to a local seniors home (where student corlcerts ar 

always warmly received), performed in chapel dlring ' 

Tuesday morning services and made the trek to Be I 

Junior School campus to share musical moment^^ith | 

students in Kindergarten to Grade 5. Collaboraticp in 

fine style developed throughout the year when I 

ensembles at two grade levels gpQ^ined to leafi 

common repertoire. Performanc 

University Auditorium, in two^j^jpg concerts lind at Closiilg 

Ceremony, created the opportunity for many of us to I 

experience the thrill of being part of the creation of large I 

scale orchestral sounds. Tihe students are to be highly 1 

cl>ngratlilated for the qualite of their music- fl 

making during 2(X)7/08. m ^^ry Smith 

1 fit 


students participating in the Middle 
Sciiool band program enjoyed a busy 
year with niinierous perfonnances 
and festivals, in January, the concert 
bands, jazz band, brass ensemble as 
well as the new vocal jazz ensemble 
participated in the Winter Wonder- 
Band Concert. Both the Band 7 and 
Band 8 groups travelled to the 
University of Victoria in March to 
attend BandFest 2q08, an 
concert band fe^"-^ 
students from the 
„ — i^igg performec 


Jazz Festival ."^(^micert in the Park 
Series and Jazz^^ht. One of the 
hiohlights of the 3^i(^ccurred during 
' Cross Campus l^K Concert «* 
P University of Victo^, wh 
252 band students froiT 
performed together on 
; the choir loft in an arrangenieni or rnc 
"Battle Hymn of the Republic". This 
was an exceptional experienc^e for one 
'md all. -Pamela Gcrrits 

More than 150 students 
were involved in Choir in 
the Middle School this 
year. Whether singing 
unison, two-part, or three- 
part harmony, the 
stiMlents . A work( " 

Middle School, it's easy 
to see it filtering into their 
other classes. There are 
many reports of students 
'^'^ntaneously breaking 
song during 


5, Art, and 

many o" 

l^lasses. This, 

of course, 

^exactly how 

it should fcl 


-Duncan E 




Born into Spring, 

The infancy of life begins. 
Fresh, young, green, 
New Beginnings. 
~ Logan Gilmore 


Jump up, 

Turn around, 
Clap your hands, 
Touch the ground, 
Do whatever makes you 
feel like you. 
-Dhana Andison 


takes CDURAGE+ 

-Henri Matisse 


The jellyfish swims 
Through the blue ocean 
It is pretty but deadly, so 
Beware the jellyfish and it's 
T T T T T 

E E E 

N N N 








i_i.®i - 
















The.Only.Time.1 fed 
-Vincent Van Gogh 


f ^^ 


^^ , vaOBBdH^K W 







m Av •• 



^ iJ 





^"%^f \ 



i J 








5t;aff vs. Student; ^adketball 

Around thd WorU In 30 minutdd 



/ ^^^ 



At 5MU5 Middid School, 9po<M Evdnte atwayd dploo up l;h9 
ydat ju^ to ^0 It that iH^tb btt of OKtra ZIN(3I Mkklld Sohod 
^tudontd onjoy a vartol^ of actlWtbd throughout the year - 
Indudln^ thd onod dhoivn horo - Mar^vflb 200d, tho 3tudont 
Vd. Staff Sadk^tball ^amd, and Around thd World tn &0 mlnutddl 







"We ^im to i?rii!*<j stijpents tv a. kmjkcr 

Andrea Appellor 

Zachary Austin 

Nicole Baino\ 

Tyler Beames-Canivet 

Eric Beban 

Charles Bennett 

Kelsey Bjola 

Jacob Boness 

Nathan Bosworth 

Taylor Bridge 

Nicole Bunyan 

Andrew Cho 

Erica Choi 

Leo Choii 

Mason Choii 

Anita Chow 

Brandon Chow 


Brian Christensen 


Janett Chung-Smith 

• 1 

Shelby Clark 



Christina Clementc 
Sean Debroni 

Danielle Dempstei 

Kelvin Doorc 

Harrison Duncan 

Connor Eden 

Joe Ekthunirong 

Maxim Ellison 

Alyssa Farkas 

Hannah Furness 


H02 • 

Joseph Furness 
Shi\aLin GaniKin 
I.achlan (iloii 
Maddy Good man 
Rebecca Gricsscr 

Haley Grogaii 
Chris Groot 
Stefan Hall 
Nathan Haussmann 
Hmil\ Hasashi 

Sung Kwan Hong 
Rob\ n Hope 
Haii Hopper 
Moonsun Hwang 
Kieran Hyatt 

Helen Ip 

Alexandra Jamieson 
Tracy Jiang 
Christine Kang 
Ian Kapron-King 

Nuraiyah Kassam 
Glen Keough 
Jonathan Ker 
Gita Keshava 
Sarah Khan 

Sarah Kim 
Mary Lapp 
Monica Lee 
Veronica Li 
William Lo 

Ckcuoao Maio< 1 ^90- 1 977 

Vanessa Loewen 

Kate Loonier 

Victor Ma 

Stephen Macarthur 

Christopher Madsen 

James Mather 

Logan McColl 

Fraser McGee 

Jeffrey Miller 

Tara Moon 

Aidan Monice 

Priya Mulgaonkar 

Musu Ofosu 

Ana Olivares Cervantes 

Karlee Olmer 


Tyler Olson 

Megan Parker 

Madeline Petersen 

Kelly Phillips 

Annie Pike 


Sherman Poon 

Eric Protzer 

Cliona Quail-Bradley 

Sky Richards 

Martika Rodgers 

Lmma Ronning-Philip 
Tanya Rossa 
Goven Sandhu 
Montana Sawyer 
Angelika Schwatzer 




o O 



Sophie Yeates 
Brian Yen 
Michelle ^'im 

McKenzie Scolt 
Dylan Sediiwick 
Anlhony Shainui 
f-rl l-auia Simandl 

Colin Smith O 

Raquel Solnier 
Jocelyn Stedman 
Rick Stolle q 

Caniille Stone 
Andy Tak 

Connor Thomson 
Anna Timmis 
Hubert Wang 
Jennifer Wang 
^'aou Wans 




Paula WeecTr 
Chin Wei 
Ali West O 

Tobias Weymar 
Meredith Witoski q 

o - o "^ 







o o 









o o 

o ° 

o o 




o o 







o o 


Grade 10 



Emma Abrioux 

Jeremy Bagshaw 

Natsumi Bamba 

Cam Bargen 

Talina Barsalou 

Portia Bekes 

olf Bencharongkul 

Zac Benloulou 

Giuliana Bianco 

Richard Boness 

Oliver Brooks 

Sophia Bryant-Scott 

Cameron Buckingham p 
Alejandro Castro 
Harrison Chang 
Xiaotian Chen 

8 Winston Chou 
Abigail Choy 

Yoon Ha Chung 

Maxwell Considine 

Laura Dale 

Scott Dallen 

Ingemar De Wet 

Travis Denley 

Ryan Dhillon 

Caryn Dooner 

Joshua Edgar 

Rachel Ellis 

Andy Erasmus 

Jure Erlic 




Lisa Evans 

Brandon Ewonus 

Caitlin Farquharson 

Sarah Feten 

Kaeleigh Fletcher 

Michael Fuailefau 

I u 



10 11 


Lukas Galbraith 
Anna Garamszegi 
Krislijan Gjorgjevik 
Ciaia Glen 
Katrina Gong 
Samantha Green 

James Harris 
Alex Harvey 
Clare Hendriks 
Sylvia Ho 
Stacie Hoi 
Aubrynne Howe 

Ching-Ping Hsieh 

Janine Hsu 
Angel Huang 
Michael Hui 
Michael Ip 
Hishani Ismail 

Claire Jackson 
Alise James 
William Jevne 
Mark Jiang 
Purni Jung 
Brandon Kang 

Shaun Kho 
Joseph Kim 
Kevin Kim 
Su Mi Kim 
Wonjin Kim 
Nicolas Klak 



Judy Kweon] 
Addison K 
Edward Lee 
Jae Ho Lee 
Richelle Leonard 
Jasmine Lin 

I u 



Celine Lo K^ 

Steve Luxton 

tafi Mac Leod 

Ko Marchand 


Alex McKinnon 


Jacob McLean 

Keer Mei 

Ryan Melvin 

Cameron Metcalfe 

TWf Patrick Min 

Tycho Mommsen-Smith 

Emily Mulroney 

Rebecca Mulroney 

Oona Murphy 

Danielle Murtland 

Nicole Nass 

Thomas Nicholson 

Brenna Nixon 

Morio Oyake 

David Park 

Nathan Patmore 

Alicia Pawluk 

Mina Phaisaltantiwongs 

Reid Plasterer 

Justine Porter 

Ross Prager 

Genna Purcell 

Kaylynn Purdy 

Emily Ready 

Gina Roger 

Rory Ross 

Celina Santilli-Giza 

Bradley Sawyer 

Benjamin Schaan 

David Sedley 


i-T^-i' ■' .."J:^('#; 




Alex Zapantis 
Cindy Zhang 
Maggie Zhen 
Justin Zoraik 

Joseph Shan 
James Shaip 
Kieran Sharpe 
James Shaw 
Ayaka Shinozuka 
Michael Smith 

Kristin Song 
Won Yup Song 
Jordan Souc 
Charles Southwell 
Rowan Stewart 
Sydney Stockus 

Andy Sung 
Ryan Tang 
Becky Thomas 
Robby Trusler 
Jason Tseng 
Kelly Twa 

Marc Van Der Wal 
Nicolette Varma 
Maryann Watson 
Emma Wilson-Pease 
Simon Witt 
Mark Wizinsky 

Cathline Wong 
Rachel Wong 
Leanne Wood 
Rachel Woosun Kim 
Stephanie Yang 
Jamie Yorath 




Olev Anniko 

Rachael Baptiste 

Colin Beban 

Kilian Bender 

Shelby Boehm 

Melissa Bosworth 





Kyle Bridge 

Thomas Bridger 

Jessie Cai 

Sheena Campbell 

Johnny Chang p 

Kelly Chang ' 




Calvin Cheng 

Aleesha Cheta 

Johnson Cho 

Yoo Shin Choi 

Yun Jeong Choi 

Nicholas Chow 


Brendan Chwyl 

Jacob Coates 

Christian Colquhoun 

Henriette Commichau 

Megan Cooper 

Jonathan Cunningham 


^ .} 

Geordie Dat? 

Samantha Dark 

Kabir Daswani 

Rachel Davel 

Callum Davies 

Olivia De Goede 






Andrew Doitnan 


Lauren Dunn\ 
Steffi Duvenage 
Benjamin Effa 
Alastair Fehr 

Emily Yu Feng 
Elizabeth Fenje 
Reilly Fong 
Riordan Forsyth 
Anna Fretz 
Laura Gilmore 




Nicole Godwin 
Sasha Gray 
Douglas Grimmer 
Patricia Halim 
April Hall 
Jennifer Hamilton 

Kelsey Harbord 
Ashley Hawes 
Neil Hayden 
Emma Houghton 
Gate Hughes Nind 
John Humphries 





Mizuho Inai 
Aiman Ismail 
Adrienne Jones 
Forest Kilgour 
Robin Kim 
Shun Kinoshita 

Lauren Kipp 
Jake Ki slock 
Katherine Kohler 
Karolina Koziol 
Lauren Kullar 
Masaki Kunimoto 


I.V ■«('•, 

Benjamin Kwok 
Rory Lattimer 
Athina Lavidas 
Allegra Lee 
Charles Leitz 

Kevin Lin 

Daniela Loggia 

Evan Louie 

Kevin Ma 

Ceilidh Mac Leod 

Rimi Maehara 


Chad Margpms 


Lulu May 

Jake McCloskey 

Lexi McCoU 

Steven Meng 



Harmon Moon 

Taylor Moon 

Brenda Moore 



Tsumugi Murata 

Joel Nason 

Carol Ng 

Joyce Ng 

Charmaine Niewerth 

Colin Nixon Musgrave 

Marlise Nussbaumer 

Hiromi Ogawa 






Curtis Park 

Beau Parker 

Stephanie Passmore 

Philip Petranek 

Alison Phillips 

Amrita Pooni 



Francis Quinlan 

Sarah Reed 

Emily Reid 

Juliette Repole 

Hanmi Richards 

Heather Roseblade 




Karia Rosenberg 

Monica Rossa 

Jamie Saunders 

Trevor Scagliati 

Colin Sedgwick 

Gaurav Sekhon 







Samuel Sherro 
Julie Shim \ 
David Shin \ 
Samuel Simons 
Alieksandra Slayek 
Ashley Solmer/ 





..izie Stone 
Jared Sweet 
Scott Swinkels 
Tomoya Tago 



Austin Thind 
Brendan Thomson 
Val Timin 
Brenda Tong 
Miklos Tusz 
Paul Tut 



^ t: 


Nicole Van Der Wal 
Jesus Vidaurri 
Sebastian Vogg 
Jimmy Wang 
Mathew Warner 
Athabasca Witschi 


Justin Wong 
Timothy Wu 
Jasmine Yan 
Vickie Yang 
Bemie Yeung 
Edmond Yu 




Lmda Yir^^ 
Ian YurychukN,^^ 
Dion Yzebbranci^ 
Michael Zhou 
Michael Zhu 












Boasting a strong forward and some talented athletes in the 
backline, this year's grade 10 rugby team had high expectations 
right from the get-go. An opening ISA fixture against St. Georges 
was always going to be a battle as the two sides won one apiece 
in last years round robin. True to form, a 15-15 draw resulted and 
the team took a massive amount of confidence from an extremely 
good performance against a much bigger opposition. The back 
row of Luke McCloskey, Hisham Ismail and Won Jin Kim proved 
to be a lethal combination of speed, tackling and ball sense and 
this trio was to be a mainstay on the list of top performers game 
in and game out. Ensuing matches against Shawnigan and 
Brentwood resulted in a loss and a very 
disappointing draw to Brentwood in a game that should have been won. The second half 
^ of the ISA competition was an improvement on the first as the backline began to show 
B some form. Led by newcomer Mike Fuailefau, fly half Alex Harvey and the enigmatic 
^k Charlie Southwell the backline began to run in some superb tries. The team earned a 
^■second draw with St. Georges in an away match and avenged their earlier tie with 
i^Brentwood defeati ng thetj 24-8. Finally, in perhaps the best team performance of the 
year, the boys took^H^^erennial powerhouse Shawnigan 14-12 to finish 3rd in the ISA 
mpetition. ^^^^ 

Vancouver Island reague play, it was once again SIVIUS and Oak Bay leading the pack 
ughout the season. SMUS dominated the Oak Bay squad winning the regular season 
ch 36-7 and controlled play decisively in the City Final winning 29-0. Robby Trusler 
sho\ved his knowledge of the game was on the up and up as he played exceptionally well 
in this encounter. The City Championship sent the team to the Island Tournament ranked 
2nd behind Shawnigan Lake and victories over Ladysmith and Brentwood in the quarter 
and semi finals set up the rubber match against Shawnigan Lake in the island final. 
Unfortunately, it was not to be. The boys played bravely but simply could not put enough 
_ phases of play together to take the trophy. Nonetheless, a 

Jk V -V second place finish on the island is something to be proud 

^^K ', _ ^M ^^ of and the boys should indeed take comfort in the amount of 

^^P ' J^ JBV teamwork and improvement that was shown throughout the 

•Ai*A^ ^^^\ season. 

^^A^ \ All players should be congratulated on the commitment they 

^^^■' \ showed to their team and the brilliant play that was regularly 

/"^■j '^^^^^^SBk on show. Thanks to coaches Eliot Anderson, Mark Lawson 

^^^^k ^^^^^ and Campbell Hall for their support and dedication to 

V^^^^ teaching rugby. 

Back row: Mr. Mark Lawson, Jure Eriic, 
Alex Harvey, Mike Fuailefau, Charlie 
Southwell, Andy Erasmus, Joseph Shan, 
Mr Campbell Hall 

Second row: Mr. Eliot Anderson. Justin 
Zoraik. Jamie Harris Reid Plasterer, Luke 
McCloskey, Tycho Mommsen-Smith, 
Richard Boness, Scott Dallen, Robby 

Front row: Brad Sawyer, Marc van der 
Wal, Hisham Ismail, Won Jin Kim, Rory 
Ross, Cam Buckingham, Nathan Patmore 


1 14 

Back Row: Himat Singh, Chris Hawes, Neil Hayden, 
Andy Erasmus, Colin Beban, Colin Nixon Musgrave 
Third Row: Justin Wong, Mac Stone, Andrew 
Dorman, Steven Meng, Kevin Lin 
Second Row: Robby Trusler, Keer Mei, 
Won Jin Kim, Bryan Sun, Kyle Bridge, 
Ryan Hall 

Front Row: Bill Li, Tomoya Tago, Robin 
Kim, Graham Inglis, Nicholas Charleton, 
Hanmi Richards, Mr. Evan Hall 

Having lost 12 of 15 starters from last years Provincial Championship team, the pundits were 
left questioning where SMUS would fit into the mix during this seasons Premier League 
competition and the BC Provincial Tournament. The answer? Right amongst the best teams 
in the Province! 

A pre-season tour of Australia showed that returning veterans Andrew Crow (captain) and 
scrum half turned fly half, Sam Skulsky, were out to show that their team was good, really 
good. Six games in the southern hemisphere quickly got the team up to speed as they 
learned the importance of tackling, ball support and defensive organization. Once these three 
fundamentals were covered, the team began to take some victories from their sometimes 
overconfident opponents! Four wins out of six games is a success on any tour and the boys 
returned to Canada feeling confident and well prepared for the opening of the Premier 

Their first match was away to Brentwood who, in last years competition, beat a heavily 
favoured SMUS side. The tides were turned this year, as the team defended exceptionally 
and eventually squeaked out a win. The center pairing of Mike van der Westhuizen and 
Jared Sweet showed their defensive expertise and looked dangerous in attack on more than 
one occasion. 

Next up were the early season favourites, Shawinigan Lake. This team had our number since 
grade 9 and many had them picked as the eventual Provincial Champions. Outstanding 
defensive structure led by the likes of Andrew Stephens. Taylor McCarten and Benson Ling 
turned back wave after wave of Shawnigan attack and once again Andrew Crow was a man 
amongst boys. Sam Skulsky threatened the line on numerous occasions and solid support 
play from the backrow led SMUS to a 26-24 victory and a massive confidence boost. 

Final victones against Vanier and Oak Bay put the team in the Premier League Final for the 
first time in 10 years against the ever-present Carson Graham side. The boys left their best 
game at home on the day and never really seemed to find their stride, losing 38-15. 
However, the team took some positives from the encounter and looked to re-group before 
the Provincial Championsip and the Howard Russell City Final. 

A second straight City Championship over arch rival Oak Bay sent the team to the BCs 
ranked second and gave them a very good draw indeed. Easy victories over Cowichan and 
Magee set up a much anticipated semi final match against Shawnigan Lake. The return of 
injured full back Beau Parker put some spark into the backline but it was not to be on the 
day. Down 15-8 in the dying minutes a forward pass saw any hopes of a second straight 
Provincial Title fade away as Shawnigan kicked the turnover ball into touch to end the game. 
However, the team re-grouped nicely and defeated a handy West Vancouver team to win a 
much-deserved bronze medal. 

A special thanks to the band of always supportive parents and Mr. Eliot Anderson, Mr. Ian 
Hyde-Lay, Mr. Mark Lawson and Mr. Evan Hall for their dedication to the team and their time 
and energy in making us better each and every practice. 


uoior Girls Ticld rtocK© 

Middle Row: Paula Weech, Jocelyn Stedman, Nuraiyah Kassam, Emily Hayashi, Stephanie Duvenage, Melissa Bosworth 
Front Row: Rachel Kim, Monica Lee, Meredith Witoski, Montana Sawyer, Gita Keshava 

Once again the focus of the blue team was on development for the future and what was impressive was the significant 
progress that the whole squad made in terms of basic skills, individual fitness, team spirit, and tactical sense. We 
started the short, but very busy, season with many promising grade nines and tens and a small band of more 
experienced players, who rotated between the two teams. In matches the team was always at full stretch in a league, 
which included the first teams of Oak Bay, Mount Doug, and Claremont, but had some very competitive games 
against Reynolds and St. Margarets. Such were the improvements made that by the end of the season Montana 
Sawyer and Meredith Witoski were called upon to play for the red team in the Island Championship. 
Highlights included Stephanie Duvenage's goalkeeping acrobatics and courage in the face of adversity, Jocelyn 
Stedman's incisive runs down the wing, the controlled play, calmness under pressure and measured passing of 
Lauren Kipp, Rachel Davel, Meredith Witoski, and Emily Hayashi, and the shear determination of Gita Keshava and 
Talina Barsalou. With this keen core group returning to the fray this coming September it promises to be another 
season to savour. 

Senior Gttk 
B&\d Hookey 


»ll •« 

The backbone of the Red team was a 
group of dedicated and very capable 
Grade 12 students. The experience 
they brought to the team was 
impressive. Stephanie Bentzon and 
Christie Silver led the attack with 
plenty of grit and determination, even 
if the goals did not come as easily as 
they would have liked. Nicole Cook's 
presence in the midfield and indeed as 
a utility player was calming and 
authoritative, while Kathryn Wizinsky 
had increasingly impressive games in 
the heart of the defence. Jackie 
Carson provided good support at left 
back. Behind the out players was the 
superb goalkeeping of the enthusiastic 
and vocal Victoria Sapsford, who 
deservedly earned the Team Player of 
the Year Award. Backing up the Grade 
12s were the real stars of the team, 
notably Hennriette Commichau, our 
famous German import, whose 
presence on the field seemed to be 
everywhere. She was able to lift the 
team at crucial moments with her skill, 
hard hitting, strong tackling, and ability 
to score important goals. Alongside 
Henriette in midfield was the grace 
and speed of Ceilidh MacLeod and the 
rapidly improving Lauren Kipp whose 

Back Row: Mr. Bates, Stephanie Bentzon, Lauren Kipp, Jackie Carson, and speed of Ceilidh MacLeod and the 
Nicole Cook, Mr. Kerr rapidly improving Lauren Kipp whose 

Middle Row: Emma Wilson-Pease, Portia Bekes, Hennriette Commichau, f'*"®ss and solid skills on the left hand 
Ceilidh McLeod, Steffi Duvenage, Emma Abrioux, Melissa Bosworth ?!^^, P^°)'^'^ invaluable. Finally, the 

.r . 1-. !•• * kii I J <->u • *• oi 1 ■ u IX *u lAi- ■ 1 Grade 10 group of Emma Abrioux, 

Font Row: Kirsten McLeod, Chnstine Silver, Janine Hsu, Kathryn Wizinsky, ^^^^.g^,.^ ^^3 g^^^p^^ ^^^3^^^ 

Victoria Sapsford MacLeod and Emma Wilson-Pease, 

_^^ improving in defence every game, and speedy right winger Janine Hsu, 

'' showed real promise for the future. 

The results through the season left SMUS equal 2nd in the Victoria Schools 
League, 4th in the ISAs, 12th in the Bridgman Cup, and unfortunately 4th in 
the AA Island Championship, which meant SMUS just missed out on the BC 
^ Provincials. Quite an impressive season, even if our main goal of reaching 

the provincials was not achieved. 

However, for many of this group, the highlight of the year was in spring 

break when 12 players joined the rugby players in the first ever SMUS 

^ Senior School tour Down Under. This was a fantastic tour in many ways, not 

I just in experiencing the tourist sites and also the life of Australians through 

_ the many host families in Queensland and New South Wales, but also with 

J^ ^ • respect to playing 7 matches in 2 weeks against schools in one of the best 

Mjk A %^99t^^^^%m%^^ field hockey-playing countries in the world. 

# % I I^) I M%^^ I Y^>4 The playing record of the girls: won 4, tied 2, lost 1 proved to many people 
• w\^^^ l^# C^##C^ on the tour and back home the capabilities of this team. The improvement 

individually and as a team through the 2 weeks was immense, while the 
teamwork, camaraderie and fantastic spirit in which the matches were 
played and respect shown for our hosts was a real pleasure to see. The girls 
r who were fortunate enough to experience this tour will certainly remember it 

for the rest of their lives, both on and off the field it was touring par 

The junior girls' soccer team had an amazing year. Every game was played with 
determination, teamwork and sportsmanship. This year the team was stacked with lots of 
talent and skill and this was displayed in our games. The team only lost one game and 
placed second in league play. In City Championships we faced the first place ranked 
team in the city: Parklands. This game was one of our best played but Parklands 
matched up, and by the end of regulation time and a double overtime we were still tied 1- 
1 . Unfortunately, the team lost this game in penalty kicks by one point. Although it was an 
unlucky loss it did not have an affect on the team's enthusiasm. 




Our second place in the Cities qualified us for the Island tournament, which was 
hosted by Dover Bay in Nanaimo. Here the team came up a bit short and lost some 
important games finishing the tournament in 5th place. This result did not reflect the 
level of our play or the effort that everyone put forth. The Islands were a great team trip 
and the bonding sessions were neverending. Team cheer competitions, sunglasses, 
and mall scavenger hunts were among the many events that made the trip memorable. 
It was a superb way to end an amazing soccer season. 

Thank you to our coaches; Ms. Lloyd, Janine and Lisa. We really appreciated all the 
time and effort you put into the team. Good job girls and good luck in your future soccer 
endeavours. Thanks for an incredible season. We are the SMUSPER STARS!! VIVAT! 

Back row: Sabrina Lloyd (coach), Sophie Yeates, Mary Lapp. Talina Barsalou, Genna Purcell 

3rd row: Nicole Bunyan, Giara Glen (captain), Lisa Evans, Caitlin Farquharson, Giuliana Bianco 

2nd row: Kelly Adam, Emma Ronning-Philip, Annie Pike, Laura Dale 

Front row: Meredith Witoski, Laura Simandl, Kirsten Macleod (goalie), Shelby Clark, Maddy 


The senior girls' soccer team this year was arguably the strongest SMUS has ever had. 
After spring break we started our regular play with several huge wins, with scores up to 
7-0 in our favour. These results placed us 2nd in the Lower Island, which secured us a 
berth in the Islands Tournament. After several exciting wins over Ladysmith, Brentwood 
and Mark Isfeld we were named Island champions, and headed to the Provincials in 

Back Row: Wendy Shergold, Ceilidh Mcleod, Emily Prager, Monica Rossa 
Second Row: Kelsey Marbard, Nicole van der Wal, Samantha Dark, Cassandra Zawilski 
Front Row: Victoria Sapsford, Charmaine Niewerth, Olivia de Goede (goalie), Anna Fretz, 
Siobhan Glen 

At Provincials we won our first game of the tournament 2-0 over Williams 
Lake, but were then disappointed with a 3-0 loss to McMath (who finished the 
tournament in second place). In our 3rd game of pool play we came up against 
Windsor in a 1-1 tie. Unfortunately we needed to win all of these games, so we 
ended up playing for positions 9-12. For our first game against Brocklehurst, 
the senior boys' rugby team came to watch us which added an extra level of 
excitement to the game. After two overtimes there was still no score, so we 
went to shootouts, and won thanks to the amazing goalkeeping of Olivia de 
Goede. Our final game of the tournament was against Kalamalka, and again 
we went into overtime. However, this game ended differently. In the last 3 
minutes of our second overtime Samm Dark went on an amazing run down the 
left wing to cross it in for a beautiful header by Shelby Boehm for the win. For 
the entire tournament we were supported by our amazing manager Emily and 
her injured sidekick Anna. Thanks so much to everyone for an amazing 
season, especially our stellar juniors! To Liv, Nikki and Kipp: thanks for holding 
it together at the back. Kelsey, Shelby, Allison and Samm, you were amazing 
up front. Finally thank you so much to Nikki and Wendy for everything over the 
years. You have been the best coaches we could have hoped for, and without 
you we couldn't have done anything. Good luck for next year ladies! 





ack Row: Mr. Lynch, Zachary Austin, Andrew Cho, Bradley Sawyer, Nathan Patmore, Mr. Taylor 

liddle Row: Andy Sung, Harrison Chang, Goven Sandhu, David Park, Rory Ross, Andy Tak, William Lo, Logan McColl 

■ront Row: Morio Oyake, James Shaw, Alejandro Castro, Edward Lee, Moonsun Hwang, Joe Ekthumrong, Cameron 


P^Tunlor "500)5' "B Soccer T©a4 ©r)jou)Gcl a -positivj© and 
>ductiu© 5©a5or) this u)©ar. "B©in9 tb© onlu) "B t©aM in a u©nj) 
^-p©titi*j© l©agu© of A t©aM5, \^\ic\) f©atur©d 5om© of tb© b©5t 
r Iau)©r5 in th© citu), our bo«j)5 d©Mon5trcit©d gr©at \)Q.cirY. In fact, 
1 nuMb©r of officials 'prai5©d tb© bou)5 for tlo©ir -passion and 
:okjmitM©nt to tb© 5-port. Ovi©r tb© duration of tb© s©a5on, tb© 
:oacb©s 'oJ©r© d©ligb"l"©d to s©© a 5t©adu) iM'proM©M©nt in tb© 

and 5tart©d -passing tb© ball around <oJitb gr©at©r confid©nc©. Xn 
rb© ©nd, tb© t©aM Manag©d to scor© som© iM-pr©ssiy© goals and <oJin 
SOM© b<3rd-fougbt gaq©s. Tb©u) sbould b© -proud of 'ojbat tb©u) 
||ficoM'pli5b©d tbis 5©ason< 

Back Row: Oscar Duran del Paso, Riley Gudgeon, Tom Bridger, Michael van der Westuizen, 

Shaun Foster 

Middle Row: Kyle Bridge, Sam Skulsky, Robin Kim, Beau Parker, Alexander Maier, Rory 


Front Row: Jake Kislock, Alastair Fehr, Benson Ling, Chad Margolus, Felix Koenigs, Joel 











utfi .Jg'/. 



vsV^ J^^lI^Mm! .HAI^ 


BPP^gi^^BBaf* ^^B 






Back Row: Mr. Lynch, Yoo Shin Choi, Jeff Tak, Andrew Crow, Eric Burke, Mr.' 

Middle Row: Raksit Pattanapitoon, Austin Thind, Takahiro Miyoshi, Jesus 
Vidaurri, Dylan Callow, Bhupinder Duiku, Taylor McMillan, Jason Baines ^^d 
Front row: Curtis Smith, Ben Southwell, Jeti Sawatdipong, Olev^nniko^ 
bastion Vogg, Chris Smith, Hudson Allison, Darren Broon 

Back Row: Ms. Kaufmann, 
Sydney Stockus, Richelle 
Leonard, Clare Hendriks, Ms. 

Front Row: Emily Mulroney, 
Clara Glen, Talina Barsalou, 
Katrina Gong, Rebecca 

5r. Giris' 

The Senior Girls Basketball team had a rebuilding year in 2007-2008. With the help of 
coaches Ms. Dani Everitt and Mr. Gary Brooke (GB), the SMUS girls showed steady 
progress to finish 5th at the Island AA Championships. With 9 Gr. 1 1 girls who were new to 
the Senior girls basketball scene it destined to be an up and down season - the girls 
worked hard and in the final game at the AA Island Championship showed a lot of people 
the promise that they hold for next year. The returning grade 12s were Trina Macintosh 
and Steph Bentzon. Unfortunately for the programme, Steph missed all but two games of 
the season due to illness. Her leadership, work ethic, and commitment were sorely missed 
by the team both on and off the court. Tnna did her best to make up for the loss of Steph 
and had an exceptional year as the teams leading scorer and one the top defenders. The 
grade 1 1s that joined the team this year were Ceilidh MacLeod, Rachel Davel, Samm Dark, 
Lauren Kipp, Kelsey Harbord, Anna Fretz, Jasmine Yan, Katherine Kohler, and Shelby 
Boehm. Team manager, Adrienne Jones, also was in Gr. 11. These newcomers all made 
significant contributions to the team and their efforts were appreciated by both coaches. 
The season started off before Christmas with an exhibition series against some of the mid- 
Island rivals and culminated in the Island championship in late February. The giris 
registered an inconsistent season in terms of wins and losses: however, in the final game, 
they played their best all year despite losing to Wellington by a close 58-54 score. Trina 
capped off an extremely productive SMUS basketball career in that game with a 33-point 
performance - a personal best. Along the way, the giris elicited the services of Jrs Syd 
Stockus, Kirsten MacLeod, Richelle Leonard, Ciara Glen, and Katrina Wong for various 
games and the coaches and Sr players want to acknowledge their important contributions. 
The future looks bright for next as there will strong competition for playing spots and with 
some many returning players, the expectations will be running higher. The giris are keen 
to keep working on their games and this points to a successful season and all the giris 
should be proud of how they performed. A very special thanks to our coaches for the year. 
To Dani, your positive and calm demeanor made the game easier. To GB - your passion 
for the game and all the support you gave each and everyone of us, helped us to get where 
we did. 

Back Row: Mr. Brooke, Katrina Macintosh, Lauren Kipp, Katherine Kohler, Jasmine Yan, Shelby 

Boehm, Adrienne Jones, Ms. Everitt 

Front Row: Kelsey Harbord, Anna Fretz, Samantha Dark, Rachel Davel, Ceilidh Mcleod 



Back Row: Mr. Geddes, Travis Denley, Brandon Ewonus, 
Ryan Melvin, Thomas Nicholson, Jamie Yorath, Jure Eriic, 
Adam IVIclean 

Front Row: Ching Ping, Hisham Ismael, Marc Van Der 
Wal, Tycho Mommsen-Smith, Luke McCloskey, Josh 
Edgar, Joseph Shan 


Tor tbi#J)ear'5 jur)ior bou)5, a season full oj^roqise and 
ex-pom-ation ended In bit1-©r disa-p-poini^^ot, as a teaq 

I Menj) reasonable as'pirations o?reacbing the 
■provincial chat4'pionsbi'p& insteaci failed to aduance froq 
euen the C\t^ coM-pctitioQs-^'tbe flnal analu)5i5, dcs-plta 
-plaijjing a nuMbor of yoru) coM-petiti^ie gai^es against 
q_ualitu) o-pposHion, the teaM lacked consistencu), grit 
and a sense of urgencu), 'oJbich, allied to an erratic 
offence, "proyed its undoing of a nuMbor of indiulduallu) 
ueru) talented -plav^ers. 

\P)Q- season did ba'J© soqe successes, as the teoM 
finished 3rd in Citu) league -plau), uion the Island 
Challenge Tournai^cnt and ouerall achieved an I S" ' l^^^ 
record. The best -perforMonce caqc in a >jictonj) ouer 
•provincial bronze qedallist St.Gcorges, uihen the entire 

^teoM shovxicd great tenacitu), execution and hear-t. 

fatJfQ ^orath's slashing driues, Travjis Ticnlei^'s defensive 
hustle, -^ure 'ErJIc's scoring and Tujcho HoMMsen-SMith's 

leadership led the teaq through the season- All MCMbers 
of the squad Most look to the off-season as a tiqe to 
iMprove skill, shooting, and strength leucls to Make the 
leap to the Senior basketball ranks next ij)car. 






Back Row: Mr, Daly. Andrew Crow, Riley Gudgeon, Himat Singh, 

Tom Bridger, Chad Margolus, 

Front Row: Hudson Allison, Bryan Sun, Timothy Wu. Benson Ling, 

Colin Sedgewick, Francis Quinlan 

Missing: Sam Sherrod, Chris Hawe 

The Senilr Boys basketball team entered this seasc 
well prepared and ready for all comers, Pre-seasor 
training epsured the boys were fit for competition 
prior to ttfe first tip off. This year's team featured a 
well-balanced squad, comprised not only of war 
hardened senior veterans, but a hungry and 

npetitive grade 11 class. Grade 12's Riley "sharp 
snooting" Gudgeon. Hudson "sweet stroking" Allisol 
and "feisty" Benson Ling took care of the backcourtj 
duties, while a trio of forwards, Himat Singh, Andrey 
Crow, Chris Hawe easily filled up the lane. ..and the! 

Very impressively, it was the grade 1 1 backcourt duo 
of Bryartffeun and Tim Wu who the team counted on 
to create offense and score points, a role in which 
they flourished as the season wore on;.- Francis 
Quinlan and Tom Bridger also emerged as scoring 
threats, and added leadership as the year developed. 

This season saw flashes of brilliance from the SMUS 
boys, at times showing they were capable of playing 
with the best in the province. With wins over 
provincially numbers ranked Esquimalt, Stellys, 
Highland, and a two point loss to 2007 island 
champion Mark isfeld late in the season, the boys 

rried some momentum into their South Island 


'Ttie t)oys ensured themselvesatrip'tottie Island 

C/iampionships by upsetting Gulf Islands - ranked 
mber one in the South Island - in a hard fought 
victory in their first game of the playoffs. At the 
Island Championships SMUS was again matched 
against Mark Isfeld in their first game. The boys 
could not pull out the upset, and finished their season 
on t he Island. 

Congratulations on a great season gentlemen, and 
we look forward to seeing the returning grade lis 
next year! 


N K 



m^ I 

^^ 10 ■ '' - 

5MU5i !MU8 /jMUS 



Back Row: Ms. Kullman, Hannah Furness, Musu 

Ofosu, Ciara Glen, Martika Rodgers, Mr. Tremblay 

Front Row: Rebecca Mulroney, Oona Murphy, Angel 

Huang, Emma Ronning-Philip, Anita Chow, Sylvia Ho, 

Christina Clemente 

Tb© "Xunior Girls \/ollGU)ball "B T©aM iM'pro'jGd trGt^endous^ 
ovjGr tb© season, duriog ^bich tb©u) d©Mor)st rated r©MarKabl© 
sKill dc'jGlo'pMGOt, l©ad©rsbi'P ^bil© ^'so b^'Jiog a lot of far)- At 
tb© beginning of tb© season, Ti©b©cca f4ulron©u) vjjas naM©d 
tb© teaM ca-ptain, and ©xcGlled at creating MOMcntUM and a 
-positiUG attitude aMongst tb© otb©r 'plau)©rs. Tb© bigb'igbt of 
tb© girls season 'ojas -placing first at a <oj©©K©nd toarnaM©nt 
at X>unskJiuir f^iddl© Scbool. \i)© vjjould liK© to vjjisb tb© girls tb© 
b©st of lucK as tb©u) tru) out for tb© junior and s©nior t©aMs 
n©xt s©ason. 

I 12S 


E "^ 


Back Row: Kristen Gustavsen, Patricia Halim, Brittney Martin, Brenda Moore, Jessica 

Harvey, Kirsten Marsh, Jasmine Hendriks, Mrs. Fenneman 

Front Row: Jessica Qualley, Samantha Dark, Katrina Macintosh, Emily Reid, Adrienne 

Jones, Marlise Nussbaumer, Kelsey Harbord, Shelby Boehm 

Xhris Smith, Karia Rosenberg, Dylan Callow, David Sedley, 
Mr. Mclntyre 
Missing: Francois Boyer, Rebecca Minaker 



This season the Golf Team 

enjoyed real success. At the Lower island! 

Tournament the team placed first among 

schools which qualified them for the Island 

Championships. At the Islands the team 

surprised themselves and finished first, 

thanks to some fine play by our younger 

players. As Island Champions we qualifie 

for the BC Championship which was held I 

Kamloops. Unfortunately the weather 
conditions on the first day were extremal 
poor and the team was not able to adjust, l! 
the end we finished a disappointing 1 1th oi 
of 16 schools, but on the bright side 
Rebecca Minaker retained her title as AA 
Girls Champion . To all the players I woul 
like to say well done, and to the graduatin 
Grade 12s, thanks and good luck in the 



Back Row: Mr. Lilly, Ben Effa, Sebastian Vogg, Mike Smith, Miklos 
Tusz, Colin Sedgewick, Nathan Haussman, Mr. Cordle 
Front Row: Justin Zoraik, Jamie Saunders, Jonathon Cunningham, 
Bhupinder Duiku (CRT), Jamie Harris, Callum Davies, Austin Thind 
Missing: Gaurav Sekhon 

With only five players from the squad leaving and with the addition of some strong younger players the cricket team looked set for 
a rewarding season. Preseason training took place in the school gym and this gave the team the chance to practice bowling, 
batting, and fielding in relatively warm surroundings! The midweek league of the VDCA got underway at the start of May and 
despite the cool evenings there was some fast and furious cricket. Bhupinder DuIku soon showed his promise as a wily bowler, 
picking up many wickets and giving up few runs in the process, and Ben Effa, Nathan Haussman, and Jamie Saunders all 
showed considerable prowess with the bat. 

Slowly but surely the tactics and skills improved and as a result three out of four of the school matches played were comfortable 
wins for the team. Of note here was the fine bowling performance against Collingwood School and the solid all round 
performance against Pacific Christian School, with Callum Davies taking one of the finest catches of the season, Bhupinder 
DuIku bowling very economically, and Ben Effa and Nathan Haussman providing spirited batting. The Clayton Cup may have 
witnessed great excitement and considerable mayhem, but the teams finest performance came against the staff as they bowled 
well, caught virtually everything, batted forcefully but sensibly, and thoroughly deserved their win. The faculty has vowed to 
overturn the result next year, but the school sguad will remain largely unchanged! 

The cricket squad hope that Sebastian Vogg finds a team in Germany to play for now that he has mastered this great art and 
wish him all the best. We would once again like to thank the parents for their support, and we look forward to 2009. 


Cross Co 


Back Row: Jt>sh 


Congratulations to the cross-country team for an excellent 
season. Throughout the six league races, the city championship, 
and the island championship, there were many commendable 
team and individual performances and highlights. At the junior 
level, it was apparent that Tyler Olsen, Jocelyn Stedman, Leo 
Marchand, and Mark Wizinsky were determined on improving 
with each race. All of these grade nine and ten runners were 
consistently in the top 10 for their age group and as a result the 
junior boys team finished second in both the overall league 
standings and in the Island Age Group Championships. 
There were also many strong performances by the senior 
runners, Tica Bengston, Heather Buckingham, Sam Dark, 
Andrew Dorman, Tony Chuang, Riley Gudgeon, Bill Li, Michael 
van der Westuizen, Curtis Smith and Derek Stedman. At the 
Island Championships the senior boys had a solid sixth place 
finish out of seventeen schools and narrowly missed going to the 
provincials. One of the main highlights of the fall season 
included having one of our senior runners, Derek Stedman. 
place 16th in the Island Championship resulting in him earning a 
berth in the Provincial Cross Country Championship. 

frac£_and field 

Back Row; Ms. Keziere, Tony Chuang, Paul Tut. Fraser McGee 

Chris Colquhoun, Justin Leung, Leo Marchand, Riley Gudgeon, 

Middle Row: Ms. Kullman, Addison Kwok, Joseph Furness, 

Amrita Pooni, Eric Protzer, Julie Shim, Tica Bengston. Ms. 


Front Row: Tara Moon, Jessie Chen, Monique Wong, Heather 

Buckingham, Andrea Appollos. Imran Ismail, Jocelyn Stedman 

sh Edgar, Rui Fu, Riley Gudgeon. Gaurav 
Sekhon. Ben Effa, Leo Marchand, Hanmi Richards, 
Third Row: Ms. Keziere, Tony Chuang, Heather j; 
Buckingham, Tyler Olsen, Colin Sedgwick, Christine' 
Schweitzer, Michael van der Westhuizen, Ms. Tobacco 
Second Row: Jocelyn Stedman, Addison Kwok, Bryan 
Sun, Andrew Dorman, Timothy Wu, Samantha Dark, Tica 

Front Row: Nick Charleton, Imran Ismail, Yoon Ha 
Chung, Paul Tut. Bill Li, Alex Zapantis, Mark Wizinsky, 
Mnrin Ovake 

As one of the 320 competitors, Derek had a fantastic race 
at Beaver Lake, managed a quick cool down, and then ran 
back to Elk Lake to finish his day by competing in school 
rowing regatta. This year, the team award was presented 
to Tony Chuang for his leadership, commitment and effort 
to the cross country team and programme. 
All in all. the season proved all of the members of the team 
demonstrated strong commitment, a competitive drive and 
abundant team spirit. The Cross Country team would like to 
give a big thank you to Ms. Tobacco, Ms. Keziere, and Mr. 
Brown for their coaching. Good luck to the team next year. 

Tony Chuang 

As the 2008 track and field season advanced, inspiring 
progress was achieved by grade nine and ten athletes Eric 
Protzer, Maddy Peterson, Jo Furness, Jocelyn Stedman, 
Tyler Olsen, Addison Kwok, Mark Wizinsky, Sydney 
Stockus, and Leo Marchand. Numerous outstanding 
performances were produced and many personal records 
set, including an outstanding run by Leo Marchand to 
become the 1500m Island Champion. 
At the senior level, this year's highlights included a strong 
showing by middle distance runners, Justin Leung, Sam 
Dark, Tica Bengston. Heather Buckingham, and Curtis 
Smith; fast pace starts by the sprinters Julie Shim, Chris 
Colquhoun and Riley Gudgeon and impressive results by 
jumpers Tony Chuang and Imran Ismail. This year two 
athletes, Tony Chuang and Imran Ismail also qualified for 
the senior Provincial Championship meet. 
The coaches, Ms. Tobacco, Ms. Keziere, Ms. Kullman and 
Mr. Bates wish to thank all those students who participated 
throughout the third term. To all of the runners, jumpers and 
throwers ~ congratulations on a fine season! 

Ms. Judy Tobacco 

m[jn Craw 

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and 
intelligence wins championships." 
-Michael Jordan, NBA player 


^s the sun shone brightly that second 
Sunday in September the SMUS 
ichool bus stopped in front of the 
^oyal Roads boathouse and 60 ' 
ithletes, grades 7 to 12, a mixture of 
)oarding and day students, unloaded 
or their first water practice of the fall 
leason. Unknown to them and the 
ioaching staff, this was the first day of 
neir journey to an outstanding season. 
Dver the next three months, surviving 
Vind, cold, darkness, and rain, thj 
pwers trained and competed at two 
egattas before the 23rd CiJ| 
Championships. ^ 

•ntering 22 of the 24 events and compeim, 
/on eight events outright and collected seven of the nine aggregate trophies, including 
iverall City Champions. To the coaching staff, Suzy Hall, Sharon Goodman, Jill Dearden, 
Richard Curry and Brett Malcolm, thank you! To all the rowers: stand up and take a bowl 
[congratulations and enjoy the memories! 

n late May, six SMUS rowers boarded a plane. Their final Destination: St. Catharines, 
Dntario and the Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Championships (CSSRAs). St. 
Catharine's is the ultimate rowers stomping ground; it is where high school crews across 
Canada and the United States square their shoulders, put on the infamous race face, and 
ompete for the elusive holy grail of gold and a national title. After three days of racing in 
II types of weather and incredible amounts of mud, this team of six placed 18th out of a 
30 schools and won 2 National Titles! Congratulai " " ' 

^^^^ow: Susanne Walker-Curry (head coach), Fr 
Quinlan, Neil Hayden, Won Yup Song, Brandon Ewonus, 
Maxim Ellison, Scott Swinkels, Glen Keough, Josh Evans, 
Richard Curry (coach) 

5th row: Lexi McColl, Charlotte McGee, Sydney Stockus, 
Caitlin Farquharson, Caryn Donner, Lauren Kullar, Derek 
Stedman, Nick Pawluk, Richelle Leonard, Susan Hall (coach) 
4th row: Angharad Wylie, Jin Sun Choi, Laura Simandl, Lisa 
Evans, Benji Schaan, Sena Bag, Anna Fretz, Cortney 
Ewonus, Katherine Fretz, Gabrielle Jeliazkov 
3rd row: Claire McKenna, Maryann Watson, Kilian Bender, 
Michelle Cheimak, Charmaine Niewerth, Megan Cooper, 
Sara Traubel, Isailah Johnson-Ferguson, Kaylynn Purdy 
2nd row: Sara Taylor, Julie Shinn, Sarah Reed, Juliette 
Repole, Rachel Ellis, Nicole van der Wal, Cassandra 
Zawilski, James Shaw, Aidan Morrice 
Front row:Jill Dearden (coach), Kristen Song, Alicia Pawluk, 
Chris Fenje, Alex McKinnon, Liam Hyatt, Adam Marsh, 
Taylor Ellison 

Absent: Brett Malcolm (coach), Sharon Goodman (co 
Bizabeth Fenje, Rick Stolle, Alison West, Shun Kinos 

"& a d m i n't o n 

Back Row: Jeff Hunt, Kevin Ma. Ross Prager, Zachary 
Chan, Brittney Martin. Gloria Ng. Jennifer Cha, Micliael 
Zhou, Michael Ip, Kelly Cheng 

Front Row: Candice Ip. Victor Ma, Sylvia Ho, Monica Lee, 
Helen Ip, Laura Simandl, Robert Thomas, Terry Kho 

This fall the hoys portion of the SMUS badminton team 
was in\ ited to compete at the Boys ISA Tournament - a 
new event for SMUS. Our team did very well and made 
the finals. 

Tr\outs for the Senior Team began in November, and 
when all was said and done. 17 players were selected. 
Senior members Zach Chan and Britt Martin were named 
as team captains. 

In Januar\ . the official league started, and we looked good 
early on. Local rivals Claremont and Mt. Doug proved, 
once again, to be our competition, but our SMUS Team 
was just too much for them. At the end of league play, the 

icam entered the Islands undefeated, and as the #1 seed. 

.At the Islands, the team continued to play hard. and. for the 7th 

time in 9 years, we won the Island title. This superb result 

qualified the team to the prestigious Provincial Championships, 

which were to be held in Prince George. 

Ho\\e\er. the Girls ISA Tournament was the next e\ent for the 

team. Early one Saturday, the girls portion of the team rode the 

bus all the \\ a\ out to Maple Ridge to show the rest of the 

schools what we had. Eager to repeat as ISA Champs, the girls 

quickl) battled through to the final match. In the finals, the 

doubles team of Britt Martin and Terry Kho came back from 

losing their first game to w in it for SMUS. The win would make 

It four }ears in a row for SMUS. 

In the end, the Senior Badminton Team finished a \ ery 

respectable 8th in BC. Many of the games were supremely close. 

w ith the final game coming down to one point. With such a 

young team this year. SMUS badminton has a bright future. For 

the first time in school history, the team had two Middle School 

students make the team. Candice Ip (Grade 7) and Robbie 

Thomas (Grade 8) were key members of the team. School 

alumnus Brad Jaw 1 (Grade 2002) is to be thanked for his 

invohement with the team this year. 

The team w ill be losing 5 graduating players this year. Zach 

Chan. Britt Martin. Terry Kho. Gloria Ng and Jennifer Cha are to 

be thanked for their years of commitment with the badminton 

program. I know the_\ w ill ha\e memories from this spoil that 

will last a lifetime. 

I thank e\ er}' indi\idual on the team, and I know we are just on 

the horizon of a dynastv. 

-Mr. Jeff Hunt 


Back Row: Michael 

Coowco, Alexander 

Maier, Alfred Yau, 

Felix Koenigs, Verj 

Chan, Seria 

Middle Ro\^Kevin 


Raksit P^ttanapitoon, 


Petran^k, Brittney 


Front R4w: Mckenzi( 

Scolt, Mi 

Germain (\an, Paula 

Weech, Priy^ 




Yoga Curling Volleyball Indoor Soccer 

Rock Climbing Weights Hip 
Hop Tennis Badminton Squash 

rSwimming Archery Yoga Curling , 

Volleyball Indoor Soccer rock 

Climbing Weights Hip Hop Tennis 

Badminton squash Swimming 

,34 Archery 

Athletic Banquet 




-fe -A fsa -E> 

^ J^ 




:- Jt-^ 

r^ "^ 

- .f .-A»^ 

i»f<. I 





--^^.■;i— 4 1 




.^.J?., T^ \^^^' ^ 


«! t 

.*'«^? ^■Cj: 

I junior and Senior Choirs 


Vocal lazz & Chamber Choffl 









*f^ :-T^^^^K J^^^H^^H 







§ -^'0 






i 149 

Lion Dance Pantoum /Terry Kho 

Your grandmother arranges flowers: 
sweet plum blossoms and chrysanthemums. 
Above your doorway hangs a painting of red koi, 
the fish a symbol of prosperity. 

Sweet plum blossoms and chrysanthemums, 

the delicate scents of China you cradle in your dreams. 

The fish a symbol of prosperity. 

You eat sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves. 

The delicate scents of China you cradle in your dreams 
drift from dim sum carts carrying taro cakes and pork buns. 
You eat sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves, 
pick up steaming dumplings with chopsticks. 

As dim sum carts carry taro cakes and pork buns, 
you are among your kind; slanting eyes, black hair. 
They pick up steaming dumplings with chopsticks, 
set off firecrackers in the street. 

You are among your kind; slanting eyes, black hair. 
They beat gongs and drums, 
set off firecrackers in the street 
to welcome the year of the dragon. 

Amid the beat of gongs and drums, 
the shaggy-maned lion dances. 
To welcome the year of the dragon, 
you wear red silk lined with gold. 

The Owl / Jayne Hammond 

My father speaks of disaster 
that it will be him next 
each night as the red wine 
drains from the bottle. 

The asbestos in the air duct 

The three car collision on Malahat drive 

In the morning he drinks coffee 
on the front porch and stares 
at the owl, a telephone wire 
wrapped in its leather toes. 

The broken landing gear 

The bomb in the overhead bins 


The shaggy-maned lion dances, 

eats pale green lettuce for good luck. 

You wear red silk lined with gold, 

crash cymbals together to frighten the beast. 

He says the owl has been here twice, 

before Martha, you remember Martha, 

that woman in marketing 

with a daughter about my age? 

Before information service Larry 

left his second-hand futon 

for a satin-lined crate. 

Now its here again, he says, 

his coffee cold 

the red wine headache gone. 

He buttons his jacket, straightens his tie 

and drives to work 

both hands on the wheel 

the radio off. 




Audrey / Gate Hughes Nind 

Sabrina, with her funny face, will have 

two for the road, and then its off to 

Paris when it sizzles. 

She wants to get away from all that 

war and peace bloodline, take a Roman holiday 

in green mansions, make love in the afternoon. 

She wants to wait until dark, 

this fair lady, while the children's hour is still 

upon us. She is 

the unforgiving nun's story, full of 

Robins and Marians. 

She knows how to steal a million. 

like a game of charades. 

Sure, they all laughed, but she will tell you 

there's always room for 

breakfast at Tiffanys 

Looking Back/ Josh Evans 

First, there were no shapes, only 
lights and colours, 
sounds and tastes: 
all the world sense. 

Then red tile and blue wallpaper, 

the cool air settling 

in every hallway. 

Neon parkas and 

knitted mitts, 

out the door to 

salted front steps and 

crisp new snow. 

And later, in the backyard garden, 

long grass pulling at our knees, 

October crackling beneath feet 

not yet calloused. 

The late autumn sun through oak branches 

twisted and gnarled, bark like homespun yarn, dark as 

liver spots on elderly faces. 

Eventually, the balm of summer nights and 

fireworks and 

sparklers like wands, their 

shafts of light falling across a sea 

so warm 

in the shallows 

we left our clothes 

on foreign sands 

under the blanket of night. 

Now, I have patchwork skin, 

dream of misted spirits drinking ice wine 

and ebullient youth in love, 

their sepia eyes illucid and estranged. 

From the Planet / Elysia Toporowski 


Asian / Emily Yoon 

You may think of me 

inside the box, 

frame me like that 

night market Monet replica, 

press me down dry, 

a yellow sycamore leaf 

in your paperback copy of Demian. 

I will have my black hair 

in a tight pony tail, 

present you my straight As, 

deny all the compliments I get. 

I will pore over my textbooks, 

prep for nonexistent tests. 

I will put on my wire-rimmed glasses, 

eat sticky rice, tofu, 

with chopsticks. 

I will smile at you submissively, 

with my almond-shaped eyes, and 

through my small lips, I will 

whisper what I think of you. 

The Mexican transvestite down on the corner has beautiful brown eyes 

shrouded by plastic lashes lashed on with glue, glued on with care, 

cared for by the pimp in the underground whos under the surveillance of the 


fuzzy earpieces sending secret messages while the sweet high heels of the sweet 

transsexual click-click their rhythm on the streets. 

The streets click-click right back and beep beep when the white man runs, 

stop stop! when the cars speed through an amber haze, 

changing lanes and crossing lines, crossing her legs, fishnets fishing for each other, 

fishing for love in a city where there is no love and there are no fish, 

loving for money and loving to love for money for a man in a hat who would drop 

her at the drop of a hat. 



•• 1 1 1 •- ' 1 1 ' "^ 11 iH H 
nil it, U ^\ut IT 

L. - 


H ^» '..SHfv'' f f III 1 


■1 '' fP 11 

K^ 1 ff 


W^etloer it was \^e pro5pec\ of ^ONmq m\\^ tfnree final emmb or spending (nowrs av\d ^ours outdoors, twenti^- 
t^ree of t^is i^ears Grade 1 students embarl^ed on w(iat was sure to be t(ne adventure of a lifetiKne, T^ird 
terw was w(ien t(ne Pilot Program realib) tool^ off (tioot was a D-Jo(?e for Mr, McLeod), Dur first dai^ back from 
Spring Breaf? we ^mdad off to Manning Par(^ on a five-dai^ baci^countri^ s^i trip, It was m eu|e-opener float 
served as t^e perfect starting point for t(ne next t(iree montfe, After our return, from Monday to Thursday we 
\mk Englis(n, Science md Mat(i in t(ie wo'rfmq biocfe. In t(ie afternoons we did experiential learning courses, 
(Nature P^otograp^, Ral^u Potteri^, Cool^ing, Construction, Primitive Living - to v\ame a few,) X)v\ Fridai^s we 
did a full dai^ out, going (?ai^a(^ing, s(?iing, m sailing. We also did a wee^ of sei^/ice, ranging from (neiping 
toddlers at t(ie Cridge Centre, to landing out cookies md Juice at Cma6\m Blood Se^ices, to building trails 
in t(ne Cmmmdh In a torrential downpour. In t(oe afternoons we also did a weel^ of GIS map'p\v\q m Mt, 
Tolmie, md a \Neek of languages during w(ilc(i we were able to appli^ ow respective \mqmqe5 In 
conversation wit^ native speal^ers, trips to restaurants ay\d cafes, and even some salsa dav\ce lessons, Dmr 
final exam was ay\ elq^t-day^ outtrip - t(ne longest D\AfdDor trip SMMS currently) offers, We (lad t^e option of 
^if?ing t^e West Coast Trail or (^ai^a(?ing in t(oe Broug(nton Arcfoipeiago, W(nat we (lad t^e privilege of 
experiencing was truly unique. We stopped at original Native village sites, climbed over massive boulders In 
t^e pouring rain, spent sunny days swimming ov\ t(^e beac^, ^ad spectacular campflres, a/\d trekked 15km 
in one day. Wildlife was noticing sfnort of spectacular: Grizzly Bears, Biaci^ Bears, Dolp(nlns, Porpoises, Eagles 
and Wxmpoack Whales, Toget(ner we travelled a distance of wer lJ>5km, It was our c(iallenge, our struggle 
and our success, 

Wit^ proqmm we \eamed w^at y\o book could ever \eack saw sights mm\\j\ seen, and accomp\med feats we 
will forever bok back \Apon wit(i pride, (snowing w(nat we did left a lasting mark not only on t^e Sc^iool, but 
also on eac<h and esierxf^ one of us, fj 

To t^e Experiential Pilot class of 2DD8 ^ac^ of you made Op 1/ 

t^is program an outstanding success - t^anfe for everything, fj ^^nrv/Fn^o 
May your bearings be straigtot, your socfe dr\^, {{// O^^^^'^^ ^ ^^ 

and your s^ies clear, Vy 





{'Vi^i^^s (Tcv^.^r 

Whal dies it 

a qucslon tl; 

wantedlto en 

of the ilitiati 

to mak.1 thi 

\isihle. Yhey\kicked 

legendarA ski 

Andrew \row" 


acting dehul aj B: 

serious note, l 

credo where they e 

of the council, and u rwv jl i eir goa , 

for the year. Input from councils around the 

school was vital for many of the initiatix es. 

The prefects addressed issues around the 

school such as drinking at dances. Brown 

Hall clean-up. and noise in the library 

They were also concerned with spirit 

mcreasing initiatives: Spirit Week. Pe| 

Rallies and the extension of the hoardin; 

House S\ stem to the day students. 

Being a prefect extended beyond Monday 

meetings and school representation; they 

led by example, participated in various 

school events, and wcirked to leave a 

positive mark on the school. 



del Paso. Benson LinXuanwr.'\lti*an 

MInaker. Kendra Tubbs.^4jLMa|^and 

\ esthui/.en. Katliryn Wizinsky, Terry Kho, 


The first thing that 
Council this year i 
amount that can hi 
of students from 
one liour. if that 
engaged in livel 
from the schools 
Brown Halls eon 
activity we were 
different drives ihi 
watching the insta 
the t|uad. and cheering 

ut Student 

real is the 

arge team 

'ng for only 

were not 

ics ranging 

ow to obtain 

Spirit Week 

issembly for 

canny in nature). 

picnic tables in 

our fellow students on 

the field as they made their way through the 
different stages of Fear Factor - SMUS style! All 
in all. it has been a tremendously successful year, 
and this years council heads. Mike. Josh and Steph 
are h\ped to see next years heads. Mel and 
iider. ready to continue that legacy. 

Back Ko^ 

Lisa Eva 
Third Ron' 
Talina Bar 
Second Roh:^ 

Wheeler. Dam 
First Row: Ms V 
van der Wcsthui/en 

Jn Ma. Lauren Kullar. Mina I'haisaltaiUiwongs. Laura^ 

. Kaeleigh Fletcher. Becky Thomas. Emma Abriouv. Mike 
■e Fjiishey 
Rji Schaan. Bhupindcr Diilku. Stephanie Bent/on. Joshua Fvans. Melissa Boswor 
Tplicr Smith. Ms. Roth 





Back Row: Chris Groot, Leu Marchand. Knsiijai 
Front Row: KaihPiii Wizinsky, Anna Fret/, Anirl 

in e\citiny one for the Academic 
^cc^ as having a behind-the-scenes 
id. sought to change thai with more 
1 involve more of the SMUS 
aker in Residence program took off 
with a record nuinher of lecturers 
L- had the intriguing Jason Dorland 
coiTihination of both an Olympic 
n'lck tood entrepreneur. .Speakers Tony 
Ou'^t»«aB_aiKr G Wynne Dyer both confronted pohtical 
issues, wuh Mr. yuainlon visiting pohtics and social 
studies classes in grades nine to twelve. Filmmaker 
Barbara Hagar presented us with Mol<iwn High, a made- 
in-Victoria documentary that hjif^athsj inlernalional 
attention. These speakers, as \ 
nienlioiK\lypfEsen»(il uliolc 
class di^issions coiVi-inmg (I 
changyand athletic trailing rep 
howler, has not gonV igim 

11.11 .icil 
lifcushoiji (he wiih t 


nl Pin 
ully I at 
You Sill 
cues trot 
NIL'S twist 
at challenge 
this yea 
'cess for the Academic Council as we have 
I iTMy W ^cn able to fulfill our usual roles but also create 
new opportunities for growth in the council and 

It ha 

\\'e\e iWsuch Vcommitt^l grouli this ycai uithi 

selectioiVpf studJcts (rofb gradls M ihn 

who havi^fliOduced 3mf(7iiig resllts. The conn' 

did somethiWg different this yeamn that w 

together to r\ch our ^oals oyiugmenting schi 

spirit and i^mnunity^^^^or example, m 

collaboration witli^llll' ^indent Council, ue 

organized a necessities drive to benefit local 

charities. As per tradition, we held six profitable 

Service Days this year supporting causes such as 

Cops for Cancer^Hunds .Across Borders, Zambia 



and si 




the con 

true to (' 

us as 



with our 


proud of 

local and inleri 


Back Row: Kiley Gudgeon, Kieian Hyatt, Hannah Furness.\i eole gp irTan, Linda Yu, 
Second Row: Scott Swinkels, Laura Gilmore, Marlise Nussbaum. Veronica Li, Jennlle 
First Row : Mrs. Hawes, Ashlev Hawes, Olivia de Goede, Paul Tul, Gita Keshava, Eliz 

Jasmine Yan^ 
r Rao, Dani Ware 
abeth Guilhaull 




The Art 
slriving to' 
and visual art 
year Ihe council 
hardworking stude' 
through twelve. We 
drama nights featuring 
Jayne Hammond and L 
as a hilarious Monty Python 
Oliver Brookes. Will Jev 
Benloulou. and Scott Dallen. Our y 
filled with Acoustic concerts feat 
amazing student artists such as Emily Rei 
Charlotte McGee, and Brian Christensen 
We also arranged an Art Day exhibiting a 
gallery of student artwork in the Barker 
Library as well as workshops with loc 
artists. The Arts Council was also part < 
the Spirit Week, hosting a Crazy Hair Da\ 
as well as a creating a giant art attack of th^' 
school crest in the quad. We ended the year 
with a big bang, finishing off with our 
annual fundraiser Keep the Beat. Keep the 
Beat is a twelve-hour music marathon that 
raises money for War Child Canada. Thi^ 
year. KTB featured an acoustic concert ai 
lunch, a Rock Band Competition, and an 
evening talent show full of extraordinary 
students, as well as a charity concert by 
Solomon Wells and Party On High Street. 
We give a tremendous thank you to Mrs. 
Williams and Mrs. Forbes for all their 
assistance and support throughout the year! 

Back Row: Oliver Brooks. Katherin 
Jessica Qualley, Emily Lewis, Mi 
Second Row: Mrs. Forbes, William J 
Gillian Harper 

First Row: Victoria Ker, Zachary 
Graham Inglis 

ngharad Wylie. Michelle Cheimak. 
Kenna. Zachary Chan, Ashley Solmer, 
Gee. Emily Reid. Derek Stedman. 

Mhletic counci 

This years Athletics council consisted of 
a variety of representatives from 
grades. Lead by Mr. Hunt and Mr. 
Primrose the athletics council started 
quickly in September with a Used 
Sporting Goods Drive for Uganda. The 
council managed to gather over 50 
sporting balls and plenty of other used 
sporting goods to be sent off to 
communities in the country. We most 
recently heard back about the huge 
impact made. Our second major task was 
helping to promote school spirit. The 
council organized red Property of SMUS 
Athletics t-shirts to be sold, which were a 
tremendous success and can be seen 
worn around the school daily. The fina 
bang from the athletics council was 
during spirit week where over half the 
school came out and enjoyed a pizza sale 
at lunch followed by the famous slip and 
slide and obstacle course. This was a 
great way to finish off the school year as 
it summed up everything the Athletics 
council about: having fun while 
promoting athletics and school spirii' 


Back Row: Mr, Primrose, Oscar Uuran del Paso . Lauren Kipp, Ceilidh MacLeod, Bryan Sun, Won 
First Row: Andrea Appollos, Alison Wusi, Stephanie Duxenagc. katiiiia Macintosh, Andrew Crow, 
■ Luke McCloskey 

Jin Kim 
Thomas Nicholson. 


S Ment h 

Back Row : Michael \ an der Westhuizen. Kathr\ n Wizinsk> . Musu Ofusu, Brenda Moore. Ben Etta. Karri Barrett. 

Jess Harvey. Dan Altman. Jasmine Van. .Min Ju Park 

Third Row: April Hall. Paul Tut. Laura Gilmore. Olivia de Goede. Ashley Hawes. Linda Yu. Samantha Lee. Emily 

Rochelle Chan 

Second Row : Ms. Morrice. Johnson Cho. Bill Li. Lauren Kullar. Kevin Ma. Richard Teng. Justin Leung. Bhupinder 

First Row : Angelika Schweitzer. Rachel Kim, Andrea AppoUos. Stacie Hoi. Nick Charleton, Ceilidh MacLeod. DanI 

Kaeleich Fletcher 

atcrnatbnal Coar*di' 

?g^^-»»*>€ s — m^ 

Back Row: .Alison Phillips. Jessie Cai. Johnson Cho. Bill Li. Emily Zban, Jessica Harvey. Daniel Altman. Rochelle 

Chan. Min Ju Park 

Second Row: Mrs. Zapantis. Aleksandra Slav^'ek. Christine Kang. Alexander Maier. Angelika Schweitzer, Christine 

Schweitzer. Emily Yoon. Kelly Chang. Athina Lavidas, Rimi Maehara 

First Row: Stacie Hoi. .Xiaotiaii Chen. Stephanie 'lang. Tomoya Tago. Jae Ho Lee. Harrison Chang. Vura Cho. Julie 

Shim. Mi/uho Inai 

This year has definitely been an eventlul 
one for the International Council. We 
coUectivel)' hosted staff and student Cjreek 
and Caribbean luncheons, ran International 
movies, and were swarmed left, right and 
centre at our bake sales selling everything 
from moon cakes for the Chinese Moon 
Festival, lamingtons for Australian D.iy 
with the help of the Australian exchange 
students, fortune cookies, Caymanian rum 
cakes and more. The main event of the year 
was by far our 4th annual Multicultural 
Extravaganza and Marketplace. Co-heads. 
Dan ."Mtman. Jessica Harvey. Emily Zhan, 
and Rochelle Chan and council members 
ran seven different booths and wearing their 
national costumes, they represented tlie 
international diversity of the SMUS 
community . Se\eral people performed on 
stage and this year, we were privileged to 
see twelve Korean girls, in their vibrant 
costumes, perform a national Korean dance 
out on the field. International Day was 
celebrated on Friday of Spirit Week w here 
we dressed up in our national costumes and 
sold more delicious baked goods. Thank 
God for Mrs. Zapantis's organizing skills for 
a lot of our events wouldn't have been 
possible without her. It has been a fabulous 
year and we are looking forward to next 
vears turn out ! 


i^f^KAI^V C^UHCft, 

1/ fife^^ 

Back Row: Ms. Brenda Waksel. Rachel Ellis, 
Christopher Madsen. Angelika Schweitzer, 
Vickie Yang. Julie Shim. Emily Yoon. Ms. 
Joan Tweedie 

Front Row: Oliver Bild. Emily Prager. 
Siobhan Glen, Rachel Kim. Allen Hsu, 
Andrew Ste\ ens 

Being the second \ ear of our Libiai_\ Council we ha\ e w orked haid to promote both our Council and our goals. In the Library Council we 
strive to promote literacy in both the local community and global community. In first term, we held a cross campus school book-drive, raising 
valuable funds for The Little Elephant School in South Africa. The fundraiser has allowed for the Little Elephant School to purchase books 
and school supplies for the less privileged children. In third term, we organized and started our new Buddy-Reading Program with the Junior 
School. It has been highly successful, promoting literacy throughout all campuses and creating a closer tie between the Senior and Junior 
Schools. Throughout the year we ha\e done a significant amount of reading. Various members in the Library Council recommended a list of 
books for the Stellar Awards. The whole Council also had the opportunity to read Robert J. Wiersemas novel Before I Wake. We had the 
privilege of having Mr. Wiersema come in as a guest speaker to discuss his book and answer our questions. All in all, this has been a highly 
productive year and we would like to thank the whole Library Council for all their time, dedication and lo\ e for literacy. 
Also, a very special thanks to Mrs. Tv\ eedie, Mrs. Waksel. Mrs. Eraser and Mrs. McCachen for all 
their contribution of time, effort and support. 


Back Row: Emily Lewis, Emma 
Abrioux, Eric Zhu, Jennifer Rao, 
Maggie Tseng, Alison West, Mr. 

Front Row: .Janine Hsu. Kaylynn 
Purd) , Sheena Campbell. Morgan 
Pudwell. Kirsten Marsh, Josh 


Jlri 61 u6 

Art Club meets e\er\ v\cek after seluKil t\)r an hour and a 
half. It affords students who love art the opportunity to 
u ink in a more informal setting, and we often foeus on 
projects that may not be appropriate for larger groups in 
the classroom, it operates on a drop-in basis, and this year 
we had the help of coaching intern Mr. Joel Tremblay, 
who gave some interesting Power Point presentations on 
\arious aspects of ail. We have had workshops by visiting 
artists on \ arious topics; this year we were fortunate to 
have Ms. Linda Rajotte to give a jewellery workshop with 
Precious Metal Clay, we had an alumigraph printmaking 
workshop with Ms. Chiarina Loggia and we had a glass 
fusing workshop in the Middle .School with teacher Ms. 
Leanne Wilkins. 

Members fluctuate but regulars this year have been 
Aubrynne Howe. Gina Rogers. Ayaka Shinozuka. 
Michelle Cheimak. Angharad Wylie. Elysia Toporowski. 
Min Ju Park and Rachel Kim. .Some students may drop in 
for only one or two sessions if the subject interests them; 
the idea is that as many students as possible will 
experience some form of extra-curricular art over the year. 

Back Row: Charlotte McGee, Talina Barsalou. Min Ju Park 

First Row: Mrs Forbes. Michelle Cheimak. Claire McKenna. Rachel Kim. Ayaka Shinozuka 


Back Row: Christopher Groot. Matthew Warner, Charles Leitz 

Front Row : Eric Protzer. Harmon Moon. Katrina Gong. Mr. Sean Hayden 

Missing From Piioto: Kristijan Gjorojevik. Ross Prager 

2008 was a great year for debate. We may not 
have produced a national champion, but we all 
enjoyed ourselves tremendously, and still 
managed to bring home a few trophies for Mr. 
Haydens window. We started flying, hosting a 
tournament in October which we promptly 
proceeded to win. before voyaging to far off 
places to see exotic sights Vancouver. 
Shawinigan Lake, even GNS. In November, we 
hosted a mock parliament for the national 
debating champions. which was hugely 
successful, even if we could only watch from the 
sides. In January, we brought the Bruce- 
Lockheart cup back from Shawinigan for the 
second year running, and a few weeks later. Chris 
Groot qualified to go to Nationals. The year came 
to a resounding close in April, when we beat 
GNS in the finals of the EC mock trials 
competition to (finally) take possession of 
another spectacular piece of hardware. The team 
would like to thank Mr. Sean Hayden for all his 
coachly insight, as well as the parents, students 
and volunteers who served as judges, moderators 
and timekeepers at our various events. 
Matthew Warner, Senior Debater i63 

AmnestN International this yea 

focussed on issues that were 

particularly important to the group 

members: hoping to encourage 

members and the rest of the school to 

find something they are passionate 

about, and then do something about it. 

Whether it was Mr. Primrose's 

experiences in CambBla. Ms. Daxel'spersoiTal connect 

i-H'case. .laMiiiiie "> an. .Andiew Slepliens 

Jee In Chung. Kaylynn Purdy, Morgan Pudwel! 

Ajidrevv's keen-ness | 
passion that the mer 
Primrose and under | 
group not only disci 
participated in the L| 
chapels, signed hund 
(this year in coopera^ 
be lead by Emily Re 
compassion (for moH 
eveiA little bit helps 

focus on human rights issue 
k-s had - all were supported. Thi: 

co-leadership of Jee In Chun 

d and researched topics and is: 

Amnesty Film Festisal, held 

|s of letters/petitions and hosted 

with the SMUS Pride Alliance 
jand Jasmine Yan, who promise! 
plan just the adherence to the scB 

w hat vou can. 

to Zimbabwe, 
Canada or any other 

;ar with the help of Mr. 

[id Morgan Pudwell the 
important to them, but 
ie nights, presented in 
annual Day of Silence 

le.xt year the group will^ 
encourage passion anu 

bl's motto)! RemembeJ 

Hatk Kcim: GoII Benct 
Hcni/(iri. Joshua Evans. 
Sicond Row: Linda Ya 
Shim. Hmily Lewis. Kir 
First Rom : Monique W 
ambcll. Lauren Dunn. 


gkui. Christine Schweitzer, Emily Zhan 
li Ward 

Becky Thomas. Mina Phaisallantiwongs 
I Marsh. Brittney Martin. Andrew Stephi 
. Hli/ahelh Guilbaull. Emma Abrioux. J: 
r'jan Pudwell 

:vin Luk. Bill Li. Tony Chuang. Stephanie 

nma Wilson-Pease. Patricia Halmi. .luh 

e Hsu. AUegra Lee. Rosanna Harris. Sheena 


Back Row: Emily Yoon. Dani Wan 

Joshua Evans. Zacliarv Chan. Fnmci. 


.Sfcond Row; Brittncy Marthi, Lind; 

Harper. AH West. Sarah Muselle. M 

Annelies Bekcs 

First Row: Kelse\ Harbord. Allegra 

Miilgaonkar. Juhe .Shim. Saniantha 1 

Missing from photo: Mrs. MacCachi 

This year, we aimed lo produce more issues on a regular has 
amp up the exposure. Armed with this desire to make tiie l\y 
student community, this years team of reporters and editors stro 
first issue of the I\ y a mere si.x weeks after school started. 
The first issue turned out to be a hit. We ran out of al 
following issues, each a collection of witty, interesting article: 
breadth and depth of the student body at SMUS, were met wit 
of success. Over the course of the school year, we published ; 
N'arious aspects of school life, such as boarding, fundraisers, ai 
is well as articles dealing with student concerns, such as the -SN' 
and the environment. Two teachers trivia crosswords, one v 
contest, and a grand total of five issues later, and we have fin 
end of the year. A big thank you to all the writers, newsies, 
made this vear such a hit. 

ra Trauhel. 
Bianco. Kirslcn 

I. Gilhan 
c Tseng. 

:. Priya 
Terry Kho 

as well as to 
: voice of the 
to put out the 

copies. The 

lat reflect the 

ne same level 

cles covering 

rama events, 

drug policy, 
mines poetry 
y reached the 
i editors that 

A swashbuckling 
introduced this vear. 

new club w; 
the SMUS Sailing' 

Club #bicli took place once a week at the 

Ro\ al ictoria Yacht Club. Students from 

all gr es came out to test the waters; 

somet les in the boat, sometimes getting 

a littl bit wet. We battled some tough 

winds ut had some rewarding breezes on 

our b; ;s too. With student coach. Miklos 

Tusz, le team learned everything from 

simplt :not-work to trapezing and racing 

techni es. Over the course of seveial 






We ( 


the sailing club members each 
certifications such as (Canadian 
Lssociation) White Sail II, White 
or Bronze IV. This group of 
d members proved their salt, ami 

set a I h standard for the years to follow 

not direct 
r sails. 

the wind, but we can 

Business Club 


Back Row: tdiiiond liu. Johnson Cho. Alfred ">au. Kevin Luk, Richard Teng. Ke\ in Wang. Rui Fu 

Second Row: Gordon Tse. Christopher Smith. Alexander Maier . Kevin Lin. Kabir Dasvvani. Raksit Phattanapitoon 

.Uid\ K\\eon. Golf Bencharongkul 

tirst Row : Mike Persson. Yoon Ha Chung. Morgan Pudvvell. Nicholas Charleton. Syhia Ho. Julie Shim. Bill Li 

Under the direction of Mr. Liggett the Business Club had a 
year of unforgettable experiences. This year the Business 
Club took a "divide and conquer" approach splitting into 
two groups, one working towards opening a sports 
equipment rental shop ( led by Nick Charleton) and the otha 
a student led cafe (led by Morgan Pudwell). 
The Business Club Equipment Rental group staned the year 
by hitting the ground running. An incredibly enthusiastic 
core of students who worked diligently throughout the year 
helped keep up the momentum created from last years 
pioneering group. Price lists were collected, injury waivers 
drafted. Powerpoints presented and finally a Business Plan 
was drawn up for the ambitious plan of starting the first 
student-run SMUS Equipment Rental business. Though 
some hiccups slowed down the early fenour of the group, 
much progress was made towards the end goal of opening 
the rentals to the entire SMUS community. Hopefully the 
groups gusto will carry on through the coming year so that 
even more progress may be made. 

Meanwhile, the other team was brewing coffee. The group 
of over 20 students were not only working on their barista 
skills but also focussing on marketing, sponsorship and 
finances. Rui Fu. (Director of Finances) and Kabir Daswani 
(Director of Operations) played an integral role in the 
establishment and upkeep of the The Daily Grind. The hard 
work of everyone involved turned the underused Wenman 
Pa\ ilion in to a hotspot for both boarders and day students 
to hang out. relax, and have fun. Opening the cafe' gave 
students an opportunity to learn about business through an 
■ experiential process actually starting up and then operating 
their very own business. Next year The Dail> Grind 
promises great service and many exciting events, also 
hoping to prepare members even more for the exciting and 
diverse business world. Let's get roasted. 

-SMUS Theatre Society 

The SMUS Theatre Sociel> began ta^t yeai 
and has produced and performed tour 
tahulous plays ranging from the inane uiid 
hilarious "Get .Sniiirt," through to the 
amusing and heart-rending "Sense and 
SensibJlitN ." to the thought-provoking 
Shi^speare spoof "Goodnight Desdemona 
{Gmd Morning Juliet)." and culminating in 
thejexploration of hatred and \ iolence in the 
documentar\-style "Laramie Project.'" There 
are so many students involved w ho select the 
plays, direct, act. stage-manage and do 
lighting and sound, design posters. 
photograph head-shots and so on tliat it is 
impossible to record them all. We v\ ill 
simply pay tribute to our departing grade 12s 
who were the driving force behind the start 
of this wonderful group: Morgan Pudvvell. 
Paul Davison, Jayne Hammond, Courtney 
Mahrt. Josh Evans. Elizabeth Guilbault. 
Sarah Moselle. Jennifer Rao. Sarah-Megan 
Porter, Francesca Bianco, and Karri Barrett. 


Back Row: Sj\uc H:iii)niond. Gillian Harper. Lisinine ^ an. Dam Ward. 


.Second Row: Annelies Bekcs, Sarah Moselle, AM West. Kaeleigh Fletcher. Harmon Moon. Paul Davison 

Frist Row: Linda Yu, Jennifer Rao, Elizabeth Guilbault. Morgan Pudwell. Julie Shim. Richard Boness 


Outdoor Leadership 








>• /'-s!- '■(•y- 











It's heen another superb yeji" for Bolton House. As hejd of hoLise, 1 could see the pjssion Jiid entluisusni from ever>' O]^ of them. E.3ch one of 
them vvjs willing to put forth tl-ieir best effort not onl>' in house g.3mes. but jlso on sprts teams. AlthoLigh jttendjixe \^3S, not been veo' 
successful this vejr, nun> of tliem worked very 1-ard to get out of their beds, running to classes so the>' could get at least a Late attendarre rather 
tlian Friday night prep. Despite this. Friday night prep seemed to be a ven' popular tiling for the Bolton boys, bLit it^ ok, we love to stud>', right 
bo>s? So let's see. first Roor was the most entertaining floor compared to my other house's. IkI by our senior buds such as Fraixois. Arthur. Curtis 
and Andrew Qxw They are the troublemakers but withoLit them, our house wouldn't liave lieen so peifect. Also. OLir sneakv grade '■''s kept tning 
to sneak to each otiiers rooms during prep with excuses of doing group "projects" oi" "assignments", to hopefully avoid tlic dreaded "7am chtxk in" if 
caught. Andrew. AtxHy, Briaa Leo aixH loe, f\10 moi'e sneaking aroLiiid! Slierman and Hubeit were usiully found argLiing in tlieir rooms, or pU\ing 
the world's greatest sport, RLICBY! On the sa-oaH ftoor. we liad a bit of a mixture. Late at night, you would often saf Kevin and Eali tallying to tl^eir 
girlfncais on the photx- in the liallways. lacob wandering aroui\i the house looking for trouble while Thomas and lames hid in their room pL3>ing 
guitar. Tlie Common ftooi' was probably the most disciplined in the hoLise. Rooms were peifectU' clean and extremely quiet up there. We also liad 
Adi-un and Ephraim who locked tk^msclves in tlieir i oom like prisoners, bhnnv K aixH Frank rLinning Lip and down the stairs looking for company 
aixi otlxT grade 8s who JList lovtxi to liang out in the Common room, speixiing their time on the computers or watching our braai-new LCD. 

WithoLit our caring hoiee parents Wei\+/, Mr. Common, Mr. Culliam, and Connor, and our two new house pairnts who joined lis this year, 
W<xi.' aa-1 Sl-iaLin. OLir hoLise woLildnl liave been whole. Ud one will ever forget OLir hot dog nights and bainna bread with Wend>-. Bolton will 
always lie tlie best hoList- and good luck to next year'Bolton Buds. 


Good kick and take care brotliers. 
Benson I insi 

* i. t^i !<. <^t i^t i^i t 





B^Fv^ " 

If^. H^l 


t~^ IH 

I^^A-^' > 

W\ '.^H 







i ♦ 







The red hot Timmis Tamales have really spiced up life this year with our unreal house spirit and crazy dance parties. Like 
any real family.we've enjoy bonding over home-made snacl<s at family time and our weekly TV shows included Desperate 
Housewives, ANTM, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy. A thanks goes out to Heather for getting on Mrs. A's 
case when house meetings ran into our Gossip Girl time. As you can guess, we just about died of boredom during the wnter's 
strike, but instead we filled our time with a common room sleepover featuring movies, face masks, games, more food, and 
manicures. This year Andya was our Timmis manicurist, but not to worry as Tsumugi seems to be the up and coming nail 
expert! As a house, we proved that we could accomplish anything with the right incentive - such as when we were able to go 
a week without skipping classes for bubble tea. I'll admit, it took us a while to get it right, but it happened. This year we also 
experienced yet another flood leaving Brenda and Yun Jeong temporarily stranded, but these two girls took it in stride like 
none other. We've also tried a bunch of new things - such as when Isabel and Richelle went on their all vegan diet; Sara, 
Emily Z and I managed to complete a 12 day detox; Karri getting her head shaved for cancer (and still looks hot); and Glare 
taking off to Australia for 6 weeks. Now it's time for a tour through our house. On First floor, we've got the coolest grade 
nines: Andrea, Priya and Michelle. Although they were few in numbers, they still managed to make the most noise aside from 
Aubrynnes CD player. Also on floor #1 are Natsumi our dieting guru and Kaylynn who is super cheerful despite annoyingly 
numb limbs! Taking care of these oh so obnoxious girls we have Ellina and Gloria our SMUS Lifers. Just up the stairs you 
will find Allison napping in her room, Rochelle and Golf who just chill and Emily Z, do not sit on her bed! Theres JJ our 
fashionista, ever so busy Morgan, Kendra the next Rachel McAdams and AN with a shout-out to Campbell River. Up on the 
top floor the lights are always on in Yoon and Sylvia's pretty pink room; lets hope they get some sleep! And I have to say, 
while doing rounds during prep, I've never walked into Shelby and Adrienne's room without being entertained! Across the 
hall you'll find Jee In holding the record for Timmis most SAT I attempts, Athina our expert dancer, and hey! Where's Emily 
F? At the squash club no doubt. Thank you to the house parents who despite a busy year with Mrs. Davidson running her 
own business, Mrs. Brooke having a baby, Mrs. Parker traveling and Mrs. A moving out, they all still managed to make time 
in their lives for us girls. And we can't forget about our newest houseparent, Meredith, who has been great to talk to and a lot 
of fun to have around. Suffice it to say, its been another awesome year in Timmis House and next year I will miss you all. 

Keep it (lot, 
Rebecca Mina^er 
I Head of Hoi/ise 2DD7-2DD8 

* i <^<. t^i t^i tl t<^ 

It's been another amazing year for Barnacle House. Yes! While we did not win House Games, 
we sure did try our best. What makes Barnacle House more special and better than any of the 
others? The people inside it. Without the amazing Kevin L and his incredible magic, Sam 
Skulsky and his rugby balls. Won Yup and his ability to do a Rubiks Cube in 30 seconds. 
Barnacle would not be Barnacle. Those are but a few of the outstanding members and I could 
keep going forever but I have limited space, hahaha. Behind a great group of guys comes a 
great group of House parents. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Jackson for being so patient with all of 
us, and best of luck next year in your new house. Ian, Jamie, Evan, and Dave: most of the 
things we did would never be possible without the help of you guys. And last but not least, a 
warm "WELCOME BACK!!" to Mr. Geddes and Ms. Brooke who will be leading Barnacle House 
next year. Austin, Robin, Andrew, and Johnson: best of luck, and I know you guys will be a 
great group of prefects. 

I will never forget my three years at Barnacle house. 
Thanks for everything. 

Oscar Duran del Paso 




Being tlie most prodigious iiouse led to a challenging year as assembling 50 girls was 
much like herding cats; however, the year was not without success. 

Winslow House is diverse and rather amorphous. We are indefinable - our spirit derives 
not solely from academics, athletics, or the arts, but individuality. Like wildcats, we are 
independent thinkers, and it is, therefore, difficult to ciystallize our collective identity. 
We are less concerned with the competition and fitting in, and more concerned with 
who we are, enjoying ourselves, and further establishing Winslow as "our home away 
from home." 

We know that there remains a strong faith in our hoi^ise, which, despite being 
overshadowed by the other more athletic or spirited liouses, led to our victories in 
Senior Soccer and Trivia and strong play during Senior Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee. 
Most notable was our amazing triumph in House Olympics, which included our win in 
the annual Tug-o-War for the 2nd consecutive year. 

This faith originates from the care and support of Winslow's house parents. This year, 
we will be losing our vivacious yet laid-back house parent of two years, Janine 
Goenzen, to an international school in China, and most significantly, we will be without 
our senior house parents of eight years, Joan and Robert Tweedie. Their retirement as 
house parents marks the end of an era, yet the values they have instilled in Winslow 
House will certainly endure under the care of former Winslow and Barnacle house 
|)arents, Susan Vachon and Dominic Albert. 

What Winslow House could accomplish was never in ciuestion, but who we could be 
has always been uncertain. As suggested by author Marianne Williamson, "Our deepest 
fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond 
measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, 
'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?' Actually, who are you not to 
be?" I_et it l)e known in future years that we are whimsical, wise, and indeed, wild. 

Cassandra Zawilski 

Head of Winslow House 2007-2008 




J^^ST^ 1 


i^^^^^^^^^^^^^ft '^^^fli 



B ^^^^^^^^^^M" 


' *■'» 



i may be currently sitting in a cramped hostel in the middle of the jungles of Panama, but the 
spirit of Harvey House still lingers with me. RIthough we haven't done much, us Grade 1 Z's have! 
had a pretty good year, despite the gatings, and the de-prefectships. Despite being far away 
there are a few sentiments I wish to share in summation of the year: 

To all my Harvey House homies, who never fail to do me proud: keep kicking ass and takinq 
names and rocking it out loud. Menger keep dancing; Kabir keep rocking; Rnthony's the greatest] 
and h. Lin there's no stopping. David Shin likes his noodles; Brandon and Ian are pretty tough: 
Edward's pretty stinky; and Henry does some stuff... Kilian is the Cunther and William saysj 
bonjour'; Erics never here and Jesus' a Latin lover. Rndys always smiling; RIeH is rasta its 
understood. Ingemar's no longer emo, and Jeff thinks its SO good. Justin's level 7D; Nick and 
Ernies gotta play; RIejandro's hiding something; and Kun Yang might stay. Keer's got some 
questions; the girls are with David Park; Sam's got some answers; and Mark is just MRRK! Rnd 
yet we all stand tall and to Captain Harvey we salute. We socked it back to Bolton, and gave 
Barnacle the boot. Rnd this I'll admit: that this year's had rough times; we've lost a few; but 
we've carried on and we've made due. To those that are left: I thank each and all of you; you've 
made this a great year and Im sure neKt year will follow suite. 
Rnd lastly, to our House Parents: The House is looking forward to living with the Klenz's and the 
Farishs! Rlong with the Murgster and whoever else may be house parenting nent year. To the 
Humphries': its been an interesting ride with you so far, and best of luck to you neKt year. 

Harvey is the greatest. 

Yours truly, 

-Daniel R. RItman 

What's been going on in Symons House this year? Perfect posture Ali West, known for her fantastic \Q, "reached for the top" 
and did a fantastic job in Laramie Project. Aleesha literally reached for the top in a fashion sense, persisting to wear the 
fanciest high heels on a daily basis even though the laws of gravity overcan^e her at times. Stacie, a caring person (most of 
the time) brightened each day with a cheerful smile and was always up to some evil scheme while proclaiming her love in an 
everlasting fashion. Cathline was sometimes involved but generally could be found mingling with the Harvey boys. Hennriette 
joined us from Germany, enjoyed bike rides with me around Coetco {and getting in trouble) and partnered with T\ca to make 
crazy salads while managing "Mommy Fishcare". Juliette, Sam, Kelsey, and Alfiya were pretty docile on the day-to-day basis, 
but put them around a foosball table, and all hell breaks loose - you could hear the screams a mile away. Speaking of screams, 
it's best not to surprise Germain, tempting as it may be. Despite her small stature, she can scream so loud that damaged 
ear drums were the least of your worries... snacks were your second - guaranteed she'd get them first. Our paparazzi team, 
Jen and ion-lee, snapped photos of every moment, no matter how embarrassing {locked doors weren't always enough). Vannie 
the G of the house constantly had midnight bashes with Jen (which Britt and I often joined in). Min Ju, aka Picasso, created 
the most perfect and original Hallmark cards a\onq with Kelsey, a part-time circus performer. Juggling was her thing but she 
also creeped people out with her Borat Impersonations. &renna, and Musu always brought new Ideas to the house and we 
supported them as they tackled community issues within SMUS and Increased our house spirit tenfold. Musu's roommate 
Sarah also joined us this year. She was extremely caring and had a secret Big Bang obsession, along with the rest of the 
house. Our down-to-earth Bajan ping-pong champion, Koryn, fascinated people with her accent and learned that telling people 
she was from Barbados rea^ulred the use of a map 99% of the time. Purni and Rachel t\im continued to be role models for the 
rest of the house when it came to studying as most of us were professional procrastinators. Then there was Inkyung and Rimi. 
Pimi could usually be found in Friday night prep but was always bubbly and wore the most awesome outfits making us all look 
like slobs. Inkyung was always in Dutch Blitz sessions and stayed up late watching movies and TV shows, her recent favourite 
being BONES. Last but not least we had Britt (aka Father Martin) who spent hours watching Hills, Greys Anatomy, while 
competing with Sam in Bubble Trouble. Of course this was all "after" her studies. We soon discovered the value of our room as 
it was a prime location for dropplnq water balloons on people. As a house we certainly had our ups and downs but we made it 
through. House dinners, go-carting, relaxing evenings, pancake breakfasts and especially balloon fights were just a few things 
that brought this house together into a tighter family. A family that I. ..we, will never forget. Our thanks to the House parents 
are endless. There are a few embarrassing things that could be listed but I'm not that mean... 

Jess Harvey 
180 _^^^ 









T i.1 1. 









rmmjiri wa 



Junior School 

Parents' Auxiliary Award for top student overall in 

each grade 

Grade 4: Daphne Walford 

Grade 5: Alexander Caton 

Slegg Bowl for academic diligence and achievement: 
Kyle Tang 

Alumni Association Award for outstanding academic 

performance, active athletic participation and exemplary 


Girl: Rebecca Bosworth 

Boy: Graeme Hyde-Lay 

Lifer Award to a student that has attended SMUS since » 
kindergarten or grade one, and who has demonstrated I 
good citizenship, worked hard and shown loyalty to 
those around her: Athena Kerins 

Outstanding Atheletes: Mila stolle and Matty McColl 

Mc Alpine Award for outstanding athletic effort: Amy 
Bodine and Mike Edwards 

Milne Cup for the greatest academic improvement this 
year:James Hyashi 

Kyrle W. Symons Cup for excellent citizenship: Rachel 
Benjamin and Grant Nicholson 


R wards 

Ned Symons Award for a student that exemplifies 
diligence, kindness and respect for others: Owen Sudul 

Artistic Merit Award for outstanding excellence in Art, 
Drama, Strings and Choral Music: Michelle Song 

M. A. W. Bridgeman Memorial Award for keen and 
creative artistic ability and good academic standing: 
Jake Wilmott 

Gaye Stone Cup for a student that has shown a 
determination to succeed with cheerfulness and grace: 
Robert Fisher 

Fine Arts 

Grade 6: Alisha Murtland, Liam Keeler- 



Grade 8: 

Shanna Fong, Ella Hayashi, 
Lindon Carter 

Muriel Protzer, Der ek Hyde-Lay 

CoKisisteKit Effort 

Grade 6: Sophie Walford, 
Bryce Fenton 

Grade 6: 



Jenna Dhillon, Bryce 

Grade 7: Abbey Piazza, Monty 

Grade 7: Natasha Caton 

Grade 8: Karan Vats 

Grade 8: Madison Hadfield, Joseph 



Grade 6: Clara MacKenzie 

Grade 7: Sam Reid 

Grade 8: Madison 

A\\-Romd AcHeMemey\tlCoy\tr\b\At\oy\ 

Grade 6: Chrissy Robillard 

Grade 7: Chris Fenje 

Grade 8: Christina Chywll, Jonty 
186 Considine, Derek Hyde-Lay 

MOST improved 

Grade 7: Monty Fraser- 
Brown, Tina Yu 

Grade 8: Troy Swindell 



K ^^^^^^^jCJy ^H^^ gww Si^^^^^^A Fli 


Grade 6 (alphabetic order) 

Sema Hamidi 
^ Vivian Lam 
CI. Jane Pirie 




Cecilia Shang 
Sophie Waltord 

Grade 7 (alphabetic order) 
Theresa Cho 
Chris Fenje 
Georgios Ikonomou 
Julia Milden 
Keller Totz 

Grade 8 (alphabetic order) 

Dhana Andison 

Yun Seoun Choi 

Mitch Cram 

Christina Chwyl 

Liam Maclure 

Parents' AMxiliaru) ScMarsHp Av^ards 

Grade 6 (alphabetic order) 
Christine Chiu 
Jenna Dhillon 
Isabella Gudgeon 

Grade 7 (alphabetic order) 
Natasha Caton 
Abbey Piazza 
Hannah Mcelderry 

Grade 8 (alphabetic order) 
Jason Chiu 
Jonty Considine 
Logan Gilmore 
Marcel Sanati 
Paige Wergeland 


C^r^r^rn:r^ C 

Grade 9 

Chapman Cup for Ail-Round Excellence - Eric Protzer 

Commander R. Dyson Cup for outstanding Attitude and Effort - Brian 


Grade 10 

Considine Cup (Most Improved Student) - Brenna Nixon 

Student Council Award Plaque (Outstanding Attitude and Effort) - Emma 


Grade 1 1 

Alumni Award for Leadership and Excellence in Grade l l - Anna Fretz 
Lifer Award Plaque for Outstanding Contribution and All-round Excellence - 
Emily Reid 
Parents Auxiliary Grade 1 1 Drama Awards - Bhupinder Dull^u & Anna Fretz 

Grade 12 

Groos Salver for Community Service Outside of School - Graham Inglis 

Brian Dyer Award for community Service within the School - Samantha Lee 

& Nicole Cook 

Darleen McCue Award for Building Bridges Between Diverse Groups within 

tiie Community - Joshua Evans 

Carol Lobb Award (Male and Female who Excel in Athletics, Academics, 

and Outstanding Contribution) - Andrew Crow & Brittney Martin 

Nation Bowl for Citizenship - Morgan Pudwell & Michael van der Westhuizen 

Ker Cup for Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Outstanding Ail-Round 

Involvement - Kathryn Wlzinsky 

Colin Skinner Award for Excellence In Musical Theatre - Joshua Evans 

Llewelyn Bullock-Webster Cup for Drama - Elizabeth Guilbault 

Blencoe Cup for Music - Zachary Chan & Jayne Hammond 

Nesta Bowen Home Plaque for Art - Elysia Toporowski 

Yearbook Trophy - Samantha Lee 

Alumni Association Award for Highest Average in Science - Laura Miller 












^_ ^ 

I / 




■ v V- 


> ^ 


L«^ V 










raduating Class of 






yiS ..:: i 







I^^^^^^^HBlr^ f^L 


i <"'J| 





Class of 07 

T ■ r 

9{ucL, M. 

I son 

cl<i« •itn r1os«t>/ GrwJ Pronkf/ S-atitetixji! roocJ tT-ipt/ G''^^ 

Cr?ettir>ci ■^ . o i«cim witk Crow/ Secret , . ■ 

C_'»fnin^ I- I ■■."aeo ^<vn©s/ C:^an<i Mwbci/ 

onj I be" .' "-eWM wp ^t a |— (alio'ween port . 

,.H'inltir>g OJ *''■•' t Nit-v Valentines Uiatj/ (j70'ng to H-J^to"/ 
-,r-nvilr/ M*4 oirtfiJiSij (good onJ ooJ)/ t rip* bocK to 0'>t«>*'''' 
<3BR --^tk Sn^W Sr-ovUofJ trips to Mt. Wosi/ Somm<4 
i-^ning osjt to mij noL'W evefij veeKenJ/ o^o"*** fp'^ campavi/ 

D.™,r/ \:yye TOOK MIS PISMING RODii/ TUt 

/\r<f*o«Tw> liiie no otnev/ Mcppi^ r-.eet/ fc;ov*«j morning wvliO!.* 

v.vj|,ig l,on« .itk AW Meg Do"!/ G~J 0»« 07/ Nice 

^'-Z rl<i« rMm/ \_J&t<riCJ\ \_^omeJi\f/ Late nigni neoH to hecfr-tf, 
^k riJ.</ O*" in tt.S QooJ/ Somm,^,™/ G^J 08 
.7mcr«er/ C700J riddance; It* Dee^ tt^e time- of m^ life g^M*- 

1/ Tn„., 

■oU/ Q., 

G/ (vzfj cyS 


celie>"5 Ne olfeodij reacned (3 point in life wnere 
id iifv-r :.rj ■.,,1, ijovdoi^e to Sr1LJS>- It seemc a: thoogn it wos o'^iq 
itecterdaij wnen f first stopped ott to ^rH_Jo campus. Altnowgn 
there litJve oeef^ ooiK wpc ona do^m during tne lort tnree itetars <i^ 
OilU^- I "ove maae ynfot^g^ttiible and priceiecr memorie*. I n.^ 
I . for mKf dad for providing cne witn ertdie«- twpport dod t. 
-'.jooe ©It^ f<r" beir>^ trere ■•renewer ] needed Kelp C^-oo . 


■a oO( 


' ■_' ^^^r; ^ir i^r'l'w-'';:;' '''Jv' '■>■'• 1_J. "'"".] *JY>t ti'ne |ve tiij-Je iO'ne 

reoHij grQot friendi tind unforgotioble memories, Incide joKes rroni 

C^^rflje Zf Ttill m^KB ire cn»>ckle i o Oil tra girlf: 40U guijt ore tnp 

oert! I cant imagine *rifti scr»ool '•^uld nove Deen (ik,e wtthovl ijou 

TNot onlij (cnoo* out tf'o<o fcMlC •eelv©ndc of getting raadt) for 

on evening O'A. olwoqr otkmg tne fa(f% people to do your noir ond 

m^kejp, nnvin»-j croiff dcnce partier to tne ^crnie cof^g Over i3nd ov 

aejain ar,^ tne &ndleff cnott^-notf eind lootgune for iar rldec. I^Ji * 

to -r^ntion tkore <fv<«i Bv«<iingr in olye B«t f^^*! fowourit© tking b ; 

-rj'- .n- ii:t l^ugking win i(Ou guijS ODOut ffwar^trirtg, tjoi|r- ^OW "*' 

. ■ . I ',i>ver forget (|Our rop Dflttlet, nilonouf reirixef Ct* ifouf 

■■• onjo4m«nt 11 i*»9ruig tignt cnii-ii ij .-., r* .',.i(^ 1 ;, >■- ^ .. , r, 

N nojrt here ro fun. I K* 

[ aa One ij-on-o^f 'i\ i^trologg I A (9cr«lT. I • 

h^g lU «,p.,^nc<> Fo:.iM.. QRAD 08 


CDmJ ffii 


, tL, 

J, f,. 

. lU 

->'^ l_OT''t.\_se. OpeaWg of ijou, girl, tre tmiei kave been ^te - 
i)oud ctlo'oiit i-oit for ma, ar>di Im KncB-n to be 'eite bejide^. I ■■> ■ 
tjOo were I he C_)ne iince our vert) ftrtt dote, id like to tko^i- "■ i 
roommfltes-, for pitting up with me ecpecio'li] you. AUx, \iHfi ■vtie'- | 
nid ijovT* keij O'^PB^tedr;^). v/eli get a driftk i** C^ermontj, qow fy«t 
wtjit owkiie; ijowre nnj beft friend. ^Ja germeitter-Crocodile -^ ' 
to ijou two (=^idf: Keep it r©j»l i;od keep it yveet; mij t-me her^. 
triijtjilit me tbft ijoung love jytt cant be beat. | kd^-s to thi?nL 
Mom, fen' ,uct letting me leave. .And tko-ikf to 40y. DfJ y-".. ■ 
K'^-Je olto*eirl me to .irni^i.e. 

t— jeij f-liidron: Your jmile always bri^ntened up mij dat), I jwst. *■«" I 

■:o';!J repe\ii ■3il tboffe time? i)ou let me ftaij (^ofe tjour kouse/ Id like t« 
ttijiik mu menfcoT-s-; v/c'kem, Dr-ijce. C_)n4e af^d Den. i ow all taugkt 
me bow to liwe- ijoij cill taugnt -jr no*' to be men. [— It^r^'e*) D04; 40i.'v^ 
got i(Ovr own pection; *>tk ••ire rhtjming refWctioi'' 




Cc"i)'«f' G'-iJ 

LKciri cyoan-eti 

ckTomorome, k, Db.ji' f^verijone trire.. Alpkabeticall4 meanT 

one i.- =p«i„l A. C C D. E E. G. I. J. J. K. M. S. ^' 

— I kvo Lj-.ij F"'" '"Ci-tI *b(f time I tike it Ttken \)0u jllp me proper 


^J-vindiCii cyJicKcs 

-■ p _-,;.,- 4,--, . 

i» mxfJ cKpr. . 

.^e^c»i -j-^-e-TS Old •- 

^-... t-v, ^ f.-..-Or ->.... J -^ 

Odtt i^Swr lvt>«ct Ttw- 

• .«J ».tl' Mt p*"*. Awtt-rv^n 

0V« Yow r** QTOwn 

^ to •ni* to <i*w# onj tk« 

■',-- j'.r.c^--£-*-ir.4".-.' 

^boJi ■!»c»rfi^. .""J-te' ! O tfeoTT. tnen <*»v; . 

„t^. Y 

ew Tv»c« ov«T «**«*r « 

■ punjrrjt ^fii 

J I, „.,.. k-,,, 

C zcri aJScmcfalon 

^i|ma«r- t*""**^-* '" "N now™ IS "*• o»*t To Jl ' 

kept Ti* 70n« I liVB ^|0•J. ! hjnl' 

i^^j-e gotten better I on. tjou "-- 

j-'d tnaijbc the CT\(>ng t — rOTi ar 
-'jeT-r "is '>%«'' J t"p. lomet^' 

I lookup For. 

Br ^^1 c) iefyxmie cyJenision 

. i-eirneti^oer ©'.•' 

timee. LaJior: mow fwve tv>^ tn-r q^sr tK© Eetfc Ive ever ha^, hc-j 
jrvellcwf. Do^r; tnanitf fw tre itfygnc "■ ■ t 
I lo*^ *|Cv «ll CJoCO: now ore my rocK 
."■U-j.^Er-iC^x; tksinlt 14OU for cm that i|Oi/ve Jor^ for nie, p.e-Ji 
rorev^T", rlum Q*- [jcj; { love lou, it fVK beert perfect, tKa*^-. . 
ror evernjtrii^^. DD- tc7^'>-'^P«'' I ■O"'^ S'^''^ tk»oK? for koUi'V} ■ 
rj-.i J-"-! ■:'-o*i'^ rre tr« •^Hj . ""r •? : i-^iire j kan^ yOw to 

- ^T o«en 4? par- itf oeert •ncreJifa'e I 

; ':ovU <jo Ort fc- rr^ttj i:.,-r,pe> -; 

•wfwrt comec i%e«t, C^fl^wJ Oo wifl fo>-* ■ 

" De,r, ^* >» > 


^ (hrcmcesca c/ju 


^HT^ ^^^^k ^^■' * ■^'^ cTiildroo, «e ore leaving tw rooo or ^Jo'tr «ttn f. rrocti 

^H ^^^^^ . .iter gnoer tne brid^, ro f^ri. b^rt we t^re nere at lact mtj fr'^ncK. 

^^M ^H >> e grew to^eti>er ana I tMmt tninl^ we ooJa nave cnanc^ and 

^^^H|k^ ^^^H to tr« evtroordinanj >r>JiviAial( we ore row w^ti^owt eacn otnft> 

^^^^^^^^^B '^^^^^^ .'^ v«re dote and tf even «« werei^ t. ve nave tnapeJ one arartr^ 

^^^^^^^^^^L ^^f ^^^^^^^ -knoYin^u in wbtle wa^t. and tnote mflijoneot will fta<f witn ut =-' 

^^^^^^^^^K ^S|,^^^^^^^ Jj 'ebVne. In thrrtu t^earf i% wil raem li(e anc^^^B" tf* b-j+ fS ro«tt<) ' 

^^^^^^^^^^L ^|B^^^^^^H jfl .'reetd «rjl aiwa<49 leoa (<t back ic nere; 
^^^^^^^^^^H|^^^^^^^^^^^| and ovr tirre tocjetner ^ irreplaceoc ' - 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^R^^^^^B^^^^^I ;ne bo<j;, t^ou know wKo i^ao ore K.''.c« tKat t^e laog^tsr will not be 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ jna bert love ^ 

-■ . _ .-■ -■ .-. . . -'. i I'ojt 4^j (.^ooJb^e nn) r- - - . 
^aenerc. mtj r^ool. ifou nave been 9o«id to me. yffe come, we riv«J. 
- - — - ';'■« real i»orl( tea-- '= -n.-i ■-.- 

(5//r«- c^ilcl 

■ i>4 ^&J:-i ^L ^1. ; .-w-'-^&h n^»& L*^- -.-tr. .1---J ;-*^»ard.^3. t— "C^r. 
t^» rtort cf t*-e M-^J S^-r^^r owt tr:p :« Qnid* i •■ ■' ---■' 
.«>foT<gettab'^ - -J tn# wro^g bo^gea Ljncii an.' 

r I- I J J- ■ 1 I ( ' 

--J-3 3 r'j.i sortie and drvii*^ ■'' v :■, .'■.'T •■ 

• bronck« ^ivc 

. "^ changed) ; 
•n*! porentr for ^tving me we cpporl^ivt^ to ttuJ^ at a>« ■wonoorfvr' 
— • - • '- — : ti-ter Auctreq. oote fanwij ana frienoe p™ -^l' *'}'<* 
.!-« giv«n me. tne t*ocneT« for m9niavir\y j: •r 1 ". 
r-tv-.j .1 * t" me arta mn be«t frtenot /\na^, /\lleo Air-^di^"-' 
ana Imran fo^" keeping mc tane tf'T\>L^ko'.^ in<* wMife teoiouE 
procBv*. I o a'* tne groif ^vdo*. rt V> 
«e*ter. Dert of "-«k to 


^ (brnmcois cJooyc}' 

• d r.e>t ^(ear^~ 
oodr up. 

-e easiest trtng. Ot/t I coja not nav« iTKigifvaJ > 
. t nere, tJe'n^ pvt -n Oolto^ Kcute war perfec* 
-etting to kne* Pome of tne boy< ri^t fro"^ *■'' ■- 
J * eooer. .-AH tne late ntgfitj watckng mov*^. ifieokma 

■,^ --ik'ng ft bock, wiil never be fotsjotten, f\t for ^f - >■ ■ 
ive been a few Tigli «c:koci rwotttbeorrtc . well . 
-jc^ wttK all of t^ow ever tne ne»+ fiew 4«earr. 1 - 
'?.>cner(. erpeoa'lu y\t Abriow^^ tnonkr for a'v - 
I'd \vena**, trankf for beir-g a second mother b? ■"< ■ 
Jaa. tneie pott tfeorc hove not o^eo tne eatiert. nowev^r 
tnrougli oaJ mode ti%e best of <t ^ ::''^'>^ 

"^ tag team duo. wok'ng forward to 
trte ooyE, «taij rtrot^g and Iw»r ■'" ■ 

□ass of 07 

T • r 




vinte oboui rl*) ! 2 4ei»<c ot OiiL-'O nave naa tneir upc an<J 

.im« doBn lo tne lost fe« nrtooilit, | linov it r^aj been ««x»^ H 
'i/^etner oi* "ot it was mtj teacn«iv, or mtj pc»T>entc, or my pNenji 
or- even rrnj older brf+'^e" (•vtpol v^'^ev^^'^^ d'ong tne woij ffomeo' ■ 
cr tometKind pvrr- 

otccdhei' cJSucKinqh 


;-.-. . ~N--,r--,, -jt.r, b e ^ " .-.l-' -.Cpi .^ .-^K-.p^ tliot ti>enll vk'P "' 

MiTie^ k.erci-^ Dr«akng t*ie furf,3Ce or t'le *-ate»' in mij nine (j^vIit j 
J I iUr> ! n-flve iiveJ ond losred ana leiimed so mucn. rl^j fomili^ 
n<r>ve beei the gr^L-nd oenecifcn m<j f«et. rleodij ood rtrong. \i„ ■ ■ 
iiov I would nave rdllen tnnnlfc mum and d^d- | ndntv (^cimiiv 
bjcuing me ^p- (^4 p^endt nave been « lightboofo, lighting t"-- 
-Jj>'-Hne«. Vi/'tnool ifoy 1 would be ttumbllng, looking for U>e v ' 
--ow who i^ou or«. I KanlfC ^enn-^ for aWemt be<<^ tne^- 
'4 teocrterf- have been bie flfij, l«tUng me :ee no* {m^ll j 
feallq tfire, bft still believing | com rnake <• difrei*«'*5e- 10'-' ^'"^ f'' 
mij ramilij. all mij (Tiends <«nd a'l^eT-; Ycv lv»ve "".(ije "■ l' 
I ^.flntv* tot' being tne wod in m^ saiw\\di hf^V r*>' o^ieving in me 
■ .- .f; r^jri 'i-TAfst. [_ety diva Into tno<e ./oct^:ir+Bfi a-flter-; ■ri^'i 
■ trie -wov^d. C^rpe j_iier: 

(3'/K cyJiu-Kc 

Its Uen 6 i^eon tkat Ive be^n bere at SMUS Some ■- 

- „- — , ccme «ncH.. Oome of A bor been like wofccning p^ir , ,. . j 

- t bos been pretbj gooJ. Its tcugn to ot*j tbat wis 
t-o: beei rh© bert time of mtj life oecnvjre ifci reflliij |i.'rt ire 
beginning. |m pretty ivre tnougb that tbe thmgc |ve e^perie .■ 
^nA khe tnlngt |ve leaT-ned nere ■will mgiie tne qe<*rp etneod grtdt | 
tbinlt the moct impor+>int thmei (ve le,:irned if Inot now b.^ve to mcil(e 
• re rncct : " 1(8 ineijll a\\ o\o^ 

CD Jem edloic 

\ )ie dy 4eun I hove ^pent at ofiLJo M^-e been amazing t-- 
-i-o ■• '-+ I ^^ vcbool nas provided me witb an exceptional ac^^ - 
icJl at o vibriont ix>mmunftq atmofptiere that n- 1- 
-"r? r.evev *.:iAt to leai^e. | f^el tbot tbat even tnougn mt^ higli cct-oo' 
;e'-LT^ Hof come to an end, it J-ealiy if ji^t tbe beginning of better- 
tr-i'igi- to come. O'JT' groduoting claw *ill never forget tbe a-<-f=.:- 
memories «-e b^jve bjid bare and v^ore^ wtw tne reci of we »^' . 
iinj I Viov «'e laave tbe icbool in great bands ac tbe clflfses b:' . 
ji *ili Jo J -iTtijt ,---t. •- 'tj^inj tb? iMhcoi. i bank i(Ou to eKe^i.'- 

cJciCKW y^ar 


T '<aA tb* best lime of my life in higb schocJ and I wifb it fl'dnt 
f 3.e to end r1»j times at OliUo coJdnt nave been better. 
I r<*n\'! to eifer^one who made it 4 blast for mel /Xltboiign a lot '^ 
' J t>m# was rp*nt at tb© bam with my borse. tbere«- been some 
■K-V.C times too! I bonks to my friendf: 40a *«re tbe one* tbat 
Knew bow to Keep it r«al (^oontlesc good times, late nigbts, rand':" 
h^pt to I im J-|ortonr. tbe pjrrtij bvs joke, cbapel "^arjensl I won t 
forget tbe ccbooi trip to Awrtria or m«j ekcbange in (^3''*t>*€- "^'^ 
>. tbe mvTcal, field bocketf and of cowrce band does. And (.-•■. 'lU 
i_ wouldnt be complete witbout tb« parties. v\\\ teocbei : 
-■■&», '.banks for encoi^lYi^ng m* A"d t.u mo'n, | dc'- - 

,.«,,f08 >^. 

U enmfer (S^Iki 

boarding. I remember never winning ^qt.'eaky C^iean etnji b^' 
late to almost eveiij morning closs. Tne*w are tome of tbe 'v." 
^^^r,„ I Lv» of SMUS. To ^.-.J.: Jec Yo^r U^t,, 
mucb I 'ove ijou, Vannio: Ycore gr-eofc roommate! I oet ijo_ 
ne-«r m#et a better one tKcin me, Drit: Oodminton paT*ne>' ■ 
friend, ana tawgblog buddi|. III misv tjOU SO mucb' o<""" Vv-il" - 
meet a cbaiYictcrt* like you? Ill mist moocbing food. v_l©e In i - 
forget tbe late nigbt ckatc, I ti>;(t| Ihonk yow for uow tbowj' ■ 
oavic* Sninyrt: 111 mrss 0«r com.or«at>onc. rlnv: Incinkt for 
lack of common sense and making me laugn, Inkie: oot-ry for ■ 
times I m^de fvn of you. fou k"n> i ^'t- 'nk^f^^ r.,>bf r Yi>., 
me. rirt. Murlland; (bank m«o for always ibink'ng of onj 

^ttruig for me Virt y^c\J.£\cn9f\. rirs. Abriouv OM rlrs b-orbes. 

tKonk yoo jw being great tcjcbors. I Uarnt a lot. Last but not tcwtt 
■ M grad dosi \_,on^oU\ \l(/c did it' 


^^ ypifuam (SfiKm 

patcr>«J. y^br*ifa»A anj <ippr9vwl foi* trio roaa- 


cJWhdle iS^lum 

■;ctoo to m(ili» 1 f, I -I I t 

. vfint to tnaok Vtftn«>c, (^«iwwtn. rlinjy, ema (oo'r f"'' -''*«"^? 
iifa. I Konlt tjou for- oein^ tnavyt no m<«H#f what: ^lutiin, | ok<i. 
tDijuRt, K.OW, s_lonnTOi^. H*'^»N. ijOM orw ^tw^ijc mtj one ano C 
nr<jh ccnool ttfdJtj. t— rom ull tK« lortg •ookenat <inj midn!<]Kl 
'"r^A-rt-^f, I mrtJa tne best out or ti^em. I •Jl miCT rjrf. (— rt»t«r 

., o^ D»"A -t.^ I* fo- g~J I J -.v.. 
hoTNj^t nou- ^MO^ '* fno^e ifp with love, bittet-neK, jftt'ouTt) onj 
o'ljnevr chvjI ecscn one of tf>en> dspned mcj Ji|T«'^''t ctagsf or ^<'o«-tH 
! woUiecJ in wltn oonj^efwe anj pinion. «f»J | •fliii ovl w»tn moT-v 

i/e}')ins (9 1 Km 

/W^er J long geoiv '" ol^Uo- 1''^ ftnolk| come to tn* doij tnot 
Ive been woitiog ror mq »l>ole lire I o all mij prie'^''*- Mw^o 

W J sjerre. K^i" T, Ken, L't MicftaJ, Jokwon. |-|enr>4, K4- 

^ *^^^ J l%ocrteIle, ^i/r-i^ij. \_,"™e- I on"n(|, Denton, {^portion, yiil, Vt' "4"^ 

^^^^^^L ^^^^^ ■ Luke. etc. ( rank i(Ow ro** **" tne 7v9et menioriet. Vv "tnoot tjou 3W>j^ 

^^^^^^^^^^^ ^fi ^^^^^^k jd be'p'ng, ruppor^n^, lictening to all R)t| unnece(fi3'*kj joket nnj ^uidin^ 

^^^^^^^^^^k ^^ ^^^^^li'^l '^^' ' r™^>^'t vouUn t bfive moJe it trJt f-^r You gutic <9re 

^^^^^^^^^^K^nB ^^^^^^Hl Jef ii^'telij i^n important ayapierr- <n n>i| life. I o oetti). I ccn k imocjine 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^PRK ^^^^^^^^^H r^ot 4viv<f^g i4CK>. relpin^ me vith oil the pr^oolemc | encountered. 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^n^^^^^\^^^^^H tijlkov] to me Of< tna pnone for* noins ev^rij night <tnj meet 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^■ri^^^^^l imp^rtantii^. f£icrif«:>ng ro mvcn for* me lou <rr^ c^rhair^'n 

^^^^^^■^"^^" l>,9,«t rort of ^, l.f, I LOVE L'' "^o D.J c- ■ 

being tHer* fo^- er.-i. ] kno^ I i»^<iqi ciii>tV'b'*(«tf)l4KirRli 'v<v^Tc[*>\'t<i •fiLt; 
amitnin^ co^ttn^tctive byt [m tnjin^. Too guH« o"^ *:■ 



I— ujltjA jntJ Dotvftorp tjuice Twn; ttere fincill^ done. kz»I^3Js 
remembeT' tn>7 ■! jt-st tne beginnmti, Oee ijou itrcund, 

■^o*. i kat was m\) experience •■hen | fii*tt &jme to or^v'Z> '" 
C^yswde 4. V *f9an lote*' cinJ / r«*t tfllier". its tne tome f«elin(i 1 
jet wnen I tntnk of tnw pckoQi. To ttia teocneiT/coacne«/R«v 
decpite tne nHiculouc omountf of nomeNvork. pretciices ona earlxi 
noming rebe^iTf^'r, i)Ou-re oil gpRst. Dont jvW a mtjjle scnoo 
' r ond go on rtT^ff leaver ji^ yet! i o tne p">en<»c tbfinkc foi" to 
Tiflnn timef of enjle« wy^ntei* anA >*igbt< I II never forget, Annl^. 
I errxj, (^rotiairi. 40^ gug*- tfi*e e)«e<oma and y^ncower woe 
incredible. \)(/e are going b^ck Cr'wJgeon, n»n b*^ - ijoup fam ■. 
tne best, ar^a III b« tvr^ to lurk/I've in ijoiit* noute a^air> \ tie t^vC 
of ijow, tjow kftO« «ft>o ^cw oiHl onj ttv>l qou ore mi^ life I np^^+r-g. 
detpite o«r ^ rong -repetoire tMt Uvti" O i3"<i ^ kaif mi'jte; '■ ' 
(>e rumour. | nonkv to L)oi 

^niaiola.s (^mnclon 

■ tUng iti 

VO^Te «wcomB. | o all of d»e teacnei^ to ^om twe proviJet' ■ 
moft (lifricwt cnollenge of yom* coreer, ijoone ^come To mi^ 
P'ienJt »eve rtaa good times oi co^boiic, epvot timef in togoT jnci 
tometimef «e even kxJ fun witnoot <iny coctumet ot oil v/eve 
ckiiT^ counUen moment« slept ot eocn otber^ nouiee onj .n btinlu. 
rt-atjeJ vp v>te e»nj «oken yp mhi^m^nltj Afirlij onj kept tne good 
timer flowing with tne (a^wdo. Mo^ever, tnromgn oH tne good dnd, 
dbove <hI, tne bdo. weve been to^etner \-tstr tnot. qoo ore elemol'-j 
■welcome Mom onj \JaA. jve pi^ovsn tc qoo tbot *(0w con mJeej 
pTy>Jijc6 the perfect cKiU; rlom, ] kncHr tnot J»^v^ng me to ;j 
bor cnlij giv«n i|ou lime lo rw<t' !■: *' ■. t- r'^r^ *> -n^i b-o(. ■ 

tne gift of nov«»g fometntng to <Kp«r« to. If 

>■:■>. •" leverol «eonc ifouT« redcOng thi* onj i^ou 
f welcome for tkdt, too It eor mg glenture 

11 %k/X gL»r 


!ve come to eippi>»ci(ite mg obiiilij to leorn, eitpirrience <*■ 
■nderctdAd |— cm tn« | tnonk m»j wonoerK'l teocnerr » 't'<' ■■-*: 
■hnoogn tne preeoviouc wotert to toe other ride, ("oi-ng, |— roter, 
cinJ (-orbec-tj, our coifiJor comorcioeWe ono ort »>oom fvn *Ji 
nn«e<J. ykdnkt foi" the entmetg of nowr time. frienAnip ond 
;<4)pori [ve tdken odvdntoge of tne omciiing opportunities |vo i>»i'i 
(jf.on etpeoollg in d»^ onj otnletiOf. To m^ council: N-tztP 

TME BEAT, to mg .occer gml. PUT A POOT IN IT, 

:.n^ t.> mx, c^* dnJ my codcK. LEGSBACtCARMS 


VOU All mg Sends tkonkt W -^-^t U-q o-e^i^ >- ^.eJ ■■ 

m«^ tnofikr for inrtigt>t>ng mg rpendtng wdijc the oinne« onj oil the 
ji»«.f .,-,,. or,* 1— inoltg to m»| wonJerfvl fdmil|| wlio Eocripceo so m.^-h 

. eJvcobon (if»d thic roller coocter ride to cff^eh^-^'. 
rr„r., 1' . --,(.^/\[j Oo. I believe in «jou oil ond *e •^H ocnle^o mjn-ij 

'.xp)e"d.d t^-in^! 

□ass of 07 

' &-ic &I, 


..:.. -}...\: '.. -M pcr^rt: for iU Icrj jouvn.^ ,f .,■, I ■ 
tcliDol lifa- 5 ijBflrf of boorviing Lfe at oML'O **» ^^•N e^e^-ti^ui, 
jltnoi>gri everij ijecir wijr atnKi«^ ihe same Touti'ie | nere »ere moni) 
op? (Snfl ftowrvr QoinQ on, but M' newer forget an tr>e Dottoo Di*»c. m> 
tke We nignts, ^H ine l>o<»»\9ing octiv'^er. <jiI tp« cnwt'"3 <i *"" 
ngnir^ cnil, alt tne noL^<e Jii^nev*;, oil tne pr«p timet, ana tne not '^og 
mgUI AU to a\\ tke boarJmg );f«i-<r \^^ Mode Itl A'tUua^ •-« 
mignt not D© at tre rflrne place ne't tieci-f'. i »i*h 401/ ta'l tne be^^*^ 
OaJ gooJ iucM (M^ung Mwc-r.. A-'-^^'-e*. ArtKur. Qlcv^O. B*r>for. 
r1n"y. T i/Tf) At \asi. tn^nh? to «lr tha houie ptsTsnts efc-peoa'li) to 

■■■■,", : ,; :..- ,1,= ,™f.u,. .4 Bolton. P»™J SMU? G'..! 

B'jjr^ l.fe in Sh'IUS '« ''ke iivng >r> .an «)cten(JeJ lov%e ^-itti 
counties* pluggeJ tolletr, loui:* rnucic next Joo^ onj go«ipi on tne 
it^iit-jrflvjf, iflncJ tjou coutrf pcwnblij be locked out Qij ijOui* i^omniato 
foT tne wnoie J04. |t i> ■^eirtJ to ^ruire tne come dining room, fiSffie 
fiir and tame spirit wrltn AO people evei'tjooij, but we rtiti m^^cJe it I 
kji/e pirmlij oelieved j-or O ijeeiTv trot oetpite not winning hoir-'- 
^*i"ief (veli. ^«e do...ronie), XV'nJow « ctiH tne best. Inc.*' vI '^^ I 
rtot ! T'^oHij «i«s tne timet ■when we bad nooJIe pai-ti^^r - 
itcned moviec at mijnighfc <»nd when we j\/9t I04 on tne ; 
'■''-'" Ooke m the tuitmer. | will oico miti tne footttepf we took tr> 
tlTtu/n Mall, altnougn weve been complaining about it ror* J year? 
ii^peciol tKonKc to my -poofrimate ■*no hr^-- bet-' be-"i-^ v. -■' ti.j 

"ir-.-neit ro^ i^ H'e^w: I bonki fcoucilt mij Inrienjt »t>o 

)ni«d me tl^i^ugr tre nappij ana foa times I bank* to the 

c anj e:p&ciat'i| to mi) romi'ij wbo maae oil tbif Kappened. 

'To.w el, 

^ Q/,»^. eL 

CONGRATS GRAD -2003:';: P„.J1, I ,-..,!,;. k ., 

fji* I bavB com-e jlnce mij pi^t ifeerf fit ^rlUo. [now. bemtJ 
ttT-efred out about banding m tni? graa vriteop, | realise 'it tir-.- 

jt to lea^e very soon i^irst op o'l. I wowd like to tbank mtj 
fjmilij fo'^ all their support. Oeid, 40^ a-re tne gr-sateet inflcence in 
mij life. M-^m. qo'f ■;li<speJ me into tne person wbc | om no* Anfo. 
nQv at-e tU beet i-FsH-pil I io-e ijou all. Ncm. thank? for olwoijs 
being there for me. ZD'J'^'^- ' '""tb 4W ^fere bere with yt. ^ibat •^^j, 
] couid sbo* Qovid P >ftbo 40U realt(| .are'). CMO. n^l deorect 
friend, mij life would bave been 70 borLng witboul nOV. t bank? f 'ot 
for ijour svpport +— inollij. I would like to tbank all mt) p^endf at 

SMUS. MO'. l<"o- .-L .,0. .,-ei I LOVE YOU OS'^F 


(UtUlUII) ...6 . (mo™ tmUtboll) ...9 - (no J»a) ...graJe 1 U 
f '-^Kat! I'm in givtle I Ol! | \vive to itoH ftudtjing) ...gT^od© 1 1 
(AP«? Coo'. Wo*^. 1" t^W tome ^ APt i* c gooj ctmount, 
>-i-jrit^ Pjol Yoyl' Jio. qoull [-(ait miseroo^, coid teocnerf 4Jn.J 

!ri«.J.) BOOM! G«.Je 1 2!i! ?008!i VWATi! I 

3ra«Js 1 /'! A14W04, I twve enjoyed mtj tjear? at orlUo i '"■ 
to tnank oH "14 tBOcnerr, friend?, and fomilii membe™^ wbo fupport-- 
m4 oil tne *aij and wnc "»ade m*j ijear? at !^rlLJ J unfor^ettabl"^ 
Tjpeciol tl^anltr to m>j Irrotrer. Po-\vei, wno romebow motivated m' 
r->] ,r: 'I'o^emicc and (port?. |o V>P re^ of the ^rad /UUO 
II,-. .V .jTcitJatio" ■n'vd ke^P '" to-rrb | bava one tbing to ?a>j: | 
lange It tnot I ivrvitfed o ijcar ■ 
■,.,., _,^-„ - ,....^,v.L^' ibit t]eAr' ' -; ' ' 
!.i..t grod wwite ^p 

^c. Sn el, 


, ,.,,(., ■ I .- ii.-rf; Uoi come for me to move on, |— 'eopte ft"'j trijit ("'ii^t> 
rctiool 1? tne best time of ijOtnf life time for parller, f^rendttiip. dud 
preparing for the future - but to be nonest I tbink | ve bad enaugn 
of it. I rtill remember Oi^tdoor Leadarsbip - rtrugg.rng in tbe sno* 
ai a fir?t-trme thief taking on tbe mountains, i tnougbt I bod mode 
o big mitti»K« dpp'ijing for tne program^ out in retrospect it •«? 
■t-^z-i* experience. Tbanks to rlr, Oonnollij for all tr»e Itr* wrsonc 
■ ■ ,■ ^'^f. T nonks to mij rrie»w; yjen fvr being tbare; trmilij - 
rn-r .(Our incigktfu' tkink'i'^; tr"*'ly r-sng. I svmugi and KocbelU 1 >- ■ 
putting op -witn m* l<o, our singing of Pbanlom of tb« (_)(>eiv 
wat tignt; AndijO for baing a gag siS- {jf^nao yo-r iiow f.rtt 
drawer; rtnd I J for all tbe memorres f^lr XV^'I'f'c* wtnott ^oj I 

bave coma so far. Porimort tbanks to W^'pflftlij for tkftir ©ndl«? 

support and love It was on bonour to be port of OrlUo- D^'^ of 

Lck lo ,vor,one, VE DESCRVC IT 


ill amea (S-ocii 



" Jfcon boai*oin<j room at In* bvginnin^ or *rnf ^r < 
t I i^»(,Tr I iL) lime hei>6 nos tv)J It* v*r<j morm N^^T. ortrf vtvi^ -n* 
)o*£. I rtflv* m«t m<*ni| ^rajt pdop'e artj Iq^ vom* wi^i cloc« friAndl 
I hop« I c«n ttoi| m loo«:*> *ith tr'eve people <»rt*'' g*™ A^J co. 
^Ksf t«C o*^ tvn^ in fTUj rojifJ to «|r(U»^t»0') I n'kM'14 mfiJo it! | 
j>^ i— roncoit! I ^ ■ 

\_/<»K*. aoJ vio*^™"- ""I •<"•* <)**»t>t fTNortK r-\ni' a"«c* I lodv • 
AHfon. fci*»f>o. Awe- vjofoo, ond tv<"n' Ana. of ccu»s*. 1 
f^otn hWMe'r fo^ grviog me to n\on^ cnoncec to maite gooa. If I Uft 
;»n4 p^enrfc out |m ro-m-mjijy (m bi riJ t-" 4c*.' Meoc* 

^nf/r«c- © 


\^mt I rove to gwe a thout owt to oil tne lifon- in *l^ 

*" ■? lifevt r>nce kindergoT-tert' I J qeci*^ at c>r1U^' ■■ ■ - 

- marxj o^ople con rai) o** man^ porentr «>i)ling to poif. 1 ' 

'ee* to irioiK "itj mom and aaa ■ \ lo«6 you gwjt! w^'t'ioi.i 
..pport and */*c<h/»H»ge*nent | ^rowljrtt k»we gotten to ■•ne*« | 
' Joi(. yrittijfii^ ona Awrton«. jm pT«ttii sure Im coolc tnoo 
' 14OU comoined. t o mif teocne*^, ( tvc* ifOuv« tougnt me to 
i(v_t:! i3t>0<jt life in ana Dst)Ond tne dorrwom and | tnank ^ou ~ 
tkr. I o rl*" A™ei^on artd Hiidoc, | owe *jow tow ro mycr. r 
•rvit ijou we tai>al>t me. a'td (ne expe*'ience ' Kave endured -witn 
voncvr teamr and towiT. | 6 mtj t>oi)(! | ne i^^ tn|W wit^ ofa»!l. 
«>cc©r and ru^og *et* atKol«/t«l^ nutt UK, *ar amflnnj u - 
r- I s tre grfls, |m niTprired i^ow CCold 
C^rodt of *JO. I wiw tioo all tl>e oert of 

d?'o,/ 0). 


inpuence on vko [ will bscdm^ and the patr | wrfl pvl*nj». |n rri-, 

"^ |ve been graced •itn oweEOme expei^^ncei, t«ir'^'-.'. 
- tl>at I Know will create lifetime ntemoriec and tMndt 
I I' iv '^r<r«wtoM, T^uoft Qatar. r1«" |_<gg«tt, Derpoistif' 
Mrc, KJiinrk. 'MotW Natwre" - tkintt^y, .,0^. KavB all ^ 
profowod afreet on mg fife and mt| dn-ection. ^ta>j tuned - 111 on a-. 
tooeni Ami<Mt rnn ttudiet of Kie^ce ana bigger tftlngf in life, Iv^ 
been Netted wiw the liket of ria^ron-oJair', (^autn*r, f^rti;- 
■.'/' :>mf, |<aid and (— lumor •Ko nave all neJped mo appreo^!' 
• mmic, drwma and tne pei4o''ming oHx, \ Mnke to m ^ ■ 
.- ;rtcri"fice*, afw ecp9C'»">k 
r ou mode Our 
e.t'fij p>■^^^ r^- -■-■ '-'•■ '-'■' I )g '••e'-'K. \ love . 
;'jrt entering tne oe*i oect time of our Kv«! 


c^elc & 


C.C'igTvrr C^r^A (_la:^ Od* 

ctinijer LVm 


internal'ronal t''j '-cef. noyif of Itwi «leep oi\4 mcr. 

t«tc tnan | care o> pf,'..-'unr jjnd ^et | am no more dee"* aocu^ ■ 

K'tir* yian urhen | arrived. ) Kanlir to all tne p*iendt and leudifi 

.l>o rnared ia>^m and lecture;, Ut» night pnoner CalW and tett 

': iperiencof and equation?. | remember tne reemingln mconceiwpH 

><Kept of gradvaton UvroMgn tne ei^e* of on 0l«mentar^ tcnoo' 

'i/dent. no-vever, tne imagined jot| at tne end of mi| tenool i3a.i 

'-•^litii a norvouf uncertainttf. |t will be odd not to retwm to t^- 

>mfort of lite familiar face? and tne perpet-^ol noire of 

on{tn>ctton next i#ear - n«rer to tne fi/turet *e cannot ^■.^f- b- 

..■ imagine. Ciyood li/ck '.^raA UO! 

Class of 07 

(yscar LDunin a el cyt 


G'vJ 03^" l-u Gcj t,™ fL« \>;4or, I , „i jt Sf-'K ''- 

iUr&e ne^ivf jgo, I k'>e*' tnl? (ltIioqI vouIJ be tiie bevt one tc 
^r-oJyate from o'lJ i wos figKt. | will never for-get all tne gt'i; '■ 
t,^« ^t SMUS. •n»:.=B4 ROBI tl^e Me«lc»r, c™». S ■. 
tlltinKC for being mij roomfnale anJ no one will e^er" replace qou 
.^li tke Ujh; onj cjiws tnianl^? for tf>e «ofiJer{-J t.mei. 1 n-^nkr m< 
onj Jdd foT all ijOui- support, without tjou j wouUnt be ^■.>ie I ' 
n^kt no*. 0'"<^erelv. il'e^«' rl- 

ori'cdiec QDinJiev 

,,>rl tlic TOrlrl. w<t to i 

■Si'U., ! firH „^..,J >. j:;.,iB m™, ,. to. of frocW^< ,.nJ »n 
.Aussie .accent I thought gvaavoi-Qf* wowla never come. Vy^"© '^^'J 

, do-i-n? rfinj part? tnal verre meeting flltogetner bot w& mnj^ 
't-- L'"'^'^'- '"M ^'^^ ""'^ "^"'m '^'y" ^cr.ool fweetneorfc, yrom wolk'ng 
bo^k [t'oit; ^^k Ui^i) l<^ec in ike Tnow to calcuiwC nemewoi*K, 40U 

r tke'«. I couiJnt kcive mode it wtWioul ijou. jo my fellow 
Jttirtrtnt directoTv-, tnar-k 400 \\>'r k^epii^g me itane d*/^ng tKe 
fnur>Col, I II never poTgel ijoy (or cuUequentty tne c^uotdt we collected 
cer tkj lost 't> montki:), I ♦jil never *iilk mto .^ Otorbucv o-^ 
■Ajtch 1 ijra Dfinki reJuce .a wianncibe model to teci-rc ^itnOk/t 
tkifikin^.^ of tke 314'"'^'^? 'l^upersl-jrs boordtng woulJnt n^ive be^ 
Ulf OV fon »,tl,out. ,0.., PirJI,, rJ liU to ii^^A -'I P^rc^t- K- 
Onii) rtC'J^nter jlnioft ?■.' " , 

cJ:!i-z CDt 



I ',ic 1? ].j;[. tfi© beginning of OLn- journey. \Jonn ocnniidt. Im nook©'* 
You know »40wi*e niij boo ana lit never- be oble to get enowgb of you ! 

P. LP P.-»»,. onJ Ror.»U neven forgotten Mon, D«l. 
f jng, Auntij )— l&'en, 1 <m<3, I ke guiding ligntc n- ti-j ■*-•:—"- 
„<-. fon J,=,= bel«v,ng ,n m, AlfWJ. AleU AnJ-' • 
r\vfki/r, Dinnielle, ^ric Cz^ei'mitin. C^iloritJ, 1— lenrij, ._)' 
Ke..n L. MoJJ,, Monlga., Ri.UJ, RocUlle. S^- D. - 
Tim ^u. Vennut, Kevm N^/ TL£'r>i,-- fo'- tU m.?moJ-'ei- f',' 
to„ck. Mugo. Ken, |<«<,ng. LuU SI'lUS U. been Jiff,-,- 
*itkout i(Ow g<Jijt- A!«'n, A'^« I 'ng- D'^T-rij (Jr TD'^'-nn, b"!'''" 
C^'-'^ Jon C- J'-^'" Lui. Kw'" Wo L>nk.n, Molt. \ 
St^pk L^u. 'Wilcon. full: \r\coir,paT(Ai\e to of^iWin^ else. '_-> 
ijp vitk IJOU guiJI kill d€>*pl4 impocted me. flucfi lov-; U..>" 1 

Roger*: | couUnt nove tasked for kettei- nouv 

Kour o«"i cpec'ol onJ <alone place 

Venu^ I / 


%or/m &/zc 

,-,j G<.« 'oa^ 

(^ asA Ci'( 


"'//: c^in cvijre^v -^ur '^uci-tJ'^J e/perii;'>':ei -JT - *'kile I'^.t lirniKn.j 
'I ,>m to • tk* limit from n to inpnitij [*here n It flll our mpmorierj 
of tke njm p^m / to n [wkere i' it the Deginning] of f of x delta x. 
<it it Ir equol to tk« integral from « to o [wkere a k tke ven, fii-;( 
.' :.mnnfe or»d fc ic tke verq latt momontj of fCvdx 

.J wkiit if impof^nnl K not Ine nwtnematict iti-^l' 
i"ip->Y*tant if no*' it a'protsBt not onltj oi/r mdividucil G.'porier";ot. b'' 
it r .pre^^er too tne cwlective experience ve Ki3«e crested togetner 
t fiock otker tnot wnick ire tfiar-e. 

II :-..: w.,.j ,.,..A./ 

it w«n» <an aft<»r dinner sUep,' 

LHJizanqlm crorqii 



r-k, .,e-,-. ^t St M.--!,™!: Ll"-'e.-;.l, S^l-J •"■-r Uen !,U -- 
werij long nnd exciting relotionikip >*itk jevera! ooi|C. girli orij .■ 
r>\ tke t^ickei-t- Nj^ell not redlli^ b'.rl no*- I nova qOur ijttenti--.. 
-o SMUS ■" g^^^'e 10. on innocent little ickooHos 

eu:,.p,ng Um tke cLtckec of GNS- \)^U" I ^^^ '"M M ^i' 

kere to ckeck out tke <cnool | ■•JCTit vefr^ iiff-e if it ^M the (>' ■ 
for me, yntil luncktime t I'ememoer going to luncn ot t^^--^- I 
flj fOMing. "It'f all Hou can ertt"? REALLY"? TMl' 

SCHOOL IS AWESOME!'!" I end-^J .p u.n, .<.., 

wkere I would kove 1 1 platot ond nearlij ikro-w up m mij n«xt clflpp. 
Ynf. tkoi-e were fome good timet Oi.'rpriiingl*j, 1 kave not become 
mortalLi oleie. | rr>anoi3eJi to figkt off *^k» crtlori« b*j joining tke 

fowing team, tne t-ugoij toam and my man4 kourf of o-orlyng oiil. | Im 
friendi kove been a gr*t>t joq m nnj ijear? <at SMvJd Anaij. 
Adam, O'^B^' Allan. Dowon. qow all kavo beert great friends ttrj \ 

vill '.onlinye .jou on P^iiokooli nnd .4W>.' dor." foom »indr-^«^ 

'-i ■■ 

Class of 07 

c) mmcm Mi 

• it btft n«t ted!* 
4hat 400 Tee' Decdvce tt>ose wric- 

rot olenJed together io tuch tf poirtt triat 1 cdnt tell wnicn ttedf If 
M.^.lC^ I tii»r>K-7 t> rW \-i.eiA for ftfijing my name ^igrt on the [■«■,•<■ 
Jfii^ jnd for n^ncl. 1 hdnlif mom for holding itiij n^ind tn-rouyk evm^i) 
f'Qject onJ r&citat'Oi tnct I (jgomsej ovef. and ddd for tuMiy trer^ 
to tjrn to wren mom wat tiil\''i9 over 014 life t— in(?ll(j to tt-ose 
'riBidc. i^ouve been ike beet part of nign vcnool kjeoTj, ^JeniMj, | 
LOVE YOU' 400 talk a lot, £fn. r»eat and blood f-M 
coccer. K.«'t"'"4'^ Of^d l-^i'eij great fun twing doncing, | errij thanks 
for deep converr<»tiont. | lianl(s, Heatner, for liitenind|. (^rabanr^ 
"-'jT- being mij pi^ncning bog, e»nd Z.ticn for bein^ mij midget buddi^. 

-— <^fie croiij timef f'-i "-> '■ '' T'-^^^inB? L'ci^ (^^'ilt tcif of Ini'ghf n. 

'■ g iT>i) bert friE' 

ftli of 400. D© wrio 'po .^-Tt ■irij 

ind dcjnt matter' and tnoie tMa 

^isxibclh yiiilbanH 

,U, kf.:o.,„,H..U. M. p., 

. l.ff„,3 

•' 1 C".ifpng j-or u( to come wp vtih vcmo sort of brtilnTit fne<srt£|ie wli! mflke teait ^J\ in tblrtij yeav^. byt s<jmmov>t\n<^ (ill (be 
• He'-.jmgan? «e follt bove gotten ii>b5 in tne paft foi^ i^ea^i 
ii.,^, tU most difficult to?k. ! "loH give beort-felt tbnniLc to ... , 
teocnerj, who have mentored me ana guided me towar-dr being a 
«ell-rounded, well-veMed and «ell-«poiien IndiviJoal. bot I tend a wlnt; 
cjnd a nudge to mij beet dude: wno tieep me real, | nere cn'e peopU 
we met at tbif icnool wbo mean ro mvcr to me. ai^d | dont kno' 
■ih-A ! «rll do not fee<n0 i)Oi> everyday. Vw itnout mentioning bow 
^*tcome •/■« "li '""" '-■'■ '^-- '"'.■cb I love tbi? (cbool. | give nm fi^iL-'i 
■.-niute vind I- ■ — ,. to tbe rest of tbe grcid'; 

^^ tJa pw m < 



SliLv 9ucL 


mij fa mil 

tile prtft ce' 
tougb La 

fie '^e'lrv- rper.t at thic ..■ci'Jttr-f.jl ,-i*if.rtior-. nriue been tougti, ■ 
|ve 'eoTined that no matter now bard fometning it. you rtiil npc 
nave fome fvn. A? tne go on to tne ne>t pnafe of our life, I - 
page from the l<everendi boolt, rela/. settle into yoyr ;eaU', ■' ■ 
J breatb in. Jeep breatn out, live 'n tbe moment. T^^otf all tb?' . 
"1 Juct go "-itb tbe flo*. dont d'^'e'l in tbe pact of We in tbe X".' 
I a>te it one daij at a time or^a tjoull do fme I bar^kt to m^ bi 
/!.acb for putting up «itb me, ji\a to 1 erry and OuT-t for L'' 
kum-jur. I bfinbi- to C::'rabom and C^iH for keeping tbe mood ''-..•' 
m Di'^'ug') (not tbat it was reallg tbot dark anywaijc/ f\ bi.vj- 
tnanK you to K,atbi'yn for all tbe walhr bome ending in bofc 
cbocolate, popcorn, and C^ol I" never fofjiet tb,:,;.-- /^^'-.- 
upportod arid put up wltb ma for 
._0. tbankv. I Know it muvt have Been 
' • 1*?, 40U .^uijt (ire tbe be^t. ^^caa luck 

(dlmn 0fall 

Mo-re'< to tbe d.--4: ai Sf'IU, Me'-e'c to friend*, ti- famliii arit 
preparation for tbe futyi-e b-leres to tbe *a!k« to f-l'ik'de. tbf; 
j-ortone Vl/W and |— ujia. b-jeret to tbe Cflrcbaby blue, tbe 
derignoted | IUa. and tbe |— lyundai, \cbore bone-that tenng b,j' 
would affect my bearing for life ]— lere? to I olmie. the perfec 
meetii'g ana retblnking point for all ibe nrgbt< tbat didnt go ^"t 
punned i o tbe placet tbat *e alwa^r k"8w we wer^ welcome 
open boMfe on tbe oceur,, tbe rock band mancion, tbe house bij i- 
cb^jrcb iirri tb« «bool Mere; to up^dand get-togetber^. euro 
tratber; cind higb roller cacino opponentr. I O the timef that f^'- 
entertainment we could need m tbe world came from a dngle ci. 
ai\A a group of friendi. I o rugby, all tb^ guiji, to tbe torn-, tc 
■1 t-.-ll-..,^-,i...:.- .,,..1 

!+■; onl,, oean '-■«,'■ ■^v.>v<. K,,t | k'lo* iTlI'Mjb h^r compietely 
changed my life vv 'tboyt all of tb© teacber and siudent tupport, I 
would nsv^/y have found the cowt^age to plunge Into tbe great black 
bole of mucic | bankc t,o lall of tbe teacberc for loving fcbeir 

^jf -tt ai^a for making me love them too To my pat-entc • j bope 

1 ,1 know bow grateful I am to bo graduating here. | bankf to tbe 
mufic department, youv© given me everything and more; to tbe 
mt/(ii;al c^a the tboat^e society, tbankc fc the enco'/ragemenl. tbt 
direction ar.i the opp oi-^jnitiei; to the fc^ngluh depa'ntmont. for the 
id*^K ! *OL>!d ■^'iver hove understood if not fwr poetry and 

■ ■■.tTot j'o K ln(ill.,f. thankv to all my friend* for Being comt." 
vou)-<:iK of cbill .n a tehool that needf to tak"* tho occationu*! 
great eKpertence. ano I cant iKiit to cea wbatt 

yillian OlarfDer 


iKoHCovia c7f ( 

an -IS 

't>**k». S™"^ J»oij< tn«w« foi- m« trro^^fi 0/XiA Im«»c 0"J tj 

I o rni^ \trG, love ijc^ anfJ .^.■'oJ liick '" nOui* J""" - 

(?/bV.s- ^f/UY 




'^cngristf and <•' 
- -XtlV fO'' Aler. 

.■ '^*v«i, l-it»n.-.oh i>nj dtpfrC-alU blitt for (;(«r,t.*ii 
.i4rT>onr Mowf*, tM^Kf foi- Oil ^i>u'- iMppoH ond im fl.p.?t r 

tf>rcogn<K,t Uw g«»rc and | wkti . 

.■»id Bo'to"- r-O'' ^" "*« f^Btdr, I m gtxnc) r - 
ner* live;; M nrre to kftOp in iowcn! 
l-'l ,i p I'lcNeii Horwey, l^ope tnot tfou k»ve 


1 t«re (K 1 did f>eT^ and lnonk( fw ine (_Krirtiflrvo l-^onaUo 

jrd lov?. At I toiJ( tack O" ft) \\'Mr^ ot SMUS I ^-eoMe I owe 
VlB^- ^ CI lot of p^jpU iaf> enOTnwjuc tnoinlv }^t«t to a'l mij te*cnew ond 

^^^^^^^B ^^^^ ^ cotfcr'«f. I co^^ oe^iA to tnonl( t^ou enou^n for Delievi.->^ in me o^o 

^^^^^^^^L ^ ^^^^^^ kelpin^ rne t}e!iev« in mifteif. ecp«CKiII<{ to Qove S'"'^- I "^^ ^f- ' 

^^^^^^^^^B ^B ^^^^^^B ji tk>nK (^u to Motdf. \jf<i^. ^r*a v^"<*e^' becouce aitnoiit <|0'j 
^^^^^^^^^ft ^H^^^^^^Hi prol>£iUij wouldn't kiveVtcU|ed l^et<e. >n wK^it I once Vfowcjnt wtir '> 
^^^^^^^^^H ^^1 ^^^^^^^H ploce Pof |-|wd<oft. 0«'^' tNJi^ v>e (^emvxru or>d ^'' 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^H ind teom-mai?9. witn out iiall | wovid ctiH oe tne cHuDv 

^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^l m cOTVier. l_a<t Ovt fwt l^ost. want to tlvink ' 

sf rnq p{»r>eotr, oecfti^e e»flo tnougri I did give 40U a lot or gre- 
:e ,. J -,..... ,: ,.-- ^U, J Sf^US U t«n o.. 
-<«l exp«nencec | r^-^ l^i»J t) .;J ^. --..1 j^t'e ^teppin^ <tooe [■='■' 
."•. To GRAD OS, PffrtM 00 a-vi leti Ifeep m tovc^ 

cy atmndlia €Hi 

^astmne tTtouIricks 

A.I! gcioJ tkingi murt coi^e to ^n end. Dot | •oiodnt «<>I^t it to ^' . 
i ifck iSrttj otre*" peopU oi" at ctnij otnof time, I o tre |\|teni craw, 
-1 -.inr ond foi-ever: (n'W'. P-rein, Tree, Stspl^ t"*J T oor. rt«v«>- 
79 ti>e aUlitii to Uu^K at ijourselvai. I o all tne owvpr L-<di«?. w 
-■^ ©acfi a'na^i^^g .and I love ijou all. I o tne boi{t. tjou k'W* i»no ■, 
.-)>■«, tn^nv fc rnaking me l^iugn when 1 n»edM <t tnort \ynav 
'4Cv never- get t'rreJ or **ii( taorv. To tK« 0*0*1 |wniN. qow are 
•ncr^diDie, y\n. Ao«'iou*. tnanlt? fo"" tl^* countl*cc noi/w conui^Kf.' 
rre matn |^ drop dead gcJ^geogf. I o evwrqone I kovo IcvwJ jlat . 
'-(> waq, ivnoever nat made me cnj and mode nw lougn *' 1 
.^tlsCT nwmoriec ar« unf^-r^ettotle: Mt.Tcimie/Ns* 
e.^«^/To9«/V**:rtlffr/dL/rpe«/M;DrAe^H r^t/'. 
^f J f.-Koc- liM Je« - ijou OI* famik} to m^. 
- I love t^ov. L/«" - I ""s ijoo. ikjnkj foT> 
) me evsr^^lni'Vj wJI alwoqc be olixM*. Colore ■ rtan ttrong and 
and (-Tiivid a WvJO. H««0 it real l_ive tilte l^o^j were duina. 

alreadt) rlu* 


■v»l'* i!»*oi<>e T^ rs3tt t»<> -I* 

in tvviTviina have teen 

ook'fv^ at os/r grod c^ow, and efpeoailk) at lf>e peop"* •**o jn-«ec'Ju 
■npu^^ced m*) life Tnanv afW I w'l' '«'« qOu too, all mi^ rr«ndr. 
•Kat would I liav* done wtW'owt 4GU? TKe Entente tiud^ •eeke"'*" 
r«.A(?.t; t >-..r» ^laTKtert. roof e^curiionr, food, pool, fosilr.l .■■'■ 

-:J. lt*o™( *(Ow «"» I 'I •"*•« MCv to ove-- . 
^4"^a'v o- L> t-jarveij! Mo matter -wriat role i*oy ploymJ v^ 
it hat impacted me forriel)©*' onJ mode me •■no | am toddt|, I k-mk 
j,3j to fl'l n-.^ teocrerf, parentc and nouie-parontt for >^eeri'>g 

- ,-- '- Graduating t^^xn of VOOO. W^gti ediooJc 
I to follow i|Ot/r ^rreamc. 

"^ l^la, 0fsu 

•"e ^D-^T' ''c^ ill •■■:— ^ver ^e fie rremcy of my t^'^h rtnoo' 'itti 
'i^^n I flip tnrougri tnij- ijearDook >A. comenow tnank-ijoyf are never 
jppropriaieii^ nor fafrltj given ('ere - tnov^n treij do 'eem to ho 
eternal »ken •■ritten in iUo i 000-c«aracter tpace. A t^'ncere 
L'-iik ^o-j to tnoie tkit nove affected tne t>o») writing tliic and V 
ri'-'oce that Kove given rt»e n^mentr 000 or good. I r-ere Jc nothtr.^i 
more fitting than to de«criDe O-yr liver ac a roller coacter ride. '• 
SMUS l»*f twen tl'e datneit ctyrdiert an4 nrort comfortabU 
cort we Kave Kad tKe pUature to ride in. Aft**- klgk ccnool oe ■ 
•^ken care of. ni/rtwred ana annoyed wil' not come at eati'ij, nor ■ 
' ~ be treated like ck'idi-en oni^ longer, \|vftat I »ill mire tbe mor: 
z'-e dep*nder>ce Ofai imTf"*-.- ^ '■- '<'''' *' '—■■ ■'■'* f* 

. MUS kof been an ekpvnenc^ hard co capture <n ihk parovj ' 
t rt a miWtone -rtM reacned. 
tl'e j-.irl .,j1; -.J ^f ^OOO r^eep up nOwr brigkt rwordc. for tre 


1 ■ r 


''Jever before couU i ncive oeen oble to ccnpi-eriema U^e pi>ofownd 
n^irtgat a <c^ool can nnve on an« tipe, |rv mi^ sin ()«<»-f ot ortl_'o 
I ve not 01I4 gi^own ocaJ^fritci'^fi. out hove also 'earned monij 
.alwdWe lif* Utto««iJli|, I «r!il lie leavmg tW plow |ve leofneJ to 
rr jcn frs>m. ^one ore tke Jt^ijt or nigh rcrool, out I am reodi) K'' 
•^e nev. Go"*9 to SMUS ^■''^ '■'i...r.>..T" ., nrnoavsA me for mij 
•jtuT-e. Q*er elnce grade 7, |"-r "iJ left fnendr. |ve 

yi^gueJ *itn iecicneT<r, end oave gtc-i ''m [<.ii- vfat^ Of 
py,i.5JimenU. Reoellion. | we teoT-neJ. not it* time and place, f— omtiij 
f'^r flko ptai)eJ an impor^nt role in mij education. /ArtB*" **"- '^ wjt 
rnij pcirents wno funded my edt/C<it>on. (;^etfeing we moti out of mui 
edycotion Ua7 keen up to me;, and f tjeKe\-e tli^it | hn-^e done so 

-^O'M to tcKoO' «ve^ msr^in^ n^c not CSBn an eat\^ feot. bvt I n<ive 
-^rrrtv^f^d and k*ve grown «) n»w:li. | lionk \iOu. jr\(Jj. ("0^ 

i-ov'id'ng me witr. iwcr on */»ncning iiod edvicjting ekp^nonce. 

yrcuKini cJucjlis 

cJnnrm cJsmad 

-jiiure. yuccesv, ttrongei*, friend ana fomily msmber givet me cnoice-r 
tc' decide wno | am | ne rytwi-e it {^Iwoijt j-ormed btj eocn pertoni 
.i-?cirion and e^cn otnert i>eipcnfe, |o tne O-JOtiont j have made ar-d 
-ollo»ed, I om tnianltful to all of my friends and familij. 1 ((.now 1 4' 'I 
A give m to mi^ vevPHoessey anJ doubt «> wat I con continue tc 

i ^cKieve onJ to llv-? > '■U 'r-rl-J | Jeiir-?. fn '—'■ ■:- -,..)- 

ond ttiTve I'or' it 

I— net.dinip II ijnneceiijrij, h\e pntl&t&f.Kn. lii^^ crr^ It nas no o.'Vvr.-al 
val'je; ivitner it one of" tnote tningr W>ot givet vaK*e to turvtvoi. 
C-' S- /_ew'>' \)ve rtove nod grsot timet and not-togreot timet, U + 
it it tne gre«rt timet we *ill olwoi4t remember. | honk ijou to 
evefijone, from mij best friendt to tnote people wno merelii tmiled "1 
'Ke nallwo^^ ond evertfDodij in between, ^pic Cfjcitng adventure; to 
-ilttpring, norwhdk in Rotntrevoi-. Mnontom of tKe Op«*W in 
. ancouva^', bow pa''*" ■" "■ ' ' -Ucr ond tWpiePC nigbtc dui^ng tne 
■nuiicol. I^rortt v^ - '.' ci\v^a meeitngt outpide O lC*lct'^ 

Kot^l r^xjm, eg^pianz. ^j.t-ie,- in -r.e L)ominican and iKi/rping ihe 
tkrone of (—iejwen ijiing ontij tma'l Kitchen utentilt 
room I— rom ^rocfe O to gr.3de I ^ t'e v^ pL-iytd, 

gi-: «' L,[ cirni .-imjte'ii not mati^ed tnot muck, /\nd ijet fiow *e 

at'e headed to univertiti^ and aroynd tne world, «'hen it teemf like 

fjerterdoij ■*© were ttill triT-owing woodcnipr at eoc" oUier on tne 

> the production 

ICO. I,?ijgrc 

»e wore dretv snirtt c 

i I't rjilet kindergeirten clotv, wK©re ijej, ■ 

-,e. to ^rade t I *nere Intteod we i»eor ^retj rweott. |_ooltfng 
■ ik on tne O ijeort spent living In bo>fl''ding <ind onother ID Ot O 
■- diwdent, I cont thi'-k >r muc^ Id ••ont to cnonge about t^e t-i-^ 
.c ;pent nere. 

, nnii f-riendrr ■•netr^ ,. -ci .r-.;htimet tpent on tre fe'.i 
inj-vi^k,.,;, afternoont rpent 'augning ovmelver titl(j on toil vi ■ .- 
Ci'mpin^ e«Cvrtiont, o few long howrj (pent doing M»e OU n^ui- 
famine, mony longer boury tpenl at tne rloc o™* unfovgettflbie tnf 
to otner corne-ri of tne world. i*6ve bad owr fair rnare Of good 
trme; and made tons of memoriet that 1 1! look bincli on *ith a cmile 
1 - t— eipe-ci-s'lit. hOl- ^^re tnere for me before m\\ life t>t 
oMIw'S "•!"" «ven be^un. /\nd to the manij boijr whove been ii^ 
yamacle t— louts over tne pott O ^eort, ond O fe* of tne '^mtlo* 
',(,'■!; too, tLnk: for- Tifiking ii^M life tUt rriL-c!-. rnc'-e interetting. 

[hJm g^ 


si-jl-.t. Titi*. 1 am al'O'jt «. burti mto t^arj p-om *ritin(j tnit ^ivi. 
•>ito^p, /\n\jnow. looking ba<:K at tbe pott tr-ree tjearc at 
,.jrll_Jo- I r«membeT» tnore time | tpent kongmg owt with mij 
- ■■iJrJr in eacn otn«n room late at night, crijing on tne phone f 
- and trying to got up for" nnorning reneartolt. j na'je 
■ ;'id got (o mucn incredible experience fr«m going to 
"jMLJ J •*>!€« I eouldnt nove done without great twpportt p->T 
I ,.-,',. I 1 .>„l( jjQy fo rtwck ecpecialli} mi) mom, ana \ love \^o. 
'.ntoma frjendf. qow knftw vbo ijou are. Pj*) nigli 
■ ■: : 'it of lifelong memortet and [ will not forijet onij pi«r 
..e now oil and lotr k«*P in towck And. to tne dotr of 
/'.J.JO. congrofeJationrI ^e ^J t' 

LHaafn 1A< 



' ijou wbci ««rent dvore, lv6 £ 

i.fe l^^t been ^t Sl'^lUS 
r-or tnote of ijou wnp iB^rent dvore, Jve otten<>ad me rcnoot tince 
grade I . I remember tre p«op!e •no were at tne tcnool back tne' 
ond I remember when rtwdent«- joined ana wnen tnei( left. It war 
tbe SMUS communltij tkot I gre>* wp in, SMUS tt»>d^tt or- 
l-acult(j tnot were mij priendt ond mentorr, tne onop «no »era tne'-: 

iTjpport, ond thore wbo reiped me i-ealue mij aspiratfont. It k 
; ■-.r- tkis tbot I would like to talut« iboce wbo kave (bored tne 
e»perieftce tincg grade 1 . ond to tbank tnote «tio rave nelped onJ 

M, fciiS wSKfSKm- 

^Picioi'ia LKci' 

tinj «A«in fAet/ tlo. iif onAf an oppo«*(txwt(f /or* ttnointf ftory to 


r C^L 

FrierwJf, '•orJr frtil to J«rcrio« now mucn 111 mm *|Ov AnniB. *T.f.c 
oo mtf fello'* poet, itr oeen t««tve wcJemfbl i|«aTY. ^<ick m^ 
favoi/rito bffpirla. purpla cl^ittlet ~ love. Vick4, «* «i!l owai^i^ 
nemefTibe*" j^witri^. |_flyra, 1 fin^lij atimik. to ijowt* *wp«t*iof 
Ktv^wledcje O*""""*. *t°v *"^ overofna. I vn. b« ev«n(U»r'»g ijOu woit 
to be, |l{ miK you. A l**Out owt to mn T 'WW'J wr-iet ■ *• O^e '.'c 
cndmpions - and to m;j pio ooJJlet for tn« h"* t'mw. I ^onkf to 
riTT K foi' OT«wing tin^let night <»t I n«[^ie(. Mi* Yowg roi" nT 
amucing rontc, ond rMr, I— irf^e— ^— ■ '- : ,— •' -^ i-. i"— I i'—' -'■^ * 

Dod, U>anK< for t|Oor love. 0™yn. nang in bKere onj l^eep t^e myt.c 

Homing. AnJ pndllij. to tne \^r^ac of Oo. live tne life ijou trnogins. 

w'«'' ">eet ogoin. jnoot for t^e moon, tven if *jou (ti'itp, ijowil Wno 

dmong tn© stare L^" D*^*" 

Cjtlina ^Irln-n LKun 

^^•. --"'''eon rtyoent dial ibtfit row, J-ive i 

^•.--^'■eo'i rtyflent <inJ in^it now five ije^T^ 
-emorier I Mve of SMUo <»'™ precioot 

• n I Mnmir. (^^ri^, ,(,^lor»o Kai Kir^ l^ , I lov« i|Du roofiMe, L'ont 
fortjrt tU wemo^et in Room 1 1 1 To Jl rrnj friends at SMUS 

letter, I tn -writing tni? , | Vs 
-—.---,_..__ , lUnt sell tnem for 

a trillion doliflr?. |_)oci, | promise | «i!lioecofre the best f— lotel'^''^ <•■■ 
tKe worU D"tt"fiV- ' ^o'd thj dfd to te^rcP Mr. Kflin JL/D I 
POR YOU An^M**- 40^ -^^^ invttoJ to mij wedding and /O- 
bfrtnd<jij pffrtij. |— l^nnak mi^ ft^vorite, 4OU did I ■•iH cra«e gmger 
tncJrttse* logetrer. support m-flo forever ^om J— jenningr, tjow are 
i»n owerome r»|uaw-ooll swiocker. o®1'' I 'O^e ^ou more tmin i)oy 
tk-il^ (^redit cetfa Roo""- mow <*** ^ unique, nope ijou succeeJ 
t»:l(-ffip. and Dbrman, don t fake ito</r voice on tke p 
C^na, leti N I C <»3<''n. work hard, n^ake if^cocre ona 
'eJ tn^ iwrtn enwrof^mait 

tl'e pnone. Jer> 


I'i "w^* .^j a" 'C.eeo '" to-x"! 


w lA/i 


It'v is^n J v-trejsful ijet memoi'^Ue fo^-T ijear^ dt SMUS 
Att^^oygk kaving Brown Hc'l food everijda^ Kelped me gain 
tnoucandt of pounds, j will mlFf its oruncn 0^'"^ -^ boai-der if hard 
^-itnout friends support, SO I would like to san tnank *|Ou to nii, 
roommate. i_indo, for being supportive \<ir foi/r ^eail I will nilrr 
refidentialjif* wiinout 40U. I O all nnj friendt. yOu Know wno ijou or^. 
tnanl^j for k^^p'ng me bosij. \jood IikK witn tjour untveif'ttjl I o mij 
friend "^onio. | love qow for tjovr infinite' support ana nmnowr f nope 
«e can accomplice oyr summer plan! I o mn mom, tnank you for 
gelling at ms on tlie pf>one. V/itnout 4OU. I would not -r^ia^ v-^e 
,..f,^,-tafKe or '"t life. To mij dad. ! love i(Ou for mak'ng me la, j'^ 
< orotner, ijOU'nave don© so mucn for me. and I L'^w,' 

(y/ir/.s LKmvnenv 


W^^ . .;-^ tjeari ai '.^i X^. ^c niari^ gooa timev. ^c rr.,cr' time spe"'- 

H' -d ^fctkall during cnapel - studi|ing | cant even begin to COu' t 
tne number of piJper airplanes. st>ck pMpie. ^nd ran>doni picturer |v< 
^ ^^^^^^^^^f ' d<-avn duT-iAg classes. Inatn not given me knowledge, as | use mt| 

^^^^H ^^^^ nsrwjr matkematical rk-'lf to calcJote Ko« manij seconds ots left 

^^^^^^^K A ^^^^^^ - :iss. ^nglick Kar given me wordc tnat confuse even tke n>ost 

^^^^^^^^^ I ^^^^^^K||n d^P^ng of opponents Cli«m*sir«{. on ckemiftr^... r|r. (_eggait i{Oi 

^^^^^^^^^L ^K ^^^^^^^^H ^ve tau^nt me now to moke mer« tnings expkide tnan antj orm^ 
^^^^^^^^B^H ^^^^^^^^1 e-,g.reerl f\fji (tiftorq. hvm it repeats itcelp pMort dictAtorcfiipf 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^k ^^P^^^^^l :^''^'™i| rave a wdif of cneaking mto smaller forms of government 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^K^I^^^H V^uck as councils ana sckooW)- ^MkJ ka; given me d lot. banging 
out on hit, Tolmie wAri friends, teacr^ers wno k»ve Impacted mi^ life 
< riding to scbool on mij | l av i o ij at Oam in tre windt ona r^r^t of 
t»r I o mt( best frien<«-, tjou gutjs retped me tvrvive; j nope we never 
■-.^et wnat nasnt arreadij been forgotten. 


ffdlx (X 


bert tbingc tkat happened to r 

naivei' times meant a lot to me. t^evin. 
random comments made ana our late nii 
gradt beet of n^ck' 

:■ an end: coming to oP iUZ) was one of tne bert decision; 
|>& ever made- I do not regret a minute of it! | be timet ft 
SMUS "<»** oroogkt out the best m me and nave cwtngeJ 
life f— mtt, I want to tnank mij parents and mi| browier; witnout 
tkem guidance. | wouUn't be tke same. Tnonkc for all Ww kelp afJi 
Support. A lot ha* rappened anji I ve met so mang amatmg people 
\:: nil mi) bo«)S and girlsr | «ill always remember our bmes wildlj 

J. kioiin^ tke oall on we soccer p.tck and kaving tne b<- 
L-.^r.i joking in class «»tn tjou. To e>ll D»rnacle Doijf. we war* ■ 
far tke H'""ieft boarding house. I will never forget nou, brotr.' 
A'fi"- 0<?m. and I <u\o - living m boLti-Jing -rtli gou •JS one -] " ■ 
cnilLsessions and t^our advice in 
1 will miff our inside jok^. the 
|nt discusrione. I o al' tne 

Class of 07 

T ■ r 

JJavuI LKi 

rents s 

■ 'irt cncillen^in^ timec of ^m «fe. we pile* of hoTievorK aoj the 

•^ jrvl AO^k- Y«t tn« Kar motie rn«j time at tniy (cnool a'l tn« moi-: 
Qec'Oi. I r^it ^cn^o! r^; ch^ped me. onj helped aevetop tKe tnick <K'" 
necestonj to fuwive in the outciJe wonJ | ■voutd frrrt lik© to tnonk 
C^eJ. (ve nrro neeaed ijcv tKece jwffc 3 ijeats. Alto. | woulJ like * ■ 
tliank mij fflmilij, eTpecioiltj mij mum anA lirter. A u'3 tn^^V o^^^ 
^oe? oot to mi) teacnert Yowve been tke oert teocner? |ve riaci <■ 
.iW tre «:liooK |v9 oeert to, Tl^afikf to r1*^ t~Tspt©p witn neT 
i.iipefvetT'jWB tfiT'ciwm ond enptlen witdom (iJiit being t*ie oig^est 
Truplemeot I could tnifik o\). | nope | ctsn ©njoij c»t muck cuccesr i 

■ -et^Tity ^r I kos.-e etjoi^ed lie»-e, n4e r>MLJy •^'^cJ Gi-i^J ' '~- 


■rrn<3T-kable. LJont vovTy tkougk, | am to Udme *^ 
*;ime*. tKe ^<^-idlij combination of iaaineic and unhflppTieiv '■if>^ p-cvt- 
cottfy <?t mij auidemic ana MCid' wfe kave cwfiert«ed. c"t* «"■ 
eoou^k of my triagediet. j «hov;'d tkonk mt^ teocners. I co-J^o^- 
pQ««ib'ij name a" of qou who hove kelpad muke mij learnmj^ :>. 
fu'filling as it couU be. rln ITiendi, tk,ank,{ foT- tne Uv^nc. | will 
co'^ to cnerirk triem f>ar (ome ttme. | am torry if I ever made 
t-.t-'trigr unbe0i*aDli) awk-vafvi. I o mtj po"*entf, ijour undijing love cind 
■ijppo>'t rtevev ^be; unnoticed. Plet fr'erer^T'eri, j oim advice k^r 
mnJe me reflliie «h-^.- importjtrt O" 004- I ^m T'eallij ri<i 

i,,^i, k,.,,. ,.... \,\ c,!.. J .....^ rz.,j 9008. 1 u,, , 

(■(fid happinesT in wnate-'t.i 

■„i „p io. 

Pcnviie cJJi 


-.'\ remember* t<ocke!le? ^ne t«]ij0nt ijou t? Swi-N-ive i'^ememt>,5r 
'"^e do^ i"e brougnt tjou to tne spinning swimming pool? \riaii 4"'- looreH point or i(Owt" rife; ?ne foved i^ou bq bringing lougkter t^ 
r" .'<• "r*. aOXO- C:7ei"mciin. sket been special to got>. v/'tnov-' 
ev guidance find kumor, ijou would k<ave micced out oo a lot. 
:-i;'9cijii4 the food In nom- bottom drawer'. C:;?lorio, you two kcive 
.5^n tkrough a lot. INO matter wnat kappenc in tke end, dont 
forget fke ipac an important perron to ijou Cotnline, tkank ner ! 
fch« funny rtupid stuff youve done togetker. .^enn, despite tke 
mecfinecs m tke room, you i^u'ir flid ki>ve f'-'" l^ikie. :'"& nL"iii'. .i.^- 

... „ l.„ TUAKIKS to 

T.i?n .joi.., .-.I-- *T-i-<i^ -.F.J r-j icit c'.^-r^-, [ ke4 kave 
) you are and tnoy arc rom© of tke bert tkingp tkat ever 

cJ cnnanilm a<!ee 

Wkile I kav^e gained vact knowledge t" my 5 yearf at SriUS 
including C_alc formulae, beginnin^r and ending; of lOnnet*. ^" 
dangers of /^imbardo, I cant tatj |v6 gained muck In tke v^ 
Jepat'tment. | o my porentf, tkank you «o muck for puiking 
i-e'uctant me mto OrtUo "» grade O, jve bad a pkenomenal tim,; 

I o my lister Jaimie. tnank yow for ike laugkter, love OnJ Cuddle? 

i o all my f)-iendj youve made my time at OrlLo memorable 
mnd meooingfijl I cure tke caure of my ciff'f^nt perrona'ity bvtf, 
to ti.ike reeponcibtiity arj love tkem all. fcverytking tnat neeJlf to r^e 
raid kar already been void | apeitry despite remaining ttubbornly 
(_li3sxical, voeve overcome tne I J-min+J)-?ong tet a/^^ cjn nr-w pUii 


rtraigkt. ill never forsget our iketck.j y-r 

'I .-:■■ 'O-.": vi.fci^ve.. -p,c i,ivjot*:. or odd commentr -veve received, Pir 

'^3- ti^- rlacLJonald; tkank you for making me a better writer. 1 1! 

- rye to kaunt you, rMs vyilliamt, tkank yO'j for always- holding faitk 

■ II quertionaole ]az7 fki'ls - V\J kac been enormour fun. \^rviA Uo. 

CJ ii.siin oC( 


' nai. L/eipite tke late nigktc and weekends cpent devouring mi) 

'okc. tkere kave been «ime laugkc and good memo«<iec. SrlLiTT' 

4i only provided me witk on ovtcianding education, but alco it gci^'. 

'x a kugo amount of itre« and very kigh blood precn/re, | need tr. 

■ ' ipnH my family for ending me to tkit wonderful place for m^ lait 

le^r of my kigh tebcol journeij. I o my mom aod JaJ. tkank yov t'"- 

^-porting me OM atwayt being tkere for me. | konkc to my fvier < 

•n anji out of or1Uz>; tkankf for all tke good timet ana 

■■"couragement wk«rn | vat kaving trouble. I want to tkanK my kg .- 

' -onlt ana all the guyf from t-|orvey bouf>» for all tke kappy 

■ rree AfJ at lart, 1 *ant to tkan^ ^!l mg l*r.ckt.ri Tor- vi>n-J;,.L, 

on a tiJent Uie m«, ^fKiaity my M<itk t '7 

' '• ickool to tutor me on 

probabitity. geometric 

- -- .-: ■ ■ -• • ■: '..'fJ tk.rgr tk<it I »-ll vrfe 

ml V aJct 


liked dairietf lent tkif just perfectly deligntful. Coffee? O"' "0 
tk^nk you. I prefer tea. OwC'' <" "'C« day It ic ifnt it? iNot a ooud 
ir-i tka eky. I *onder. do birdt ever feel afraid of keigktt? Perhaps 
onl-j tke rcare crowf, \ve ckould really do tkir more Often. 
oreakfcft in tke backyard. T"e^« pancakes ore deliciouf. [-|o»ever 
"J ■^ou get tkem so nvrfq? \va\i. dont move On <wrry, I tbougt- 
! ~rh ^ -.<,- ,J-DP Did Mf'^ fpol tkdt too? it mutt bo tke wind. 

^ ^ 1 







4' * 

^ fc 



Off 07 

M ^; 

--e^ j^;'!--: l-,i- r->r-:-?.^ .'t ^l'r_,l^ t3'^i*^'^'":3 e.pGT.ence .nt t^.i" 
V:>Ci ■'*ttit<jtloo wcK def^rte(i( Ire oect. lt« tne vj^f that ma^e ov 
Ifite ni^kl ftetrvittj so mwck more fun, ^verv^ mioute w«i« exotn^ on.-i 
witrout regret. P^ij grua ouJotec: b\) tke time «e r'eaJ tn!( ur«li be 
at a <^€rw place and nave ne* {-riendr. cJont forget oil our tou^n a-v> 
fun tiir.« tOi^ther. KL- ^onliS for t^e 'ate oignt part'tes'. Alj-retJ 
n TaK«3; 1 love tjo^/r room. anJ ijou ^utjc. D4U |<i: Ofl"W roi" I'm 
l-f(iNd conf laence |— elw: 1 riat^k yOy for ijw/r tietuia support D^'^*"'>' 
; .^ oecavre ijou afHea fo^ '*■ You <»re aU>a<)v the oect. K. 
'totia contume «o»ne >wiuiJ man XD^ l<oksit: 0<»"k5 r«^ 1^-' 
I .xine'woiJt. l^fCnord: ^aoi(y ps^ everijtnmg. ana tne warm blannet. 

r lijur.gj— |«an: | will vvcit ^OL' 
.yjup *m run the <tiov nsnt tjeor, *ty> ti *rell ^-""it to "tij 
r.-im.'ierYoo gw^t are tl»© test of vie bmt of tke beet Mrc. K^ t^K 
CI«e4, afvl Mr. t-u»i*Jen: To« g»>»** made a Jlfference to m*| future 
. 'Jeepest tnank hou 

, rt--- 

cJueiiHon aJ^u 


made in mij life. | rsmerrber wnen | firrf come m ^raae O; 
OilUo **s corrpletelt) a aiffeT^nt «otW for me w'ltnout *■' ■ 
ivpport fiNjm family, friends and houro parentc. | voula not g^' 
tnrougn 10 f^r in tnif joi/wei]. L-'r**^ ** Kave come a long ^i 
togetner, tkaoHi for evertjtnirg jA,lo: ftaq cool! Andrew, arr^.. 
good-lookiAg man, T'liiurtg |— jvan; nlli| boij. tr<C: mt| o«l^| A^'^- 
model friend I (lawe got- (c?'oria. torri) for giving ijou tome k^"-' 
times, byt i|Ou are tne oert! fiiry *>«d Yvra; on boi|. good mcmcrier 
in grade O | will never forget aoowi \)Ov gml?. and mifS yow all' 
Cordon: great roommate memortw; ■ relatloncnip probleow? 
■ ■^ — jc Young Yoyng? |"<iicnord' ^ynn^ ^^r^ a^-r cirvfrr ir 
..-■ ar>ti |-<ocf>elie. C^ooa 

llJCt^ jf- •taL.T T'tL^r ''i!^ j: J ai' ■■_'oe i^rt peMon I have to tKanks it 
mtj girljfiend. (Jiivio Mang. You nave oeen supporting me oil along 


JA4L c£o 

— gvrtde eignt Jcti«itre«. doing pw«rii,pt/ wa" sitr/ /-t n.:-^';e'. 
.'-:f'^6 fert I'eepowerr, Ine C.<""e'«'W. VOU curfew, / Ar't- 
-ling check i"' qovng ijoung. jinluen, aM g(}in freak fco givfng 
pusT^pt, douMe digits fparer, douMe digit; m(«ed dacset. mack 
attack. V;UO Ar't *eird convos, Swrpencion on birlkdaij, iolo ridei 
vannaWf. pnza cravings, two for fiincning. m»} f^er hoi:fc<A, \^ec. 
center;, [NJ O Shotgun, vrecOe for ncodlef. intrr^*, aepi''^ 
C_ommon, ^U bvcks tarn riJe, green tea madnew, oett gmlf-rlend, 
'S^-'S. \)^end*(, tke C*^"- Detro.* and arad «i-ite u(k, tk.r i: 
*here »t nappenc. O"* looc--e^ 

LKei'in cdcuK 




-!■ ^fear-; kad pass ond time «ar fart It »o! bitter^-^eet | •uau'4 ■ 
to dedicate tke qearr to mij friende, fCe""" fCv Amg Ou NJv-' 
Richard Tang, Alp'ed. Rakstt Patar»apitooi>. oill, | akA 
tidmond, D^ ri, f— elix, Cjordon. fMooigue, (^^a | 5e, L'l. -_: ' 
roommntet and all tke people. I will aiwaq; remember tKe nijt- 
acirvitie?, tke ^neakc out for siudijing. tke pencn wko puked c 
oed, rtai^ng tip for no reason, u^ng z4 kr internet. r^cLJo' ' 
in tke morning, tko roof topf. studijing wkde nigklt for some .- 
«krch didint even coynt. being rtypid ond racist, cki'ling in At ■ 
and I'v'ckardr room and eating ICraft dinner in tke mommg 
drtnk'ng ^ice rigkt after kouse games, geit>ng caught U| <^ re 
parent 7 am7. \—naa^ preps, regular preps o^twyJiaii pi-*c.- 

, getting mo computer conj^rcated- tke rMlne game, tke yes game. 

Sn^oiking botkerr, tke DOT .A gi»mej, 1- okemon, Q^ounter 
|_Jing Uing, fighting with my roommate, noodler, K>raK dinner 
hot pots, tke Break dance clashes- the magic fkottft, tennts. and 

^B cJi efJmi Jilmn 

.■'lvK-.el.. -t-.-'. I -/.. ■" gr-.Je O. an(J oi f"^! ■■ 
■ doting piace to rwtck sckoolt to, ecpeciallti fro" 
"C :c'-,ool in Langford. t-lowever, | soon ad<ipteJ to 
_) as ««l) as anq student covU. and oe^ar^ tke long rK<c 
i-^ere 1 stand ne» No*. I was gomg to attempt to kumbw tkn 
* - atidi give tkankf •^ere tkankc is due. out tkls is rlY grad 
■ e-jp; rf Y time to sklne. so j m going to be talking abovt wk^ I 
I kere are fe* peopU «ko <yr^ more kardcore tkan I om. 
■^A^ (_kw( Ncwrs and tne (ntemwt*. O"* of por as I m 
,em«d. won^one w« is paled m my image. Cut wru'e I t<t atcp 
1^ lonelq tnrone of po««r. | oant k«lp tut gtve a skoutout to mt) 
lain komies at OrlU; Ckris, ijow rock ^^io^ Yc - j - 
probaUy mq longert p'lend at Or1\J- 
'i>at I missed out because tke<j onltf allc4 
4 art»" we'-'B kxt evervtkmg tk?t in»i~f> 

LKcdrma ^ulciciniosh 

'pent i 

9 giim < 

codcket; Tk(»nkf for teacking me tke tkings you cant learn in a 
cli»SSi''OOm, I my fom»li|: | kanks ^cr -^itver ^rvlng up on me | 'ove yOu 
C^rad OO; Domirtote |_et - ' " <>->t- 

Ho*' A- ! iun; ut' li-M :.^ Men'-. .-It SriUS-' '^c'ood! I-^.- 
vJU- t-ran. otepk ana tke rest. |ts been an op-c few years 
togetker, never forget tk© nigktc <«eve spent in fjioby Dw 
Sp^t^^Mac* then Tol'nie? Jess | ksve yo-J Ike q sister V'>' 
kad some pretty ridiculowc adventures, especioHy in tko *ilder- - 
|\|o one can ree yowr invisible tail but me- rNilot*: I hope -aeve 
'eorned the things tkot O-r^ sketch, by now. (II Oe» Yow Dot- 
Terra: YouvB alvayr been tker^ wken | neeaeo you most, I h^ 
kuskec looked tkirHt^, did tkei|? K^^' Youre m^ tetter kalf. |ll 
never forget all our long ckatr, ranging frofn canpgroundt to ike 
back of Iruckp - oonl hirget tke order. To my teamnvtes: some of 
ike bert memories I kave of SHUS ^^'^ 'ke road+r,p: nf Jl«: 
idec- I o my 

i maybe even running suicides 

^/i}}dreiv ^Iflctdsen 

^ftyj gvii iTwJ« ail ^9 J»fte'«nc« ^von tnowgn U^«• wet l*o 
jMrt k>vw felt Lks PORcvER. 1 **<"* nv>A» momf gr^ot 
■r^e*-Jr ar>J moot^ <imat-n^ memori«, |J alio lilie to tk^AK oil m-i 
j««omtt teflcr«»^ fof putting up wtl* nw fof the Urt two ijetft 
^mong ol"*" t^l■ngf, Our ^utjc nigntf out n«lpe<l mo get t»*T>5'."* 
ri\« korj timot, CO ih^nk »*ou /\tliliOugro. /\aam, \_J^'ni9T- trna 

tkenf« OftiitKiftg I'J l»ke to totj? Y«. Sp«»*** ore NOT fo^ w*»4<. 
' i..-^ .i;» l-*n .^s^rr ai SMUS ^»*^a tieen fnt| b«ft Co r^*". *»"<" '* 

"iUS ™ tougnt me to note pni|iier Wiff not^n- ' 
..r, .,-, re, -..,,1. tt^..k H~ All tU UH tc ,-,J OA U, 
r« «itr> J}a^*iint. tkat <u<Jnt who've me 
^':ni to do witn k'Jc Jotng «Hj Uu^(*' ,( 




,' Q W»'/ 

J ftw'f wen* fflt »tng to "^nj 
,_^/'a ccuUnt toJ Out rn* 
A"« / ■»^in»J on a cro^aJ crvicn 

- jr tke cocmic W •" P'*' corfume <»»«?( 
.CeW /ni/ /»ef pnanif took root w) tna eartu 
r^'tf /got ">• J "lice '•iva p'ace i" i^e sian 

/i (ne engine of ^^ oW park^ Ci">- 

■w if f r«(t/iv n«»M to AoW your 6 


ler (fflciu 


oo^|r. w« ore trte b«t I— iovre and j 

.*om« of tne 9U(jf viu pul' a P>i>=k romeda4' 

--ii^nij gr-eat times kece. | «ill never j-orget trie p-iBOols and mome-^fi^ 
I {-cvnJ rere tat fckool 1 rei^ vo«jU oe tne i<(te nigKt toiks vtfitr mr^ 
-oommdte Don ot)out (^od finJ ttie world, the Ute poker ni0htr or 
:tll the w6«ke"<>r ot 1— e'l*? no-jce, I— elw, ^e fxiJ rime mofl time; fJ 
»ell vt«4 in toucn ^ftef Q-r^d I wont to tronk my pai-enti wko 
^rvibUJ me to £oirte to tn>t pcnool OM ol-jroijs rupported me | jUo 
^ant to give mij tpeciof tncirtkc to d'l tne ddy rtuctentf wno wou'o let 
me ogn out to their hoi>ret. erpecwillif ootli 0"^toplier(, Hix'fO'^ 
Hen. N-ck <»"^ Mike i k»J great weekenJi ana rick portter ■s't'- 
^ou. I -^il! never rorget fcne rtirrtng [-oortwill matcner m H'^'-'e ■ 
I— joufe or all tne Mouse V^^mei ■•« Mve aon, I me^n tne C^.; 

t it will be so in future. I— jarwet) 

ill ^tavfi oe and j k'^o* trot 

c^-;/^,K^i; QIW/ 


eople alwoqc Ml) thflt time fllec, but if «e raoHtj think joout it 
-cjt all tne «jcce«ev ana foiluref «e nove encountered over tW 
i-^r?, then doevnt it f 

nil) seem right tkot we ore graJy^ting? vv e 
■ jve mooe it tnr^ugn ringing grwmt. provincial enomt, and untvemt'^ 
'- plications jSjow. tfH tr-at are left ore memories and tne people •**! 
.ide tnem witk Jeft \A ■ W^e lasted four x^earv s!ff' And | w-;' 
- e had four mor^. |_ove yOu awatjll ^am; f "flnk ^ou for lovlno 
t- Bubble TTwMe, rW'O Fvorl, Kicrmond; it wont be tne s^' 
t^>Out qou Jen Cba ■ B«s't f-ortng Pryits forever, Mij 
K,orean .nflueoce. its! T'co • 6AM6AM. realite bo* 
^ooo uou reallii are |— lannoh - |--'ann' I ou Cfi name a fisn 'ike "■- 
otber. :^eria - Never bave pett or kJtl I ''->' "^^ T=' o'-t-cW' be- ■ 
M £,r6 i ',.r-, ■! '.,. .^ ^-.p^ nt .j^Lng for four gears. |-|enr(j tbe 
Otb! To" - Mit OftJ Bu«'P? Kels - O^^ poems ore engulB'^ei' good! 
D«v,d - Ml, brol SY/MA- I love 40U. Mom/D«J ■ I love ,o. - - 
Qrad ?008 - "Portune fa-ourj tbe bold " 

^ IAvJk, Q7hr^i£ 

I contemplated writing the ucuol ro mon^ /u" tmef gw^p.' 
!^emefn(:tGr the ti'mewitA tAa conJiM ap^ef and V «•'-« V'llage ■ '. 
Iwt tben 1 r^allr^d tbat nobodt^ (induditxg mmelf/ •ouU remember 
wlyit 1 wat talking about arHfwog Oo tnen, | could son tnot o: 
times at jMUo "Of^ been amaitng, rtraignt out of <* 
teeoifbopper Tv ibo*' but tbat icnt true eittver, Oo... tkat leov^^ 
tKo "titter. wHk a tligntlg <entime*^lal pavour rt^jle. ^Qran 
Moreile: I just cant •'rtte Out all of our x^n timec... Iney wouUnt 
troniUle wefl 5<"W T'*^i'bel: Nveve bad cucb an owecome t^of. 
and 1 can't -woA rem us to b<»ng out at IJnil To everqone eire. *}ou 
krx3« wT^o »(Ou are To m*j teacnert, tbark f^ifj for making fer= - 

poit ^ ^cjrr so awesome. Last wi not least. I ■want to tbank m^ 

mum, witbout qou none of tbn ivou'd ba-e been ^vtn posr-bU 


bailor ^Garim 

>rr, > (>3rt4 t.-j-^/ i a<r <i »,cked CC'J ^'.<1^/ I am <i T' |.->„..rte' 
0. e of manij «bove attended/ | am a oMUzj student/ I am j 
•^(jacq/ I am legendary/ [ mignt Kave a Kuge ego/ I am a 
^ntributor/ | am cbarismatic/ | am lo4al/ I am | ruttworthn/ I 
im funni)/ | am solid/ | bo-Je a song trritten about me tnat will one 
>f»ij be famour/ | am a friertd/ I am a best fnend/ I am a taniy/ I 
Tin a rugbij placer/ | om im/incib'e/ 1 am tfO'^^ng and arrogant/ I 
.im proud to be t^oung and arrogant/ I am a Dudd(|/ | am a C"u" ,■ 
I am a dude/ I am tb<?t gutj/ | am TaiiTay/ I am K«:k/ I am 
TommV I am Tbe \_<yrji of all 0<»^/ I <"" TiiijUr McCarter 
f-d now I am an alumni. | am f-'roud. 

r • r 

eUoUe Q7Wee 

T^per-s. : S3 i:eJ \'^rif roo** (after movrng lie»-e that nuf Jiqc 
I o^^?^lto ^.jre no p^rttj in comp<Trison to tns cw^er of K"'^^'' '-'"'■'J 
i<icnmonJ If I nadl « dime foi* tne rtymber of tim« |ve experlence^i 
r->m« Jeijree of le^enJcirtj nere. I cat* ovn>r« ijow I J be <iwiie tne 
r..'^- toJij v/'*© lif^ew kkree iiearv <*go ]a aevelop a ptfwOA for rocL 

-e CT ',n dimlij lit c**|Cterwf). eveM| t'^g'if" te^cnef |ve ^ver 
► .-•-J (inj tre eft*^ riwt'C jlefwrptirent? \a line to ttKtnk i3 1 
K'i^cr.efi fov m^l^n^ mij time re*6 ijnat mycr more ewrelle". 
defrnitelij liro«r -who ijou «»i«. A^ r**" ""M n^'e^ac, | Jont Hr:c ^ 
I J be »itnout now. Dot |m ivre it «oulc>nt be fl-JiiwI^^re c'o^r 
where | a*n now. |n all, oltnougri qraSv oeen d {omi nJe. I con concfucie 
tntft qraa^ ten wli ol»di|r be l^e oest (jsot- of mi] fife I \pov Mojvjon I ^W 

con fxjmpfltniie Deft of lycK to tne ^ro^ of iUUO. 

(?/J.s<^, Q%-<=^, 


cMcnoxt ^rrlillc}' 

eialrc (MOC. 


^^M fl ^^H '^"^ ^uperier^e I Ke teoctierj iind rtwoentr rere nave to mi,;' 

Bk "^ ^ fl^t "^^^1 ccnool ;piWt ona were (ilwaqp inere to tuppoi^ an<t h^p me tne 

' ' .^B', V ^^^^^1 ent™ time, to tkonti <(ou ^ome of tne mott memoroWe mom^rU ' 

fri'i life ncive been m^aa »itn tne lowing team onj to mi) t'3"t: 
'_-rt^^ C-nampionc, I L-/\ t— I i— rom ctv>th jo*/T*ietjs to ( immyc .an J 
■ncvie nlgnts. to being J^VQQeJi to scnoo' ddncec, I coinant nav© 
£3tke<* for (J better" group of frientlr: 1 1! j-eoilij micr *jOu S'^H^- ' "* ''-"' 
to mwsn foo in nome \xyrm and M' never forget iJo"'** I "*'* 
1— lopefwHij tnere wilt be mofH} more fttf-tflttic (^£»fl<aoa L)oi|< ana 
coTYtpIng trips to come. | loolv foo-orj to \it all go'ng on and marina 
nev memo'wes tnat '*e can carrt-~ brjcl. l-jh-J iKflre iitn t^di otrer. 
i ne a>ougkt of IJniverciti) k fxartj, cut at tne «ime time | knov «e 
■ " 'JTceed ana onl^ become ytronger. |tr now time let go ana mowe 

- :■ tne re<»' world, byt t cfln attia^s look back on tne great times I 

- ^iti( ttrived to ocnteve mi( o»n (icai'*en>ic ^^Ofiic, bjt | fyive .■it.-i-' 
. r emotiorxillij confident tbat i can no* leave wiw tive necefCflrij 
■-5t to rucceeJ in mq career. fSjot onl^ nave | noJ ama^ng 
*e^c^erf «t\o rave given n»e o^rtHa^a■ng opportunitier ana tne toot; 
If r-jcceeJ try mq croven career. | must also give tnonks to tne 
CO jrrelling centre and tne ttflff io lea*^ing retOjrcet wrio over tne 
qearf l\ave given me unc6nditional nipport tnrougn m>antj of ti>e 
■in^'ienget j nave faced. I «ould like to thank mt) friendc for | *oJri 
, tvei- nave n>ade it tbif far <»<tnout tnem; tnet^ ore remar,^'^'^ 
people and •rlH atwa<|C be a bg atpect m mu life f— inaily bu' 
probaUif tne mort important. I kave ic io>i tKiiK ic:u to m, 
- , ' j-c ^j^^ji'-^f .. t: ... timei vnen | noa trouble took'ng 
I l^nge; of tbe dai( onj nave alva<^r e<^DtA^ed me to ^c 
i^K^ me nappi| in mtj life. 

Tm/o,- Q?iOW/L, 

G^J< «F '2008 <, 

ineve year? but theij will probablij turn out to be <ome of tne '>.■ 
ijearc of mij life, and nave made me •no | am iodatj. f— row - 
ffTft day at 9MUS- goiftg into Mr*. Porbef Wome»^»m f 
ftrtt time, to n\\f final aEfembli| ond daij nere. I nave aluwtn* b'^ry 
greeted viti' a welcoming cmile from awfone and almost everijf 
meet. Tnanks to ai' m-^ teacnerf fw- tnem Kelp, guidance, p<iti^' 
witn me. | hank? to mij friends for them support and companrji 
DovlJ K. Dll»n C Willie" M (rtJI m.« 4<,u!). G<»-i=o T 
jou Know fttio you are, cheers for oil the good timet! I espec.' _ 
ne^d to thanks io my parents and foimiiij rcr i^iving me t^e 

thinking or 't ac o eeco^ home, ^o mant| great memories are 
a;t^;u)t«d with thic p^e and the people wtto go here: lunch timet 
cp€it on the field, sporec spent at Mili?«de, ^pic adventurer «itn 
fr-endt rli^ p-iends, 1 000 cnoroeters arent enough io e" 
l-c* much 40U n>Ban to me I\ie*t ijeor oven when we are o' 
ceparated bt) '^att distance?. I know tjou will only be a phono 
awoif. 0*0^4 ^'* ri6vw* be the sonw again not* k»lf to e«Ci' 
vithout ifOu ^'"''h- I W'N- thanks fo** all qOur holp with t="^''*n. l'' 
pi-obablt( ask mout opinion on tflir loo if I get a chance, 'well -t 
l;>ck< like ail the dai^r anji nights spent rtvdqing have finalli| paid o\' 
I eachert. thanks fon oil the netp over the of "t t»o ue;"-,- ', tl ■ 
lone thol. at the time, ftlt like thiij would 
"" r luck; I koow youll all be great. 


a ^/nniciki 


A~l fm»llii to G™J 08. t.. 

^ou all aqaf\ 

oMUS •«" <» •*»»9* cna«ge ro" "ie -> tir a^ic ...n.^ a,,^, , ,r^, 
Kave been able to do It if 1 dldnt nave m^ older brother ^t<rr 
*ant to thank mij pai-ents for giving me the choice to 
ocouse it nos led to iO man^ difre'«»t oppcrtonltiec. I 
of ^4 roommates. Jee 'n. Moggie. Ksndra. Roche le anJ .j • 
Living with each of ijou has been a different experience., but :-■ 
i^Bor filled with memories that will lart o lifetime. | hank *|0u oi' Tor- 
helping me grow as a perfon. (o o'' of my | immit giw. thank yow 
for making my job as He^n of |-l*wr* <0 ^tf^ thit t|ear. You are 
il! nmaiing ana \ am going tc "i:: .to,j i\ 4* '\fi rr.ij.^ r^^f. u^trf 
rtkn^ and hope to set 

LctkcJmx) ^Irlimsln 

I l^^a K,-. roori-j I .■■■<."- i^v/'.. t'.,-.-:. . vv-iA- ^'^e^.. 

people, \r\ot poofie. C^rwian pAOpls. /\rr«i-iain puoplo. rHtt"; 
people. C^et'mon p«ople t^*'N°''* *"•'*•• out I lov» i|Oii -■ 

G/fJIYj/? QJlosJlc 

SMUS l'«»''e givnn me. OF c ' 'n« gowip, tK- 

mordinote amount of learning thcit ■.f't JC«"". vX'fi tne tiittere.ri 
roTiflinv of a vvr-ii weH-ufoJ or'tfo*'t>- I n«T>e it no ting'e p^tTOn I :.■'" 
'liijnit for citi tn© good kimnt I v« UovoW a litUo nit fr-c*! t» lot ' ( 
I'^opie I be^tJo school Ot i;iri amorphoyv igooromuc ooei nawe mo'"!'' ■ 
clo rt l©t«>ned iotlividujil, 1 o mij toacrort: ipn fl'wflijv hopt tning. 
■''''.ei'tdiin'ingl 'vyko *ooldi> tf'unk iBJi^ning <:oul(J bo WW pjnf | ■■ 
>mirij; tntsntt tjou foi" oetn^ tf>et^ fo** me • | Kno* it ca" o» *» hi- 

. Jdift ;^nti-pat*eidOKic(i[lkt, mij i' 

i.T ,;(. *i. . J.,., .iiucn tyffeT^fig. /-*--' ' - — ■; '-■■■■ 

arxl (unrti« litjve kept me 

>viet, |_it room loncrsont. 

)v/Pol. cai* a<!lvefllu)*et.,. ^O ["^oni) l_JnfoT>gettal>le Otoi 

SHJuircl QJlosci' 

I U^.e tinJ ;onie ^i-*.it tim« Ui-e ot SMUS al-c tO'"e '-O-j.^ 
t^imes, i>wt tkiitr jusrt life ^rom clorf©%-, ■*hfrr& sometime;- oW «e cr>r. 
Jo is trij to keep etSoK otner awoke." to Jflnces- when ■oce ju**- djnceJ 
our little tiea-rtc out to nil our f'^^'Ou^'to «)tigfi to paHlet, to juit 
h^ingirg out »itn frlenJf. gettirug wp to no good or jwct gaming om* 
lives, Merof to all tne good t>mec we kod 1 o t^e 0041, noo gjifs 
reeillv kelped me gel tnroogn rcnooi, ctiGoriog me up cincl keepi<^ me 
going at times All trie epic momenti in njgb<]. «rtei ve pvi 
ourtelvet on tne line for" eacr* otne^, ov jwft h«d o bugn at prjrr.-t 
To all tne pr«lt4 ladies, we too rwve nad tome gi»ecife Jflogrt O'-J 
■*ei^ momenta. | o nnj Onos, Our pnejfico tt^p, A gutf wac in t* •=■ e 
for like V novrr, o^"- "t •«r a pg^ door' I ".:.( f.i-ip >?r r'i-- 

V.jfc^-^i i» — i cr.>ti -r-i - -, -■ .;^.j I know »ell oe apart out ■well 

never broak opart. | ffiewls p^en<K for life kere at oML J- ^"d ™d 

momentt tkat I will rev^r for^^t 

cy Imim ^r2( 

Qlot-m Olc 


become a SML^S boarding lifer, M»J f'"* H*"!"? ^t 
<? cii^inged mij life and tdugkt me graat lewonf, I k'-v-' 
..<,■.■ ■-'; ^' qnod anfl bcia. memorie* tno 

; lifiniii to <^>^>^ teockery for all tke time tre^ spent vitr > 

pecioNi) to mij parent? for tneir unlimited support onJ care. |v 
'^:::'wr- E"1''h- remember tnote lote nigktr. I kei 
niemorabl©- Fvarri, t'li'^' 

: le«onf, 
II never forget 
n me flnd 

ie<4 »or» pjn anei 
lina, qou two are tke best roommat«C onf< 

Ltrnnt imagine no»' | «i!l vurvive in uiivenitq without ijou N/onnie 
mm Ine dags when "s^ were in grdide I U. V^oi'don. no more m 
cifirfSS'. Oeicon, i^ou are tnvon^ mq big brothor. A^'frea, I |oo"^ 
Jvi3^t tke best ckemistrq buddies. Anita, rllckelle. t<»ke care <■ 
keep in touch. A'l the boarding liferi-, *e made it' Ar*-*^' 
^; <Dv> made m4 kigk i^ihool life unforgettable- Ocore r^^^^^^^^ \ 

■ r.j, who ()ou ore^l | hanks r^*" making m^ job eas<et 

, . I ^..1, n^..4 I -I, .. ,,.„ J] CDAH fi-S! 

rr>', •© made it' Ar*-'"' ''■' ' 


Navef poT^^et 

,=.;„!l A. 

gsnd luck if> thi 

enioijed most of trie time liv>ng and studying here. L'*'''fl O"*^' 

.:>iaaa *'<k much horjffr and tougher ikon | expe.*- • 
^ forget the p*^ gMr living h»re. t''«"'Nd''4 wo* just 
a (r*tc 'ovi i survived' | cannot find (tny woridc t»^t can e«pre«r how 
mua> I *ant to thank my parentr fo*" their k^^^d and loving cupport 
over tne past gears. rf*j friendc who •^re there to svpport m% . 
aog »aii' riij roommatec who were awecome each gear! verr.,;, 
thai* for evergtningl! i— u*> and the lo» limec both! L^r, tf»e lofe 
night talk* Never foT^et! .J.Oo'' B» «»ll T^>''"'' {V be-ng 
supportive at anglimel M'ckjel! otop(You know what tol) I ako. 

J... Oe""d P- . Z>tag cool ana not too much baHin! An.* 
fK H'.'«rve4. wr.£?<rtrs'. Humphries - nope | wornt too 
id to all of thoce *ko 1 didnt mention mann thanks an^i 


wL, 0/7 

V>MUS 'fn't tUt bad after all. It's tike to leave, and it 

; like there are too mani| valuable memorier to pack twr., 
:e':ond of boardifvg life in Oolton is unforgettable I hank 40U 
\vertdg, rir Common, anA mi| tjolton bogc. And now, h«r« wi' 
-10 04"'R'- ^* expected ot prrt sight and at gowr eccentric na-^ 
i ju<t perfect to be *(tk for the last A i^ears | will never- 
-e a^le to forgot gou Dg>--R'- ^"d I wish ijou tne bwt | akoh"*<~, 
• isk I waf .^apanBt^ jurt for i^oo. vJof*1>" *»"d Ke^'". I*t * *""'"<■ 
AA^ndrew Chen, goure olmoct there for the world record of 
^1. itching the most moviei cr. tortk, Ai*tkur L.o, it slJI feek lii, 
j-ere roommatei- t-rancoif. |m w'orkin.r) on tlie dr£j,aorn w^i > 
pure handsome. A"dga, be nappg, j oon- gow were alwagt mg irong. 
Mg l^ortiain kiddec, plag tafe tind nwike the upcoming gear* betler 
t^lian ourc, |_octlg. I tnank mi| fami'g for all this opportunitg and I love 
■iQit |— lere I come, Cbeerf! 

□ass of Q7 

r ■ r 

U Qilm g„ S>a,i: 

't t7 ns't rioge or mij life, f \r\o<B one thing for tufe there 4-?.' 
.':-■% the o»rt. orlt_Jo "<"" become mi^ Kome owatj from hon>^ ^ol 
* - Uit fowl* yeort. ano just <J7 1 oni ^ettm^ useo to D'^'*" I— lo'l 
'. t'me to leave. 10 oil mij r^ienrfs (Yor. YOUA ""'' house 
t i-er.t«: I w6vl<t not ha-e Deer^ oble to cwj-«ive onuthin^ without ijco 
f 'niss 40U an*«ci^tj onj Im goin^ to mus ijou even more! [ou cifwoi* 
l^nvA been and olwfii^c will be a huge port of mij life. | muft ;dij d 
^38 TWAMK YOU to oil -", .-onderW UaJ.^. M". 
kC jk't^'-H'. I i*'" fchinli of ijOy Sverii time [ e<»t chocolate eind <if\r\ 
tea I honkf to mxi family for giving ine such an incred-ble 
Cipportunib^ dnd fupporfc - | love tjou | remember ^cn^l^lJ ^Kif I ,ir( 

trr^ of tne repetitive aa*^^ tn boarding, bvt ) know thcst tnore Jdi^r «>ll 

be the nightigrits of my life ona thdt I will be mitsing everxj single 

moment of the good oU dtf^s with £ill of Vfiu. fCeep ift toucn I Jme to 
'-.e our (Jreicmr come tr*je 

u I rememoer ^cl^^l^lJ ^r,i' i .im 

cRmn czyarlc 

1 ,-.,n.„,:,.,. tli<,|.«. tl,..3nt ,k^t 


1 I ; ^^OiTiing f-rOf 

i earn rnJebbad io mij fiother for !i 

.,r.ll . /iitnv-i-rfo.-'^ the Cjrjreat 

;i ;m«tl town of I /OU peopW. DrtUo bij compori^5n. looked 
kuge. D'jt despite its immensity. | managed io find o r<*'^'''i '" '*"'^^ 
ooflrding houie of ooiton. f— ot' the port t»o ijeairs, Ive had come 
interesting twes. | II pi-ooab'y never forget the wte night phijfict 
lectures b4 t^oi^ee^. the desperate attempts at gathering people for 
piTza. ana the running and screjjming of people at t .30 Arl. [d 
like to thank all m^ teachers for endowing me >»ith their knowledge^ 
Im sure its going to be qwite wteru' "i "fe. id like to thank m^ 
friends and house parents for mak'f^g boai'ding the ynicjue experience 
u\(ft it trolly wos, C;?ood iuCK everijone ond see 1400 ail real soof 
ig, 0>.'t ta mtj teacher? for lining 

^oicmncJi cycdcni 

hope that 

' (til of those who have cm insatiaWe curioritij to kno*" 
-f T-.^thrng, except what is worth knowing (_f_)scar XlyildeJ. 'jou 
'-,? my life interesting, hilarious, ondi all the more worthwhile 
ii^iliia, 08^'<*' D'f^tt, Oam, Jess.. .well there is only one phrase that 
onn describe 40W all too accuratelif, BAH BAM' A special 
thanks to mij familij who has been ever relenting to mij pleas ^wetl 
lome cf them at leasty | have enjotjed ever;) minute of it from chili-^ 
tJ-iij^ m togas, to wolks on the beach with mij homeform lover, bubbi? 
trouble, bond holding, and endless sypplies or chocolate and ginger 
molasses, r^na for every minute that | feel | might regret I f^na 
something -jcefijl to help me along the way in the path that | am 
cheating. Q^heers to failing neod over heals, no matter who or what 

re- I o tiie grad closs U^w* (especially tm^ homeformies/ 1 

yoLfr dreams eire never ending and ewer fylfilied. Ail •>(■ yo^'^ 

il come tr-je if onli^ t^O'j can find the courage to pi/rsue them 


c/viKsii c^atiauafjii 

00; J 

' I^^^B ^^^H rli) :hcrt. bwt three ^ears at SMlJo have foem^ to go 

^^^^'\T^^^'V ^'A incredibli) fast. | here nave been a lot of "pS ond downs thr"-. v 

VB ^ these years but they will probab'^ turn out to be come of the !,>. 

B^|k S -^earc of mq life, and have maa'r me who | am today h— T^im mij 

^^^^^ ^^^^ta^ '■'^^ °'^'* "^ '^MiJO' goif^g '"to i^rs. f- orbes I— iomemoom for the 

^^^^^^^^^L ^A ^^^^^^ first time to m^ final assembly and day here. | have always beer 

^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^k^^^^^^^^^ greeted with a welcoming smile {rom anyone and aintoti ever^ I 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ft 'oeet. I hanks to my teachers for their help, guidance, patience 
^^^^^I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BB with me. I hi>nks to mij f-niends fo^ them support and companionship. 

^^^^^^^^^^H Do-.J K. D>iU« C ^^li'^'" M (h'.II tjoJ). Go'.Jox T. .tc 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^KJj^^^^^l LiOk' who you are, cheers for the good times! | especia'lij 

need by thinks to my parent^' and familij for giving me ths 
opp&!"tondy tfnd ;uppt-.>t to C'--me to 'l^MUS iz^^fO,^ iuck to J\ +U 
Q-rai^i of ?006 ar.d have a great fo-st 'iear at univer^.tv,. ■. - 
■^-hijtever ijou plan to do tn ijour lives. 

cJlim cyan^ 


rt has been L>ke it has bew> said countless times before, people are 
never happy with what they have yntil its gone I his is probably no* 
I feel <.l>o^A SMUS. tut l'"> lM^ >"~ SMUS «JI te » pl»== 
that 1 will nutt ona the memories are something I will never forget 
Opealfng Or tbe memories, there are some people I will never forged 
and there are probably a lot more people who | will forget about. 
i— irftly, I would like to acknowledge m^j trio who followed me mto 
the depths of |*^eKtco: Den. l-^lchard. (_)icar. You are the kind ■ 
gjiis who will leave memories that last a ilfetimo. Kat, i really 
Tannol cwm up oyr relationship in I UUU characters or lets but caf 
say the post four y«<>rs ho-/" f^'^n amajina f hnt- k Keallq our 
'p pwt in wordr. To tn« rest of my entoi/rage, i^'. 

■:■■>' 'je '"''"g^lt*" r1t| pal"*"*!, you put me through hall to 

I higkev educatwn, and finely it makes («n«. | iov* you bof> 

%c/o/«.s- <^cJi£ 

..(ik a Uc 


in not li' 

'- After .-m 4ej.-4 at oMlJS. I v^^a■^ tu «Ffrvc,^t- tlie q.jjLt, '> 

instruction at this school of oimt. I ne dedicated faculty ana ;t ■ 
' the lovingly maintained gi'Ounde, anj the supportive atmocphera m;i.\-r 
tJ this campus the finest secondary establishment 1 have come across. 
Vt^ ffnrt thirteen yearr of schooling hove paft»d so ^uick'y that we 
yearc all run together now, but my years at ol^LJo O^* dirtinct 
anA memorable. Mom and L/<'d, I assure you gr«at '^tui'ns on 40ur 
ninety-tlioosand dollar RRSP- Tkank you for i^ovr patience, love 
and support through Wi» good and the not-so-good timer. I o my 
friends ana classmates, t offoT' the words of t— »^f>cois Maut>iac: no 
fiPiendihip can cross tho path of our destini^ without leaving some 
mark on it forever. | his phrase, f'"'' 
I the pafi. bvt we can derive 

strength from our experiences. Nve graduate ft^>m ZjMUo l"0 
leaders of tomorrow, and overnight, become the leaders of today 

rr me. w.Il <; 









^ ^nliclKid cir o-ssou 

of tK« o*^«»T. ^itf'Kst I founJ "WK U<« g:r%alKt vperitnce \v ■ 
<o far. Tv* k«J «x«« 4r«(tt timw witn oD ©F w« -JctviliM- U- 
c^rtt Uom?. tl>« oyl tnpr, tKe clwiw. onJ ttw coM«blfi. T"* '■> 
of •'««tui4(aU9 p9opt» |v« m«l ai vih <cnool >vif iKocKw "le i - 
(Itou^t I J be to in lovB ^w toma of tr« t«ct9>«*Y «nov« iavQnt 
me: onJ I JeB^'t^^ n***** ttvovglil I J Be » irt lov« »ow> *om© of ^^'^^ 
cwt>f«ct« ti«j'** fcawglit m«f fJ ^<f to tt^-Jv o" of m(| peers » ^ 
t«iu>^t me mar* tKon | couU •*•»■ Uam jurt frcrfn (Ming in o . ^' . - 
A." of lt»e mpvriiancot witli (|Ou 9ut|f k«ivo been w<iludi>ie. OF eovr^. 
U lie to tKank «^^ Mom'^rJ ' ^ - ' . - . . - _^^^ 

!■- tlw ctT«iful times. OfJ fBT* gtwin^ m« a luck U«*6vgri all of t' 

''.'i'^ -'fnet 0«xJ kjck to (^wffJ VOOo. iti becA an amaiing iovrvif, 

oaJ I kope to !>•« ijoy 3i«|« at Ot/r reu«iont! V I V r\ I 

^B o) aval I ^ulcgcm 

!7iLon s>kLi 

mij cicai«niic cariteir. oMUo "«** tjwgnt me tk>t if 4OU wot4\ 
* jrj flfij ijo<J seels Wp p\>m t^Oor peers anj teocnof;. ijow c^« 
yr:lii*ve 40ur ^ools I felt tnat all v>e grve'li^g v<,vM. that I pwt ro"*^' 
l>iiiJ o|t I o«e it all lo my teacnert, who WpeJ me *«p>.»pJ rn, 
Isr^owleJ^e, "Hj fTiendf «ho were thftre for me m bmof o^ ■ - ' " ' 
ntij parant; •-no cinvOt^ Bncoi^^Qua anJ mpportod me. 
CoogmtulaliorK cImt of /OOot | wiiK V^ bett for al 
tn« iienrf to come, om | nope to *ee \tov vi. tne Atiwww «e«Ko 


\A-i t-'v yctir-i nt :dMU J "'^ive. at timet, leomed to wrog c^ 
en<:JI©«i(j I et. 0<: graJuation Jro*f nBOT. \m ooni&yf to thirl, -■ 
lifeittjle Ive gron^o accustom to will coma to on enJ. Origir^i' 
o territor<j Tfiote popwlotio" •«? only a tenth or v'^orias. - 
Jifferwit laivjuoge and cukoral oockgr^oyna, | ron into revere 
Itles adfjttifwi to tKe boarding and tcnool communifctj 
.^ver, |ve had ^■onaerfj eipenences immewed iV» the otudent 
i f^eatre Soc'stij ooj C^'<»P«' Team artd tne rriendf Ive mode, both 
vithin anA outfide of t^e scHool. bave become on important part or 
fnij life. Tbroogb we deepUts ntghtt, emotional br-ealtdownc, 
bom««JinesT. a foiled relotKK^kp. grad pronV, do«rnto»n ercapeiJec, 
tuccererj we^gbt lo« plan, stvopping ipf^^ a i;><Ji.")| m^Jelv; 

..J rfcT. --n^ p„ij..-it^^i i>v*i. ^. of-^ all tne laugrx- and the tearr witK t»>» 

mort omoTwig friertdt •« trie wotJJ, mn sKort time at OrlUz? I""**' 

f«rved to ^^^ and depne t^e perion I om toooij. I o each cf '^'^■^ 

fne^dt: vje t adore! 

^B iDtmlv dry 


ffiete past nine ijearr at SHL'S bave been fwll of anwiting 
-.,■>„^-..,,^.- Xa^t I Pin. ill. r-^mplete mij [■inol ijear. | creatho both ^i r<,-il 
t=ve" thougn |ve cyfFe^^ through the Uti^ 
M;irt^ -T>j:'i)'nj, tne '^-ictitime pit orcnectra reheorsolc 000 the <• •■ ■ 
b<olog<j classes. | ve also experienced ♦onderpjl musical*, exciting 
rchool cnor<tij events and hilarious fltiembliws. I reoIiTe tna\ 
"t^MLJo l^«*5 provided me with an outstanding education ana I 
wont to thanli all my leonderfol teachers who nave made this net*'- 
both memorable and p."" To a'l mij friends, | lave yOw ail SO m^^c^i ' 
To mij strength ond conditioning buddies. W6 will be jocked! I O ■ 
*-.?nderfyl biologq lab partner L<»ima. I olreodij miss 401m teas>'- 
and lo mij mvs>cal buddies, gtx)d times, I a'to woold like to tha- ■ 
- . , ..... ■; \---- I .ik''j thi-; ij^vir both roccesstJ and hilanows. Of^^ 

Ijrf, but i>ot least, tbon ijov Qrod 200o. i^o^i ore a f<iniaslic group 

.-.i I .,..4, .,... iU U-f .f L-L- 

LKmibcft V cyrmqli 

mcjl c 

Riding tbe bws, going to tbe concerts, sittMig down at th*^ 
on Os'tw^diM n^t;. Mount 1 olmio volks. vjackier house or<i *l' ~ 
good times tnere. hstenng to J^fferrton tiiXTParv onJ watching the 
fan. the mearJers «e went for and tl^t people we met togebner and 
j\\ the random ooventures we nad- 
Jlwinll *»0u for molting tbrt final i^eor ot SMUS tbe bert 

"^ Qflorqcm S^JiJl 

qassof 07 

1 r 

j^ ^^ c/ cssica ^ucdlci; 

tne collat> of mtj over^aW dreti mirt. | ne tnougnt ©r wdiiliing 
ijmong gtcintf and Droetd«nin0 iwj motnemdiicol Koowledge m-o* 
diiwnfcing, |— iQwever", ari&r* t>egi/t>git^tifig f 4 &reriakr<^H- I fnode it ':•^■t 
or tne hoosenold ana mia tKa loving avms of tne senior rc^lOCli, ^^ei-e 
|ve (net tne most orl!lt(»nt teacher? and mcrediole p-iendr rl'i good 
budi I^W |— Jc'' Ct* /\oriou* - tMnkp f*"' t"® inipir<ition | he divt4. 
smellij. grade I £ mol«{ - ijOLi ne^-er' {-.sil to keep tr>'ngr enter^tairurg 
O"* bring a cnile to my roce, (^>rls - momentr ^K'tn vjoij ■fill foNow me 
to mij qvavQ and if | had a dime foi" e^eri^ fit of Idugrrter. I viouij 
provide blue witn o lifetime tupr''i cf ^-j'-i-r r^li>m i-*. l,Vi,jJ tKir,.^ hvli 

(■err jumpinc) into tne pcirfengers tecii of teenage ricod. 'ove ijou rtlwO'j 

|— liawing overcome ftrst atm jitters, | k^ow fcntat stepping into tne fa\' 

lone wll be notkrn^ «hoTi>t of extr-ijordina-P^, ciltKougn | migtit fkip 



",.■,'. tts Ui,'-'.'. 'A U«..; o,J l-e,„.: .-ill, „.,J l^ „^,i yolirl^J 
■v-aterproof <tioei- 1 n>r 'jll started tnirf.een ijecirc ago. Pnemori^'; 
iGit like cr-iter.o tkeets for pi-ojects ond nmj^ kaw dipc tn^f dc.fie^ii- 
eind diiflppenr. ^uck oi dlnoKiuvs, lik« tne ftegotoyrut! 
Vetocir^ptorj are f<ir mor6 of a concern dwe to tbeir immente 

cpeed indoo>t, wkick is what tiappenod or tne qetarc plied yp 
'it 3>[ 10^- track "ew door encountsred can os opened EOone'- 
iJue t(j (eorning c-ap^ioty and tne urge for perogiet. L-Otf of 
perogit'? nelp ;ucr fic fnend?, te<?cners ana fcjmJij did. I ne^ ail -ion e 
in different pf»«c"j»'r cf lovelij. ai ^i-ell «t -vltn cide-fp<ce< tnat m^irj 
ft-quive poutine on ^t fpore to recover p'om. |— rom tipple tcipple ana 
tr^tf- voter vhii;h increcve^ t-.j.-I: c"- hef-oei n^^tfllllc geiiv «i.pcn Jr "'Ji' 
rromn^ the fodr of ■ ■ 

M„^n.f„J U..n„or.<,-: .,rj ^.i^P.-: 

^1 (jyc >t>»/pr c/vr<o 


j I krougn rtwdy-room ipoon-f^rt ' ■ 

i^ei gr-adj Uo. belie-ze it or r,c-l. *-i i.jv-, .....n^ ,5 .^; ,- r,ijv.,. (., . - 
tkroygk tnese Uft ijei^rt a^d ve nove i>rri,-ed <»t Ovjr ultiimste 
dertirotion for now. In tneje f'"''' montkc of m^ high ickooi co" ■ 
onlij one word could describe my rentimenfcc: [jrood. [m proud *. 
kaw* been part of tka oT'^LJo ^tmospkere. proud to ietiv- i ■ ' 
knoming tn<?t I kave bean prepared not onlij for higher lecir-ni'iq ': - 
^ko for life tind. mort importont'ij, proud to be oitocijted u-itti thi; 
osseftibl'j of grodyotei. ! o mij teocher; tnonk^ {'^^ being m^ 
mentort, putting up with mi[ whining find ignoring] rrnj e.:u';e:, I -1 
t^ke ^ouv word7 of wisdom to the grave. ! o n>q n i^nJo 1 m j , ,. - 
ot kow 40U Cifln \riov me to w*!l, i)et stJ' ' -: -itp tc -m? -. r ■ 
1^- 1- ■'.<-,'i Donid-time, my (j^ov/Pol 

' I ke iDig v/ (Ootacb w^tf^'ingc}- you wli 
i'.vii.-.. ^^, f w.,-, ir...,- once raid I he p^f 1- 'i^mporfir'j, fit J I 


of '200S, 

(S^/iTLsime gJ anceihzer 

"Gu ■:onf,d.?nf.i4 ,n tke dn'^chir.n -■! i,|.,..,v Jv.-,-,..,,- I .,. -I. ,■ 

hflvB imogmed. - I— leorij \_^avia \ horeoo 

I he post two (jears Mvi} ch^inged nnj life a io*. > n* ni, i. ..t -^ t 
1 monq positive memories, aJiick | will always cherish o(^l_J^' ' 
1 t^ijgkt mft to go through tke upi and downs in life Of^a rt'll n-j 
1 with friends. 1 kaiik i)Ou to everyone who cuppcrted me. Inom' 

time to look ahead and move on to univervitq. 

i;^ood Lot Gradj of /UOO in living ^our dreams! 

■ '.e n.3£i ijpt and dovens. but 
i.:..^ ...-T^r. ,.. ^v...,. ' '.Tt-ei-.T. ._..T i 1^ pfij ch^pter of high 
■4 U con^plele. but ! itJI lo-"- o -kole book ^kat ntedi to 
:-: -.-rittG". I J itke to thank ^11 mq teacherr for the skiHt | have 
■e'xrned tkijt will be '.-teful m the ijejrs to come, rln COOcher. I am 
" guidance crnd for the opportvnity you gave me to 
-hfit I love 1 o all oiy fr.endt. tke timet of W^ bake 
ujfei. i".iJ ickwol dancei may have come to ao end. but lets make 
^.'■r- *-c continue our times together. | lea and ijvrtin, thank yO' 

ongoing friendship cJnd for pi.ttin^ 'jp -jcith mij onticrs I'lom 
.' ' . 'J tkank 40L; for providing me witb the opportjnriies 
tknoughout the ^eini'S'. ! look forward to taki*^ th* ne't tt«p, 
are 1--. tke -iorld. we will ixLay! /' f^!! 

i v-ouU Ue tc- <i>q. fli the t«ct 

0/^//^ c/L/ 

doss of 07 

I r 

(^lirisiw oJ live}' 

■ ■ . iije i ■/e never rtopp^f x,q •i.'ryr-ri^ i;n)cut o tnm^ cpene<" 'jp fv. 
■;.» <>iA ona f'iv&r ivieJ to ree ■wonaeving if la J?.f>© wn^ng ■I'lli 
t.hi^ depT-erfion loct r^»^ 'orig wont ^ou tell mo where ha-e all tne 


>od tin 


^ooet tirtier gone where have ail the ^ood tim« gone wher-e 
tne go^ tt<n« goie once we r^ad an ■=<i-."ij ride arid oivan? felt tne 
{fime time wat oo our «<de <3o<t I narf everijtn'>^g to g<i'n let it oe I'K^ 
(je^erdoij pliww* let me li<ive riopp;^ (JCijt (con t qou Wl me wneTe 
neive oil tre gooJ timer gone wrere hciv% .ail tKe good time: gone 
where liftve oil tne good t>mes gone (jertet'dsi'j -^at i-Jcn an ecc-^ 
«>me ror" 'jO'j to pla■^ owt 'etr face '&- tt-'irvgr ore rJ mocK easieT 

oOyii cd/vi cJim 

j'jrt parreei b») wJtnout a warning It *ouid b^' itnpoinble f"' '"■: * j 
'irt trie numerous event;" ana memon&c tnat haa put colore n^ m^ iif'^ 
.^l SMUS. Bo^-J-e life <rt SMUS «oJJ U »., xnfor^ett-jfcie 
■aoa joupji experience 1 *oula fir>it like to tnanlt to all thOie people 
*ho have beeri important member; of m^ OrtUo 'ife socn as m4 
I outa mates, nouse por'^riii. and teocner;. opec-aJ tnank? to mkj 
t'ljst -poommote?, ^am okwI^Kh and j-tak^it for iharlng great timet 
t'jgetner M^ oeit bud, H'^an, ijouve oUatjc lieen tnere for me. 
r 14 litt'^ tjro, I aka, keep ir. toocli. (~elii(, | wti not yurwive witnci.t 
(■iiji- daily jok^. K^'^ini. D'". and Kicrard, it »-<»? mij plea;<jre to 
-ne^t uou. I no<e I have not mentioned 1 «ill mi« "40^ until j die. 
^nile;i r.jpports" and Icv^. Tliank 


'^numd cy mm 

tte gc^d '5li^ timer j Ke time; her'e t-<rive ^^--' .n^'.T-i^etij^ie, ■' 
knc^w. Id lik*^ to tnaok a'' mij lodief and all mij bi-of. I^loi'. [ti . 
to get down to tne essence, of a datj -x-e called adolescence. (_, 
to SfiUS ^^f ^ 3*'eat decision; it carved mq patk and gj 
a vijion. fjut «nat can [ raij, witnoot mi^ f^iend< and famili^ ^ho 
rieiped me denj to day I Mfouldnt oe wKere | am todaij o^ I ti^ke 
th!f lime, to tell yOi> tnis line and tnank all of you for sucn a great 
tim*, oecauTe *itnout yiv. teacnen included, j mght be that o"-"?: 
grad vno wac«l trtclyded- My mom, brotner and liiter too k' 

nelp^ me to much I wnt inonk you, I '•li 
becauce \m aooub bo be leaving, 5 
jjF -I .^i-i-iVTrg i— ^leone dont be unbelieving, i*hen 1 fen?e thir love that 
yO'j»* receiving, jm afraid tKic rap nar reached its end. ond I wank all 
Of yOu for being mi) fnendt. j Kr>o* it: been mid mony timer manij 
wdtf?. but congratulation? to tJ>e grodr of UO Meace, love, unity. 

c) cmmd cJkmsK 


;at and teort,/I<esult5 
Tiif? all my bi>dr. \:r- J' 

i Moier. O^'^ar. H^di/ I i/UTiC'a mention tne re?t in tim*,/ir - 
V ■*T-ite Lip h,3r to rkym-s./lH mm boordmg and !at* nightj:/ | he 

Jr ,,n<l iU pUh f^gU^y VJi 

Jeo gaming champt/ | he reft ore lo'*iy 

"..^rni,c,/ R.-iy^j Ur f^n^.gk me ton?/ L'U tke lercon to yovT 
IT.;/ T'-n in:titjtion Dr'lLJS ''''* never-/ Dropped my hoper and 
ii^eams, ever/ 1 wont to thonk tke parentc at ichool./ /\IC-M 
jri. the Jfjckion^, i^ou guyr rule / i need to stioyl out to the >^j 
ine( too./ rlom and Oat^- I 'dv*" "^Ov./ Too the girlr and the 
j'j'47./ I dont sa« good oyer/ j vi-ont **■« yO'j here / f:jut iome-t'nere. 

(^Imsiofj/ief cy mim 

A SMUS TU a-o^" 

t>r.,;. ••■ny^ to «x»r© it wiw qow ^M. 
b<i happy for the memoriet, our tifr. 

i— ignt i^eorr lo'.^r an^i 1 p'^^ n-.4te>r Ji/i-i'-mg '.t'lV u.-t mgnf. (jero .■ ' ■ 
doe. not much bar cbanged. |J tike to thank mq parent? for ^ . > 
me tk* opportunity to attend ol rUo- '^ ba? left me with no 
ragrct: onoi has mam me the penoo I am todoy, I sit here trying 
to put to wordc no-v the good times once ^"roae five have shaped 
me, crid its aol kox\\. To «" you guyf. »ewe forged gr^tib frieodchlpc 
tnat I wtll nsveir forget v/eve been locked out of can, walked due 
mJej, «pent late nigbls at Tolmie, dept in the wrong bed? if at all, 
had our fair tnare of wcond slice, got down with (J|— 'M, Curled, 
togad. indulged in fine establishments like brown nail, snoT%o saunas. 
dnd finality er^oyod a few tjraut nights, | o whomever is reading 

this, if «e (bored a lougn and l^e tparlod n nrnm-ir^ Im oAfi'i- I ko/J 

i«9)* nas been amating. 4t\d |v% 

\(y{is cy miili 




J c) oxillucdl 

LDo-eK' oJied) 


: iH of m«| lif«. Mh I'f* l>««'«e reivxJ ond **ynng •fiic^ w led 

:V<y) n^r (<iugn( rn« a lot, rt<n<tAVi out vrtK _•' 
-are tn*n O lifUBi a ■a pt^ , iv' - 

-.t^i-^ pt\»ci>c^. arriving l^ts U 

■ ' ^''J«> t<»t>^t ma ^ k'nqkMTtiOnaD)*, UWng •tth rt*-**!) 

I ■ ; "e course or fWi) hfe Kat "iKorv^wa rutielti du1W^g Till 

iTve ^«T^, K*"! mq fwrt Jat| (»t rof».ng proct'C* to ti-ipt to 
Ontario «itn ro»irtg. '^^ '*■''" *' ■" '"""1 ' "^ I t ' ■" ' " ' 
ranior jai> tcinj- Not to De por^tt. 

^iB Lfhrnreic oJicfJiois 

De^>-id tf"; lil.-ciii^. ] »t»v :^-oT-ir^ ever signer, tjut I pew too higr. 
Tnoogn mn e^M could roe I rtill w<w fl blind man. { nowgn i»H( mind 
cTKjJ man, I rear tne vo!e« wnen Im 

a couU trinlt I %b\\ «ot b> en. 

nam cotj 

Q^mj on mt^ wcufWOTa ?on, | kerelt be peace wnen -^^ 
L^H ijour weary neod to rest, LAint 400 o^j 00 mo>e 
t^^otqveraJ'nq or d mon »ith a r^osen, rlij crflrad* >t tr>e event Of 
tlie teiiiro". A"d 'f I cUim to !» a wrt« m<in. well, jt cwJ-e*i| me^nt 
Uwt I dont l»f*o». O" *» rton«\) re<» of "lowirig emotKin. I ocv? 
^Mut, |n» line <t rnip en tfca ocoan. I ««* 1 .--v-T-tP r,^^ *.'..i( '- 
fortune, Bwt I ti©fl<' tne vo<« W4. 

^j V-.-''^* '' •t'^- *' -'*;'v- ^*''-^"'.t>«r. (_^«m( on, notK>f*g o^joit 
the fplenJoci*. I ™ centre r>grit( ewoj^ ijOyr voniti^ fcjut 5iji*elij heoven 
(^yijTT^, o" mtj watpKjT'd lo?*. t r>ere'l be peace wnen ^n-. 
od to i-ect, L)on t now cry ^do" t k|» c- , 

J near wearu r.eeid 

"^ C/\KiKn'd Ccmcj 

WO! «» for dwAi pom rtoi 
"«re. te^cnerf, and rooie^wre'itfi I kanv a lot 
G".J 08 We »~ ll-e Urt! 

It- ceemc ro long 090 ftnce OriLJ^ jtCTrted to becomff port «* 
i-e, twt in fact it Kot ooli) teen tliree ye«ri |n tKe pa^t tKree 
j^<Trf, tKis ij tke place •nsra | novo lived. Inn if tne p!oc9 •nor<' 
^lugK and where I crq lr now atk me what I Kove leorneJ n«r9 
ot CO (T«jcn about vTMit I learned in textbooltr bot what | r^t"* 
-?iT-ned from mij f-nefvat: Alfried, Demon, D'"- DH'^i^'' LJ<*n"^' 
'-eiix, Go'"don. Jevtie. Juctin, tCe-"". Iv.©»nn. \_f3, Linda, 
"lonitfl*^. O^coT. Rakrit. S*"^- TaKa. S'^''*<»«; Tow ^>t^i tou^l '. 
~! so mucn, laifing tnanv giJv*' ■* J^'^t not eno**gn' | o mi^ priiifij^ 
■}'ai rtill have som* time ner© that cwo tawgnt me a 'ot; /\ngv 
— ronifc JoKnron, ^teve and oijwia; reollij glad thot I got to - 
■jow gutff. good luck and ertjo^i i^o-zr bm^ her* C^^ O l-ij's! a*" 

I the fxople tr*»t tvppoHed me when 

parents, friendi back nomei {-riendt ^^^^^^^^ .,^ -yt^ 


KJivsia dofxn-oicski 

T-jbber Jucktct in trot ^me at camn/alf ww* ifOw tr<j and r 
the Jwck llv»i« wwth the mart. P»o^* uc«al!tj catcii a dock tiwt 
«JI win Ui«m a emai' teddq O'^'"* peop'e win tedd>et »•«> enough 
rtofr'ng f" them to ctwfx a dwck twtce cv-r ^ome people cant r^eTi 
t* caLcK a dvck RegordUw. thT<oi»ing a noote oro-^nd the i-«c^ of 
a Twbber duck fw T^ - tnat* wno •« are. 



p-^-;^;"|i_^;^ te ^ »r;.'''^ t-L>vi; pee'" 
.(iarf, 1 have leorr-od 70 mi^cr oDO-jt mp 

of anq iflujionf. wi oko brO^*9ht rorw<i-J ?fra r^.j^-T^j 

lent*. D^tf^diAg waf al»ai|9 a ioa"ii''g tAperierce. ^'t wnat I 
ill] going to remember are t'«or« miiiionr of brightem'vg momc^; 
rj^elher with mi| | tmmiff (ittert; i|pw Ka«e givert m* a home in a -i 
kjjt ir uniqwe: tnflnk ifow to my two roomtnatec. I aamrre yew b 
:vtt in your 0»t> woyt. To all my mentort; every flngW r^r-r^ '} 
•Jf been a greot role model And I W'H nC'-er forget ^ 

■toart kwe tn*l>( meant to mfl. You •wre right tkerre are no tmit«! 1 
*.II oLagc be witk yow, V^'at. G^ ^OOSl 

1 • r 

yordon C .s( 

- ■ -. li«ve whiten eticn cticipteff* of fn^ righ renool 'ife: 
rAlp-eJ ^cr compuintn^ aboui ei^njtning Wit noppeor in kis I '■ 
,A\riita for not letbn^ poop'e tUep O'"- Ku*><Hv/g»f ; tJmO' ■ 

of ottentio" I" «vei*ytnif^i |"idkf<t getting injured evevij voorer 
qame. Rictijuxi, IttO •0»vJc: out orw trip- Dort '^^m'r.ofce 
(twaT>il(s) ^ to De'^fon (and I onnmy). Karoos^. oH'Pf ""y cKipel 
Ploiling Dot A w'tn people that houe rto life. I ke 
v| ( ',_' '\IZi^-1L_'-. I Lt t.r.,-cer pieniert. 1 he twp^ ;, ->-.- ' 
trtlyng c«t« of Bo'ton and rlr- 

ewe^fOne tnot har mc^e me crnt'e. 

•en .jc. fjr^Juate. I MiK now to 
GooJ kick to eversfone tiwrt rti'l 

u ,»., to .p^ ^i SMUS "GOODBYE" &» 

LKendra Cubbs 

-.r .1 !■,( -,,eT I ,:iK& Jeep o^ 
even) nngle tr-'ng | dream. 

mij fCcrean aaoTo\>\e. tci'enteJ. !*eet. \-.'d jr ,^ "■■y *%e o^ e 

IseoutipjI. smOT-t, KinJ, inrafw : I '.mnr^ :it.ij ro^^mmotet l-^O, ^c. - 
j tre best rm^ little liffce'^ t^ crrKlneT^ rinj mei-moid doj mij m, . 
I (TXii, Je^(te efiitflnce Itie miKiCTl ^laie ()ii-ec*Oi' tne or? th?t .^ 

.:iwOn I j-m^tlti Soow I JeteT>ve better 

*;' e ^oor e:>v'n nwik'ng it 

jr:--'; *r,i'. ^^i4t>Od»| ete tnir.-.J, - = ,:-- - - _-^ , 

to Del'e>i© in sjourielf. Its w«ij eos'er- said ine^ Jo"e, but '>is J- ■ 
i ve l«irnt tnat overtjthtng nappem foi" -a reoion, anj th^t tf j 
can help one pei'Wn it wvie wot^ toe tT'oi,.Dle |m co exciteJ *■ 
ipen i^oi/p eqe« wide, jump m, I »ill dc 

^iflcicjCjie Csetig 

.ome individiw's ond eventc h<)we beeo omitted j hank t)Ow to tKoie 

■ 'i J ms 

,. t— i-'^e i-_ri-ei-e^ ■•itr. me 

J !— love mode me Juj-fer 

' .' l—tove acbieved a comb'nation Of o, o, and c. 

■ And to iUtxe tnot ceinnot oi' refwse to be generviifsed in tr.e t>owe 

r;jtegcrcier, tn<3nKr nonetnelerr. K^vadf, tee 400 wl when ijoufe bo'i' 

•ifc eind old. Cneert 


^ffhaKid van dei- 



"Hie piirt 1 3 seaT^.- i»t SMUS ^^-^ve been o«t«tond,.- j 
?chow ht>c provided me *itb a foyrd*3ition of knowledge to t-.'il^i .c.-r 
to mjj beortc dewe |we learned everxjtning oi. j\\y^j \TOcn 
tiding mt| cKoer, to learning how to rpell my nome ond in Q;?r<>rf» 
I ^i \\ov to tell bad )oKei' in dwemWij. well. |NJow, wn% I leor": 
ko« to i<?ij goodbtje to lrio<e I love ("w oJore. I rank ijou to tre 
teat^erv for ^oing to great Ier«gtbr to moke wre we ftot onJij k^^* 
ttie motepial, but a'co miderrtood it. | bonk «jou to mq r^'e'^t ror 
-i<i,n.-i ^ never w«ning rource of support, w'ltbout gcw. I am not'ri^ fi 
ijirr of big thigbs and o crooked rmire. 1 c m.( r.jnMlj j 
'■.--■-e cj'ven ir^n cCiol^'telij ^ver■^tnl'-.Ji t -roi.'lf p^cciblq -wrk for; | low© ijoy 
-rem tne ver^ bottom of mij heart. I be rert of my tbonkc go to tre 
-cbool r«r not onig being brtiliant. out r**" alwa<js t<iki«g W^t one «tep 
' mak'ng my toume>j simply outftanding vg'i*"'-''3 t"e best of 
■:-, ".^ '-z^RAD 06' O^J n-t>i) oil 40ur *.i^er COtr-e I"..' 

Dic^u (W. 


\Cj know 

daijtime K not derigned for boarder;, bt/t tning? happen at O i" tne •■ben Oai^ ttudentr are dreaming in their beds, ^h-r ■ 
SMUS *'Of « »•'*• ejection; it kick-rf<»T^a mi| goal of be.n- 
f'jccefsrw' i" wnivarfit*! and in m\} future career. | hank H*V ^ **" 
tre leacMtrc for tfour rupport and intprnil^on /\nd to mg parentf 
T l^ank nOv for eoer^tning. I love now I o >jou, mi| frien<«: 4OU gu«jC 
Tf^.jR <r.( zJ3,,t Teng, ijoull be a great breaker. L' r^/r^itibe'- 01-' 
Cbo, talte car^ of qotrtvelf, one mor^ , 

■ ''' ' ' ;L, be«)onJ cri« -!"■>"' ■ 

a Im so Vfr^ - 

T- ■ -' t"!.-' l'J>r',,r-,-. J..-1 l-li^Ofbi. do"'* foT.J^* -f^ .•.- 

■ f^f <• DS L.«u^- njmember our chat 
t think we naije datt together evenj ifear? 
wko you aro. W'fb you tb» bert of luck 

^CD m»manl 

ikeere tbat'i to follow fbould be expected Prom that first dai) m 
\A'^ Williamc M'JJIe Sc^'o**' bomeform to probablii mij Urt daij of 
i-rayer-time (from wblcn |ll nave to be dragged, kidting^ tcreamlr.<[ 
,iod crying), mi| time at SMUo "^O* been at' • - 
^twteful to my teacnere. whote barrage of test 
-ifCignmentf nave made .'ne the neurotic rt^va I tur- tOiiuy. i ca^ 
'.lank tjou enough | o my family: |ll be forever grssteM ro" 
^ver^tning youue done fo)' me- la never naue made it witnout you 
To my fnendt: youve been a constant tv-y<o if ji-^-te^ent, | loi-e 
4OU all F-Tom epic tripe acrort tne wcr- - -?•- -■■ghtt, 

viouve maae my O yeart here ufif." -le* -. -" * -or^e- 

-.0 be reckoned with. If yov need me, call me I o my boys: I dont kno^* 
what to do Witb you, but I dont know what Id Jo witbout you. (--■■.i' 
of OO- take the world by etorm, ceo yoii on the H'P Pide. Vve -"■-' '■ 

■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■MfBBBJi 


Tiemori^c to wet <■ treti"'.- 
Aurtrvi trip m grotU 1 0., 

4c- te"-7^j-7.P* r*-c*.--lt 

- fts»rtjc |n "•v*!" forgot 

■ n*xt ifeav, Kope it aM worltf ovt' 



lU^ j'1 tt« tO(|C anJ ptiintt onj JootJt. I «nP fn^^ xfon <■ ^rr>. 

th* «ir>naii* n*v«r »i»«. Let 'jOv/r- n<»fr nang tfowrt. •*!«• Vi' 

- ■««< ij(x/T« fT.3lh«T- vara (otk a*au uour crJJnood anj v^ro* j. 

'>.* i,&j - ■ Jt will l>i/W> ifCKm WiiW ■ 

(_^ilj. tjoutv woman now> ifour noort and ;v*jl OW pvf; 

^ LVriirmn ^ML( 


: rt-^iT+eJ Di 'O*^ f'^'^ nQOTt ogt>, a: fcri* new l(id fT^ti oocke 
j\Jo« I see kkjt I've gooe fcKroogli Kigh tckoo! witK on epic ^roup of 
people, wT"© n<ive nelpeJ me gro» prom wot 4wK'«<»^ riatje. J— rom 
5dn«i) Oft 0/ to nigktt ir. Qat)^ 0^\fe, tno merroriee are 
forever Retecco, | loveei Ine Pisgiiflcci Jinnets and e^dler; 
,-l>opjwn3. A''. Autt^ e>pU>>i it a'l! To Iliiia: hew our frleo<i:^..p 
K<K ^rown since gr. V y« ie inJescwlwUe TKe ne*i four qaars wi'l 
tie even better tl-eo tne tart Juctin onj | erro qou ■qv^t nave 
n^peJ Tie Intf ifoar more tn»n on^one, onj becdmeinki best fr-s'iJi 
along we wo^. Mij fnenJthip *itn uou two if "-repUceoUe I o o'' 
fntj r"*"^^ 40^ rock ■'N •O'^ ' ■ "■''" "" ■'"' ■ m3ji« baticfl-u 

THI fwter; I love i)O0- rn^m k*^ *jp?0-rt (inj 

j--.«?- ' ^* ;-.:;•>-,•- c;*T- '_'afl tlw reienlle« teasing 400wt 
kac real'ij a^yeJ cnar^jcter, but at leatt I 0radodteJ unlike f 
I I0W6 ijou feotk f^raJ OS. letc Jominote' 

!.p Sco« McDc-oU ig^sa-^'CG? 

--.-.- ■■?.<_.;--., vr:f-ii,e mi, .n»er«itc, ana sorwe otke^ 
1 fact. prepareJ *«© p>r hlgnem tearn^<xg ana rwf I "■ 
.ilkrvea me to write mi) own f^iture and pvmje mt| pass»on' 
\ eatreme'ti grjteKj'- v •«H! 

e • 

"to tnank mi^ O*^** O"". Tom were ^■~ 
e-^en- to le-ive ^ pciitive legac■^ at SrlUS e"^ I wo* prouJ t 
P<>rt of tnoTs effort!-. To m*( teacnert, tbank *(oy for' ijour 
Jedicafcton anj potning me to acnieve mt) &%ft V-Jf course, tna"K 4> ■ 
to niu p**®"*"' M®'' *ere ancai^r trere to lau^n at my i«ue* an<f foH 
-ne oot. I Jont k"Ow now j «ovla nave oeen dole to ao fiMj d'rf4>vi* 
i^Df witfiout kelp I o mq parents, y^ankr \or lirtenin^ to m^ 
- 'jnfe ar%a cranneUg tneir. into fometkin^ ^oa | o m^ htWe ov 
->iankl for keeping me cool. Altroo^k tn«t<e wer« t^mec In nigr 
-ckool «nen I e-ar cer^relmed oitk «Trk, groJuation t putting 
f^ iito perspective A&ove anJ t^i^-tt l|- -.c> ■t._> -K^ 
opportunity to ttuaij w^tn k'^oJeJ^eao'e 

■Ml r 


qwk/X m. 


kove atfcovered a rignipcanl ckange witr'^i mt|f«n-. | r« dtv«rs ■ 
■ntemttti op lr« academe courjef here »n ^MUo a'lo*' me •_. 
?=-.e'op j%c»^t« and C>^t)a>l trt^king ^\t PluF. I am aU© to ' .; 

1 make pw*d< witk w^iqt« c^t't^ret, religont and badigrcunrft 
. ' _= I over tKe world . O^ tnic note, tnonk <Jou ^'Vr^ tr>vt}i to 
Kornri for Wm^ tvcr an aw^fOtne pt^rni 9n<i roommatS; Qrenda 
for ker rtlLtime great support Jack»e for k«r taugkter and 
^nero^<|. Jen C^ko tot ke*! fk«er rupport and care and („-^" 
for k«r relpe« companontkip. Atovo a", I mmM hke to ©uprerr -o 
deepest gratitude for ahj parsntt and tirter, witnout wrom | could 
not pomblij enjotj ?uck a fulf J'lng kigk fckoor ewperieoce, I ke • 
-om© -,• ; >4 f.?re»eH Yet, all trie laugkter ana tearr alt tne 
-.-.rv' Ortd ditccuraging iroment*. wi" certoni'n be ctored " 
. '"> or^a acco*npany at I move on to tre Ivture. 


^ ( Mnucfue Woicj 

' l-e last tlir^ie 4ear> oj n^k ScWoo- ^•a»e t>*er> arr^i>i-^ \ <p'/.e^ ^ 
ot of e«periBnce, ackieveJ oew goalr and. mort In-po-fa^'*'.;. ' ne* 
'«» fr«ndc To'm<4 dearett l_il: v|Oore ike wc 
40U tonf wben «e move out. but ropeT'^''^ ■*" t . ' 
Ljfvveriit*j ana we can be roomiec o^ainj | o ^Je^^iB a*>d [_tnd9: 
joure tke oett 0<v*frtendr e-er and 'll micT 40U gui|C a lot •rr«n ibr 
^Tv»duate. IT! never forget t^e rillv moments *e Kad and tre erJIer? 
norrip we tkarod. To (^Icria, tjritt, CJaro!, lC*vin Luk, A'T'e'' 
•^ill. Be'»r*>'''' Q/orJlan. Kevin ^(fan^. We""*™, Rak^t. DM<>I'- 
Toni) ana Jokmon: III alwaift remember 40U guyt. rCee: 

All il-« Urt u lU g«d cU« of ?008i 

Class of D7 

1 ■ r 

(J tisiui <4J(ni 

A*^ "14 If'tc- gT.e«h-.^v,^r,Jt-«l:K-,. Co'^Ncic^r once i^^-J. "It doe^ -. .- 
m(stt6T> how rlo*'li( ijou go lo long lat you <;lo not rtop, t"*^ " ! 
:-_.o^. ^t ihti q^ioto. I flf" ttiil unyyT^ or >ts me«nir>g. | hat ((Sit*, t^eT■e 
(i.Tve been motii,| feime^ ( ve oe«n ncifrimer-ed witri ttioca Jatjc of 
' -ilpU^vnefv ^ncJ le'f-Jouot. Oijt there Ktive oe*n more of tfiem that 
Kdv'e .^limfnei'e.rl itc roifi of hope vpon me. t he thingt thot hove lio;.t 

* trv'c'i."^3 f^'l thi 

lese ijeuot have been 

tlie F 

i that [v. 

dboul the mott I o m^ niom and daA, end to ci'l m^ prieridi oU fl'^c' 
new. th^inK ^oo for bslng *it" me Jur-ing (jH the ^ooti timet, /\iso, 

j.^ .,11 .^.. i,,.,^t^,,- iL..,* k.,..-° Je^ik -aith 014 itiMgglet and incol&nce, 
^'■" - i-i me fT-om ciciompliching mij oraamr, 

S^'- i '"r34 nut br thjt ,,-l„:im..-.r.J in the roijgk or a le.-"Jer. of ,j.ll 
■ li'l jet thei-e- |t *oyU t>e too 
iith innother deep <j"<3 i-rr^lBuont ^uot? 
it-gvanJfi'thef once eaiJ Oi^ctin, |t; 
.. ..tko.r' 

c/m LKintng '4Jcnicj 

ight this time ^ooU 

newei- corr.^ ■ 

.; r mij computer tPijing to vr'ite ;omethi(-ii; 

tlei) jott caftt wait to iyadoais but | thi^.- 

.1 T-eaJq. Or COurve the botrrjifi^ life hp? gi«en me tor 

OiA I dare ray it ^os oiie of ,the be^'t experiences th--if 

teer^^er | w<int to ^ay th«nkc to '114 oiom and J ^ 

I'cterr for everijthtng. | will mi?f ijou a lot .-j'l"!."' 

/-Vnd^a, Jen, vannio, h-'ui'ni, ^ara jC, I 

L-Ja Bnit. S<.">. JJfctt.. M-' r- 

fieopU I forgot to mention, ^ooJ !■ 

^I:.i :l, HP of S-,™-.- t- i..l. ...... .' 

mdo =^< 


fi'ieiJ:. Y->j ifi/e he<peJ oie ,^0 through the intent* txKJTSjIin^ icho^i 
life. "Ovithout i)Ou. I Jont know how | wouW have «jivivea. | «i'l mm 
'' ■? lute n-ght pci-rtiec end the .gooa times at vu ding , 1 o m^ 

!-;iT.J;(, I h.ji'/e '-'-A iiiwch to (an but thonh 4OU finj t love yc^.' opBci.-' 

(7 ifrcch2jan 

^^B ^ ^ i|6art 10 ^I'^U^ boord.rg Viught me marni things that | WouL 

r -vor have had the rhance to approach bafore, | here £ ijear? 
(.aught me 10 much that changed m^j tlfe forever, | have to thonL 
'iikj parents for giving me* chance to ftudq alyroad arid meet «o 
" nry^ frrendt who will ftjpport. on« another forever, Tnonk" i^Ou t<. 
trofA people who, cheered rrte up when I wac fad. ^ot crazy witf< rr 
iti>4*d up wrth m« evovk] mght. performed on ridge with me. 
i?T-d«rred puia with me, [_A>_J I A with me. (mached *»th me, h©lpi- 
m9 with homework all night long, went thi-ough hard timec with dk:' 
ji-e oiwaijr hol^ fco m«, tougnt me hong fu, ridded getting In trouhi' 
«.th me, plained vportr with me, alwaijt &aught me buooU tea, 
ent«rtain«d me in cla««. cent m<? r\oa} M.ri.,^; fiu.'.-.nt.v.i mp .t,,I 

t that tooh care of ""w dtmng tn«f« / ij<k»m W^e are fin^ 

■ jf ni^ ccnool after all tnese <j»arf| (^food luck to kjou oil 

i^ossaudrci evened ski 

)«-^,lfchou^h the future mai) appear nehulout at timet. I hope that 
what I have learned at oT lUS w"' provide diariti^ and the dbi'itu 
to overcome an^ challenget that | will certainly encountsi'. I 
e>iperiencer I nave had hero «pan a gamut of emotionp ana '■..•.. 
become mq portals of d'scoveri). j have come to appreciate 
realistic view of frujjelf ond otherc. ■ ■, ' . ' 

Cr^r-aeni book, L^ooivng /or /AwC 

T ou vpend ijoyr who'e life i-tuch in the labij'' ' 
ijoull efcape It one 001^. ana how awefome it will be, jnci irno^.niny 
thfit fut-jre heepc qou going, hut you n*»"eT' An it Yni- jvct use t^i 
future to escape the present 

^nilv c^li 


Oo t'-it If <t, -iiit it I I Ke pust four ijttdm huvo ^one &h tO(> foct, 

arA itMH«ow»?, Ixitr aoofl ' ^oulJ \\s to f-nanK nivi 

p<«^f»tt U«rtu«* wittiftut V ■ -■ nere. oo c'icnc, Dwt 

tr^,? TU'"! tn i-n^ p»ieri(Jc, ttoep it orMVin \vitn you ^wnf, tnmo 
(V3f'. t)n)'t l'"v. \i(H--r. .5 Hntk, f )k. And ot mucn tu vioiefic« if 

t'l'iiif '1^1 .f. i. ,1.1 - ■..■■'■.■--■ .■■■.■fi ,|fi'i „j Ye*n, i^eon, *e goita cnanye > 

....'_. ' . ;l '■ -: . I ,ii .1' J , -' -■ - - ' r"-? n^vv ever- lo^c 

■■-..- .1 Ltean r»ov« net 

.o'Tte vdii. InoftKt. too. Ic people wno provieldo »we w'tn crailenij^ 



"^ fl^ 

f @o in! 

.j*f *^ 





.>- C 









1 1 vJty 













K ¥ 


t > 




/ m 

^l^hank Qf^ou to all 

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^ 78 Canadian soldiers across the country from 
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T The Canadian loonie is chosen as the top 
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soared to $1.10 US and took on the world's 
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Seven members of 
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Phantoms basketball 
team along with their 
coach's wife, a 
teacher at another 
school, were killed 
when their van 
collided with a 
transport truck while 
returning from a game 
in Moncton, NB on 
January 16, 2008. 

' The death of Polish immigrant 
Robert Dziekanski via Taser 
stun gun by an RCIvlP officer at 
Vancouver Airport sparks 
inquiries governing the use of 
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^ The Conservative Government 
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that German-Canadian arms dealer 
Karlheinz Schreiber had allegedly 
agreed to a lobbying deal with Brian 
Mulroney in 1993, before Mulroney left 
the Prime tvlinister's office. 





A family member holds a poster 
of women missing in B.C. at the 
trial of Robert "Willie" Pickton, 
58, a pig farmer accused of 
being Canada's worst serial 
killer. Pickton was found guilty 
of second-degree murder in 
the first six of the 26 charges 
he faces. 

▲ The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to former Vice President Al Gore 
and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, represented by 
Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, for their efforts to call attention to global warming. 

▼ The Koechert Diamond, a 
priceless jewel-encrusted brooch 
made lor Queen Elizabeth of 
Austria in the 19th century and 
stolen from a castle in Vienna 
during a robbery in 1 998, was 
recovered from a private home 
by Winnipeg Police. The plot 
of the story has caught the 
attention of one of the world's 
most famous women. . .Oprah 

■ J,^*'^ 



An Air Canada |et makes an 
emergency landing in Calgary 
after nine people on board were 
injured when the plane hit 
turbulence on a flight from 
Victoria to Toronto. In 
September, a Westjel plane 
encountered turbulence on a 
flight from Calgary to Halifax 
that also injured 9 passengers. 

CP PholaWinnipeg Free r 


H CP Pholo^^thaid Laoi ]^1 

A patio table remains untouched | 
by flames after a hot air balloon 
burst into flames and crashed in | 
a trailer park in Surrey, B.C. on 
August 25th. Two people were 
killed and eleven were injured. 

Canadian consumers lose 
their confidence in China's 
manufacturers when children's 
toys tainted with lead trigger 
widespread recalls. 

-^ The Nintendo "Wii-nomenon " sweeps North America 
as the game console outplays the competition with 
sales of more than 13 million units. In Canada, $1 .5 
billion in video game sales and over 650.000 game 
systems were sold dunng the 2007 Chnstmas season 










A Writers hit the picket lines and television production 
IS halted lor months when the Wnters Guild ol America 
goes on strike to protest compensation policies for 
new media such as iTunes downloads. 



Two RCfVIP Constables. 
Douglas Scott of Kimmirut, 
Nunavut and Chns Worden 
of Hay River, N.WT , lost 
their lives in separate 
incidents in the line of duty 
this past year. 





A On August 1 , a six-lane I-35W bridge stretching across 
the Mississippi River in IVlinneapolis collapses into the 
nver during the height of the afternoon rush hour. 


^ People around the world cast more than 1 00 
million online votes to determine the New 
Seven Wonders of the Wocid. The winning 
wonders are announced at a gala in Lisbon. 

▼ More than 150 of the worlds leading music 
acts perform in concerts staged around the 
world for Live Earth, a star-studded event to 
draw attention to the global climate crisis. 

.^^en Wo 

3 Jose Fuste Raga/Corbis 


' Labour Party leader Gordon 
Brown succeeds Tony Blair 
as the new Prime Minister 
of the United Kingdom of 
Great Britain. 

T In December, Pakistani 
opposition leader Benazir 
Bhutto is assassinated 
following a political rally 
in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. 

▲ Tropical cyclone Sidr is 
the deadliest storm to hit 
Bangladesh in a decade. 
It destroys thousands of 
homes, ruins crops and 
forces more than a million 
villagers to evacuate. 


Saskatoon-born Dave Williams 
completes a tiistoric launch into 
space aboard ttie Endeavour 
Williams spent a Canadian 
record-breaking 1 8 hours 
outside in space, breaking the 
previous record held by CSA 
colleague Chns Hadfield. who 
spent 14 hours outside the 
shuttle in 2001 . Williams is the 
last Canadian astronaut oflicially 
scheduled to fly before NASA 
winds down the shuttle program 
by 2010 

▲ Doctors Brian Lupton and Liz 
Whynot discuss the birth of 
sextuplets born at B.C. 
Women's Hospital in January, 
2007. The four boys and two 
girls were delivered after just 
25 weeks with each weighing 
approximately 1 8 pounds 

•^ The digital smiley face 
celebrates its 25th 
birthday. Its inventor, 
Carnegie Mellon 
professor Scott E. 
Fahlman, first used 
the icon on an electronic 
bulletin board in 1982. 

■^ Using mice, biologists 
develop a method to 
reprogram ordinary skin 
cells into all-purpose 
stem cells. This discovery 
IS likely to have a 
positive impact on 
treatments for a 
number of diseases. 




Crops are threatened when honeybee colonies in the 
U.S. and Europe suffer from Colony Collapse Disorder, 
In Canada, honeybees play a major role in pollinating 
many fruits, vegetables and crops. A study by 
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada estimated the value 
of the bees to pollination has climbed to more than 
$1 billion. Alberta. Saskatchewan and Manitoba produce 
80% of Canada's 154 million kilos of honey annually. 

Getty Images/Science Faclion 

In a medical expenment, 
salmonella germs take 
a ride on the space 
shuttle. When they 
return to Earth, the 
germs are far more 
lethal than their 
earthbound counterparts 

^ An excavation site in 
Argentina yields the 
fossilized remains of 
a previously unknown 
species of dinosaur, the 
Futalognkosaurus dukei, 
measuring more than 
105 feet. 

^ KJr^ 


^hoto llluslg 

Chns Jackson/Getty Images 

^ Social networking websites continue to surge 
in populanty. MySpace and Facebook remain 
dominant as ttie sites of choice for young 
people and inspire a fiost of innovative imitators. 

T Concerns about overweigfit dogs and cats 
hit the headlines. Vetennanans prescnbe a 
regimen of fewer treats, more walks around 
the neighbourhood and no people food. 

The healthy growth trend 
for vitamin waters and 
other nutrient-boosted 
consumables continues 
with the introduction of 
specialized formulas 
for Immunity, focus 
and more. 

T Concerns over the environment 
and Increasing energy costs 
create a growing consumer 
demand for energy-saving, 
long-lasting compact fluorescent 
light bulbs. 

revolutionary touch screen, 
packs mobile phone, camera, 
IPod, Web browser, email and 
IM capabilities into a sleek, 
portable package. 

PA Photos/Landov I 

Nora the Piano Cat'** G 2007 Alexander 5 Vow' 

Higher pnces for coffee beans 
do not lessen the nation's 
craving for coffeehouses. 
Independents and chains 
alike continue to be popular 
with younger consumers. 


OTtiom Lang^CoTtls 

T Cute and comfy baby doll jumper 
tops and dresses with button 
straps start as a summer trend 
and morpti into fall fashion layered 
over close-fitting sweaters and 
matching tights 


■^ Under Armor athletic 
apparel is a popular 
fashion choice for 
athletes both on and 
off the field. 

Mf Urn. N-» 

celebrities, including Sarah Jessica 
Parker and Venus Williams, to 
battle the high-priced fashion industry 
by creating their own affordable apparel. 

^ The craze for oversized 
leather bags — in metallic 
shades of copper, silver 
and gold — inspires a 
trend for matching 
footwear in daytime 
and nighttime looks. 


The music video game Guitar Hero 
III: Legends of .Rock is released with 
a soundtrack of 71 playable songs. 
Slash and other real-life guitarists 
appear as in-game characters 

▼ The music video game Rock Band is 
released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 
Players perform together in virtual bands, 
using penpherals to hit notes as they 
scroll onscreen- 


f-' L 




"©2008 Jostens Inc 

Even after lonelygirl15 
IS revealed as a 
fictitious character. 
her popular storyline 
continues for a full 
season as an Internet 
dramedy series on 
YouTube and MySpace. 

i © 2008 Jostens Inc 

Adam Berry^loomberg Newslandov 

T After a two-year format war. 
Toshiba pulls its HD DVD 
product out of contention, 
leaving Sony Blu-ray as the 
sole next-generation successor 
to DVD. 


T Harry Potter and the Deatlily 
Hallows, the seventh and final 
book in the enormously popular 
senes, is released. The 
bookstore chain Indigo reported 
it sold three books per second 
upon Its release. Amazon 
reported that residents of Banff, 
Alberta ordered more copies 
than any other town in Canada. 








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Large-scale multiplayer 
online gaming gives rise 
to virtual worlds where 
players interact via avatars 
and the computer-generated 
environment is similar 
to the real world. 




I ▲ Beading makes a comeback 
as a way to relax and creatively 
spend time with friends. 


I T The second season of 

NBC's Heroes continues the 
adventures of ordinary people 
with extraordinary powers and 
reveals more about the shadowy 
dealings of "The Company" 

In the 36th season of CBS's 
The Price Is Right, host Bob 
Barker retires and comedian 
Drew Carey takes over the helm 
at the world's second-longest- 
running game show. 

High School Musical 2 drew 
over one million Canadian 
viewers when aired on the 
Family Channel. Over 17 million 
viewers in the U.S. watched the 
movie's premiere when it 
premiered on the Disney 
Channel making it the highest- 
rated cable broadcast in U.S. 

The NBC diania seneb Fudjy 
Night Lights, about a fictional 
high school football team, is 
taped documentary-style, 
without rehearsals, to give it 
a more authentic feeling. 

The CW KL Bailey/Lwidov 


^ On The CW, Blake Lively portrays socialite teen 
Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, a drama 
senes that follows the lives of prep school students 
from New York's Upper East Side, 

► America Ferrera, 
who plays Betty 
Suarez on the popular 
ABC comedy-drama 
Ugly Betty, is the 
first Latina to win the 
Emmy for Outstanding 
Lead Actress in a 
Comedy Series 

T Alt-rocker Brian IVIelo from Hamilton, ON wins the 
Canadian Idol competition in Toronto, fi/lelo edged 
out Alberta teen Jaydee Bixby for the top spot in a 
finale that featured performances by Avril Lavigne 
and Bon Jovi, 

-4 ABC's Dancing with 
the Stars rules the 
ratings thanks to 
popular celebrity 
participants such 
as Sabnna Bryan of 
The Cheetah Girts. 


T A 90-minute episode of The 
Simpsons takes six years to 
make. The Simpsons Movie 
finally makes its big-screen 
debut and is a major hit. 

T Shia LaBeouf portrays a teenager wfio is 
plunged into a tiigfi-tecfi baf le between good 
and evil alien robots in Transformers, a live 
action adaptation of the 1980s cartoon series. 




John M. Heller/Getty Images 

^ Atonement receives 
seven Golden Globe 
nominations, including 
lead acting nods for 
Keira Knightley and 
James McAvoy. 

July 27 J 


► Disney's National 
Treasure: Book of 
Secrets nets the 
third-highest box-office 
total ever for a Christmas [ 
weekend release. 


Halifax-born Ellen Page, 21, 
the star of JUNO along with the 
film's Canadian director, Jason 
Reitman, celebrate the films' 4 
Oscar nominations. The movie 
was shot in British Columbia 
and won the Oscar for Best 
Onginal Screenplay. 

Bote man Janney Simmoni 

Disturbia, a surprise hit thriller about a 
bored teenager under house arrest who 
thinks his next-door neighbour may be , 
a notonous serial killer, spends three 
weeks at the top of the box office. 

So OukW And Funnj, 



Joel and Ethan Coen write and 
direct No Country for Old Men, 
a film adaptation of Cormac 
McCarthy's bleak, moody modern 
western novel. The film receives 
eight Oscar nominations. 

In / Am Legend. Will Smith is 
the last man alive in New York, 
after a man-made virus wipes 
out most of the world's population 
and turns the survivors into 
dangerous mutants 

Starring Zac Efron. Amanda 
Bynes and newcomer Nikki 
Blonsky. Hairspray is a zany 
musical based on the Broadway 
smash hit. 


Best Film: 

No Country for Old Men 

Best Actor: 
Daniel Day-Lewis, 
There Will Be Blood 

Best Actress: 
IVIarion Cotillard, 
La Vie en Rose 

Best Supporting Actor: 

Javier Bardem, 

No Country for Old Men 

Best Supporting Actress: 
Tilda Swinton, 
Michael Clayton 

A Using a combination of live action and animation, 
Enchanted \e\\s the story of Giselle, a fairy-tale 
character seeking a "happily ever after" ending 
in modern-day IVlanhattan. 

T Fergie continues to place 
singles from her tnple-platinum 
solo album. The Dutchess, on 
the Billboard charts. 

T Fall Out Boy headlines the Honda Civic tour, 
pertomis at Live Earth conc2rts and reaches 
the top of the charts with the release of their 
album Infinity on High. 


'%r ♦ 




Robert PiRs/Landov 

AP Pholo/Peter Kra 

T Canadian pop singer Feist 
enjoys soaring sales for her third 
solo album, The Reminder, after 
the single "1234" is featured in a 
commercial for the iPod nano. 

T New/comer Sean Kingston 
tops the U.S. Billboard Hot 
100 and Pop 100 with "Beautiful 
Girls, "his first single from his 
self-titled debut album. 

Dustin Rabin Photography 


Rihanna records her third 
album. Good Girl Gone Bad. 
featuring Jay-Z and Ne-Yo. 
She receives six Grammy 



▲ Malibu singer-songwriter 
Colbie Caillat rises to stardom 
from MySpace. Her song 
"Bubbly" garners more than 
31 million plays and her CD 
goes platinum. 

AP Photo/Jason DoCn 

REUTERS/Roben Galbrallh/ljndov 

Carrie Underwood releases her 
double-platinum second album. 
Carnival Ride, and contributes 
the Oscar-nominated song "Ever 
Ever After" to the soundtrack for 
the movie Enchanted. 

f Country star Kenny Chesney 
releases his 13th album, JusI 
Who I Am: Poets S Pirates. 
His Flip Flop summer tour is 
the highest-grossing country 
tour of 2007. 

AP PhotofEmpiiB Expo Cernor. John Haeger 


"•""^Jr^^B I 

irm Y^i^ 



® 2008 Jostensm^^^^l^^^^^^^ 


▲ After facing off at the IVITV lylusic H 
Awards, rapper rivals Kanye H 
West and 50 Cent release H 


▲ Hip-hop artist T-Pain releases 
his second album, Epiphany. 
The album receives four 


albums on September 1 1 and H 
vie for top sales. Kanye's H 
Graduation is the victor. H 

2008 Grammy nominations 
and the Vibe 2007 Song of 
the Year Award. 


-< Souija Boy reaches the top 
of the Billboard Hot 1 00 with 



the single "Crank That (Souija 
Boy) ' and his distinctive. 

^^^^^^^H^^^^^ t ^^^^Q^^^^^^l 



loose-limbed dance style 
becomes a nationwide craze. 



f : 

\^ p 

I N/T51TN 


OWS '' 

Radiohead invites listeners and 
fans to pay whatever they want 
for a digital download of their 
highly acclaimed seventh album, 
In Rainbows. A "discbox" edition, 
with standard CD and vinyl LP, 
IS released in January 2008. 


© 2008 Joslens Inc 

Canadian punk-pop princess Avril Lavigne 
releases her third album The Best Damn Thing. 
featuring "Girlfnend," her first No. 1 on the 
Billboard Top 100. Lavigne is also scheduled to 
launch her own fragrance and clothing line this 



Saskatchewan Roughriders linebacker 
KItwana Jones hoists the Grey Cup 
after beating the Winnipeg Blue 
Bombers 23-19 to win the 95th CFL 
Grey Cup in Toronto. 

▼ Tiger Woods achieves his record 14th 
World Golf Championships win at the 
WGC-Bndgestone Invitational and 
claims his 60th PGA Tour win at the 
BMW Championship 

CP Press/John Woods 

T Former Senator George Mitchell 
releases a list of Major League 
Baseball players. Including 
seven MVPs and 31 All-Stars, 
under Investigation for illegal 
use of steroids and other 
performance-enhancing drugs. 

' The veteran San Antonio Spurs, 
led by Tim Duncan, beat the 
Cleveland Cavaliers and their 
young phenom, LeBron James, 
in a 4-0 sweep to win the 2007 
NBA finals. 

At X-Games 13, Ricky 
Carmichael wins the first 
MotoX Racing Circuit, Simon 
Tabron does back-to-back 
900s In BMX Vert and Jake 
Brown survives a 40-foot fall. 

Rich Pilling/MLB Photos via Geny Images 


In front of a crowd of almost 
27,000 football fans, the M 

University of Manitoba Bisons" 
end their 37 year drought and 
take home the Vanier Cup after 
a 28-14 win over the Huskies in 



© Paul BuckyepaCofbis 

AP Pholo/Ross D Franklin 

i ▼ California native Jimmie 
1 Johnson speeds to victory 
'. as ttie 2007 NASCAR Nextel 
Cup Champion, defeating his 
Hendiick Motorsports teammate 
Jeff Gordon by 77 points. 

The Anaheim Ducks claim their 
first Stanley Cup, beating the 
Ottawa Senators in five games 
lor the 2007 NHL championship. 

© Robert Lesieuf 'ReuteraCortjis 

The American League 
Champion Boston Red Sox 
defeat the National League 
Champion Colorado Rockies 
in a decisive four-game sweep 
to capture their second World 
Series title in four years. 

? BlakeHeutersCorDis 

▲ Super Bowl XLII fVIVP Eli 
Manning leads the New York 
Giants on a last-minute scoring 
drive to upset the heavily 
favoured New England Patriots 
17-14. shattering the Patriots' bid 
for a perfect 19-0 season. 

.< Team Canada took home its fourth straight gold 
medal defeating Sweden 3-2 in overtime at the 
final game in the IIHF World U2C Junior Hockey 
Championship in the Czech Republic. 

► ► Team Canada defeats Team 
USA 5-4 in a shoot-out at 
the Women's World Hockey 
Championships in Winnipeg- 
Canada wore pink jerseys to 
honour the first-ever Women's 
World Champions. Canada's 
1990 National Women's Team 


lection '08 Candidates 

After Super Tuesday primaries on Febnjary 5. 2008, 
the presidential race heats up among frontnjnners Hillary 
Clinton, Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Barack Obama. 

► Entertainment Weekly names 
J K. Rowling — author of the 
seven-volume, 4,100-page 
Harry Potter series of best-selling 
children's books — as Its 
Entertainer of the Year. 

John McCain 

n January 2008, Academy 
Award-nominated actor Heath 
Ledger, 28, is found dead In 
his Lower Manhattan apartment 
from an accidental overdose of 
prescnption medication. 

Barack Obama 

▲ Heartthrob Zac Efron, who came to fame 
with his pertormance in the first H/g/i School 
Musical, becomes an even bigger teen star 
with the release of High School Musical 2. 

The Best of Both Worlds tour, starring H/liley 
Cyrus as "Hannah Montana", sells out In 
every city, prompting ticket lotteries, 
heartbroken fans and scalping scandals. The 
"Hannah Montana" lour scheduled only one 
date in Canada, in Toronto. 

AP Phoio/Masahiko Yamamolo 

' At London's Wembley Stadium, 
Pnnces William and Harry 
host Ine Concert for Diana 
to commemorate the tenth 
anniversary of the death of their 
mother, the Princess of Wales. 

RI2foy Barrett/Landov^ 

L Canadian wrestling star Chris 
Benoil commits suicide after 
taking the lives of his wife and 
7 year old son at his home 
in Georgia. This tragic story 
prompts the CBC's Filth Estate 
'o produce a documentary that 
'■obes into the circumstances of 
benoil's death and that of 
dozens of other pro wrestlers. 

As "Izzie Stevens" on ABC's 
Grey's Anatomy. Katherine 
Heigl is a small-screen star. 
As "Anne Fletcher" in the 
comedy 27 Dresses, she 
conquers the big screen 
as well. 


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